10 Best Clay Target Manufacturers in the World

10 best clay target manufacturers in the world

Clay shooting is a sport that goes back centuries. And while it does have a spike in popularity, especially during the summer months, modern-day clay pigeon shooting is enjoyed by many thousands of people all around the world.

If you’ve ever been to a clay pigeon shooting event, you have probably noticed the peculiar smell of burnt clay. The smell is natural and comes from the clay clods that are used as targets.

The best clay target manufacturers often use raw materials sourced from pits, which are usually located in the ground. However, despite the sport’s massive popularity, little is known about clay targets and the top clay pigeon manufacturers in the world.

So in this article, we’ll look at the top 10 clay pigeon manufacturers that provide some of the best clay targets in the world.

Lawry Shooting Sports Inc.

Lawry Shooting Sports Inc.

Since 1975, Lawry Shooting Sports Inc has been manufacturing some of the most precise, consistent, and uniform clay targets available on the market today.

One of the best parts about this company is that all its target lines comply with NSSA, ATA, and NCSA standards and provide factory-direct clay targets at very competitive prices.

All targets from Lawry Shooting Sports are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and unlike most other manufacturers, this claim has been independently validated by an accredited third party.

White Flyer Pitch Targets

White Flyer Pitch Targets

Reagent Chemical and Research, Inc. joined the clay pigeon business in 1917 by purchasing White Flyer Targets from Olin Industries, a maker of Winchester ammunition and other products.

This acquisition marked the end of a period in which Olin-Winchester provided clay targets for shooting sports since their inception and the beginning of a new era for White Flyer Targets and Reagent Chemical.

White Flyer Targets, LLC currently operates 5 state-of-the-art target manufacturing plants around the United States to ensure total coverage of the country as well as Canada and Mexico.

Reading on the company’s website, every target manufactured by this White Flyer meets the standards and weight specification required by the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), the National Sporting Clays Association, the Amateur Trapshooting Association, and the International Shooters Union.

In other words, whether it is skeet, trap, sporting, or international targets, the White Flyer promises to deliver. One of the best features of these clay targets includes consistent high performance and excellent breaking-ability and smoke-on impact, which is great for high-level competition. Plus, these targets are available in a range of colors.

Coming down to quality, White Flyers have been the old standards in the shooting niche, thanks to their steady reliability.

They assure that each target made meets the standards and weight parameters specified by the International Trap Shooting Association (ITSA), the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA), the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF), and the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA).

Vivaz Clay Targets

Vivaz Clay Targets

Vivaz is yet another internationally approved clay target manufacturer. In fact, all shooting disciplines, including Olympic Trap, American Trap, Skeet, Double Trap, Compak Sporting, Universal Trap, and even Hunting, use Vivaz clay targets.

One thing that we found to be quite impressive about Vivaz is that their clay targets are 100% (entirely) natural. These products are ISO 14021-approved and made of pine resin.

Of course, their clay targets have numerous benefits, but the ones we are confident you will appreciate the most are as follows:

  • These products are environmentally friendly. Vivaz manufactures clay targets that are entirely natural.
  • Excellent visibility, even in inclement weather. The superb painting of these targets makes them stand out.
  • Flight stability and a consistent trajectory. The clay targets are properly balanced, with the same weight and geometry, doing away with the one-sided listing.
  • When fired, Vivaz’s targets show excellent fragility. “Clouds of smoke” are extremely prevalent with these clay targets.

Champion Target

Champion Target

Champion Target started off as a clay target branch of the Federal Cartridge Company in 1974. The plant is based in Richmond, IN because it is near to limestone supplies and petroleum pitches.

Moreover, the machinery used to create the targets was made locally and is still being used today. The main components for clay targets (pitch, and limestone) are stored in vast silos.

In 2004, Champion Target was rebranded Champion Traps & Targets, and eventually expanded to include paper targets and trap-throwing machines.

Later in 2017, Champion relaunched as Champion Range and Target in the quest of solidifying its dominance