XTERRA iSUP 10′ Package Review – (Updated!)

XTERRA iSUP 10′ Package Review

A lot of people talk about affordable and entry-level paddleboards but what about those that are slightly expensive but exceed in quality and performance? If you’re the type of paddler who was always curious about how good slightly expensive iSUPs are, then you’re in the right place.

The XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP is one of the best iSUPs out there. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced paddlers that love to try different styles. It’s also made by one of the known SUP brands in the market. So it should be the perfect board, right? Find the answer here in this full review. 

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XTERRA Paddle Boards

XTERRA Boards was built by a family who loved paddleboarding. Back in the day, the family used epoxy SUPs which became inconvenient to transport as their family grew. They had to carry so many SUPs which wasn’t easy to do. It was perfect timing that inflatable stand-up paddleboards were starting to grow popular. 

Needless to say, the family started founding XTERRA Boards. The company only offers inflatable SUPs. Their mission is to make SUPs that are easy, for every skill level, and fun to use. Hence, all of their boards can be used by beginners to advanced paddleboarders. 

XTERRA Boards has become popular because of their quality and performance. A lot of their boards are on the 10-foot length, so it caters to the general public. Most of their iSUPs come in packages too so you’re also getting all the accessories you need to start paddleboarding. 

What’s great about XTERRA is that they have already built a name in the SUP industry. When in doubt, you can always rely on this company for its quality and durability. Those who have bought an iSUP from XTERRA before have become loyal customers of the brand. This is proof that XTERRA is reliable and trustworthy.

A Quick Overview of the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Package

A Quick Overview of the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Package

When you browse XTERRA’s website, you’ll see several 10-foot iSUPs. The one you’re going to read about here is one of their most popular boards – the 10’ Premium Black. This iSUP is known to many as an easy, lightweight, and all-purpose paddleboard. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned paddler, you’ll love it for its performance and convenience. 

The XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP boasts of a full 10-foot length, 30-inch width, and 6-inch thickness. These dimensions are standard save for the thickness. Most iSUPs are only 4-5 inches thick but not the XTERRA 10’. This iSUP was built to feel like a hardboard. And it can’t feel like a hardboard when it’s too flimsy. Fortunately, this iSUP came out stable yet easily maneuverable.  

As far as performance is concerned, the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP exceeds expectations. It can be used in different styles, even touring! As an all-around paddleboard, it usually isn’t expected to be touring-capable. However, the 10’ Premium Black was designed to be suitable for longer expeditions. 

So far, there hasn’t been a bad review of the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP. It’s definitely a paddleboard worth buying especially if you aren’t price-sensitive. Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. 

Features of the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Package

Features of the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Package

Take a look at what makes this iSUP one of the best boards out there. Here are all of its features. 

Military-Grade PVC Material

The XTERRA iSUP 10’ uses a military-grade PVC material that is able to withstand pressure. Even when the inflated paddleboard is run over by a car, it still maintains its shape. There won’t be any dents and damages to the board. This was tested by XTERRA themselves. 

The PVC material used here is the same material used by the military for their inflatable boats and bulletproof vests. Hence, this iSUP is built to last and it will be long before you need any repairs. 

Double-Sided Dropstitching Reinforcement

To make this iSUP more durable, XTERRA complements its PVC material with a double-sided dropstitching reinforcement. This dropstitching technique ensures that the shape of the paddleboard stays the same even when you inflate it to its max PSI. 

The dropstitching construction also helps in making the XTERRA more durable over time. The stitching support it gives to the PVC holds the layers together. 

Elastic Bungee Cords with 4 D-Rings

Wondering where you’ll put your things? The XTERRA has got your back. This iSUP uses an elastic bungee cord supported by 4 D-rings. This way, you have enough storage space for all your things. The bungee cords are tight enough so your paddle and water bottle won’t slip even when you sway the paddleboard. 

EVA Foam Deck Pad

The XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP has a spacious EVA foam deck pad that fits two people. The deck pad has grooves to improve your grip on the paddleboard. To add to that, the grooves aren’t too obvious that it’s uncomfortable to stand on them. 

Tri-Fin System with Removable Center Fin

This iSUP sports a tri-fin system where there are one center fin and two smaller fins by its side. The center fin is detachable which makes it easy for you to maneuver your paddleboard when you’re on shallow waters. 

The XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP uses a standard fin box for the center fin, so it’s easy to find replacements for your fin when you need it. Moreover, the fin box has a special lock that will put the fin in place when you push it in.

Heavy-Duty Built-In Handle

There’s one handle on this iSUP located in the middle of the deck pad. This heavy-duty handle makes it easier for you to bring your inflated paddleboard on and off the water. And since this iSUP is lightweight, you don’t need another person to help carry the paddleboard. 

Three-Piece Paddle

Lastly, the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP has a three-piece paddle that comes with the whole package. This paddle can easily be adjusted to anyone’s height. It’s also collapsible so it can fit inside the mesh backpack that comes with the iSUP as well. 

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Pros and Cons of the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Package

Pros and Cons of the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Package

The XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP looks like the ideal paddleboard to have, but is it worth buying? Know the pros and cons here. 


  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The total board weight for the 10’ Premium Black is 26 pounds. Sure, it’s light because it only has air in it but you’ll be surprised at how heavy other iSUPs can be. Some models even need two people to carry it to the water. With this iSUP, you can easily carry it thanks to the heavy-duty built-in handle. 

  • The size is just right

Probably the main reason why this iSUP is easy to carry is its dimensions. The size is just right for an average person. Even a teenager can bring this paddleboard to the water easily enough. You don’t need another person to help you get this iSUP out on the beach. 

  • Can be used for SUP touring

One of the advantages you’ll get when you buy this iSUP is its touring capability. To give you an idea, all-around iSUPs aren’t used for touring simply because they’re not built for that. However, the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP was designed to be a good mix of touring and an all-around paddleboard. You have the best of both worlds with this one. 

  • Stable and sturdy

Another advantage of this iSUP is its thickness. It has a thickness of 6 inches that makes it sturdy. You can try this out on the waves and you’ll see that it doesn’t give you a hard time maneuvering and gliding. Compared to other iSUPs with just 5 inches in thickness, the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP is definitely a better choice. 

  • Beautiful design

Not a lot of people talk about design but it’s worth noting that the XTERRA Premium Black’s design is amazing. It’s simple enough to not be an eyesore, but it also has that “attitude” to it. The deck pad feels like it’s made for seasoned paddlers. Besides, the color is so different from the waters’ colors so you’ll easily be spotted. 

  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee

Not all SUP companies have a money-back guarantee. Fortunately, XTERRA has this policy that if you aren’t impressed with the paddleboard, you can return it in 30 days unscratched. This is a good thing because you don’t want to be wasting money on a board you’re not impressed in. At least with XTERRA, you have a safety net. 


  • Expensive

Probably one of the biggest disadvantages of having an XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP is its price. If you’re not willing to shell out more than $700 on a paddleboard, then you shouldn’t even consider this model. It’s on the pricier end of all-around iSUPs. 

However, if you decide to buy this, you’ll be happy to know that it lasts a long time. You can use it for years and on different types of water. 

  • Big investment for beginners

An iSUP that is priced higher than $1000 is a big investment, especially for beginners. If you’re not sure if you want to do stand-up paddleboarding in the long run, then it’s more economical for you to buy a cheaper iSUP so your money won’t go to waste. 

  • Can be too narrow

Unfortunately, this iSUP is not for everybody. Because the width is just 30 inches, this can be too narrow for people who are on the larger end. Although you can still use this for your yoga and Pilates, it can be limiting in terms of the poses that you can do. 

  • Pump is low-quality

Most of the accessories included in the package are made of high-quality materials, so it’s unusual for the pump to be so-so. A lot of reviews complain more about the pump than the iSUP itself. 

The problem with the pump is that it’s not durable at all. It’s a struggle to inflate your iSUP. There are times that you’ll find it hard to attach it to the board. 

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How Does the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Compare with Other Paddle Boards?

How Does the XTERRA iSUP 10’ Compare with Other Paddle Boards?

Is the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP really the best in the market? In order to say that, you have to look at the capabilities of the paddleboard compared to its competitors. Since the XTERRA is a little pricey, it makes sense to compare it to paddleboards that are near its price range. 

This iSUP is marketed as a premium paddleboard. It’s made for the long run and it uses the best materials in the market. When it comes to performance, you can actually see that the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP’s price is worth it. The glide and the ease of maneuvering this iSUP are better than a lot of its competitors. 

When it comes to stability, this iSUP is one to look up to. The main reason is that it has a 6-inch thickness to it. Other brands only have 4-5 inches. The thicker the paddleboard is, the nearer it is to resemble a hard paddleboard. It’s less flimsy and it’s great at helping you find your balance.

However, don’t think that this package is a lot better than the others especially when it has accessories and a paddle that come with it. Most SUP brands are already packaging their paddleboards, so it’s not unique to XTERRA. You might eventually choose to buy a different brand’s pump because the one included in the XTERRA package is not good. 

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

Is the XTERRA 10’ Premium Black iSUP worth it? If you’re not price-sensitive, it is! It’s worth the price especially since you’re getting a paddleboard that is durable, all-purpose, and long-lasting. When you buy this iSUP, you don’t really need anything else save for a new pump. 

This iSUP is great for beginners to advanced paddleboarders. It also caters to paddlers who want to try SUP touring. Overall, you won’t regret buying this even if the price is a little high. It’s going to last anyway, so you can consider it a good investment for your future SUP adventures. 

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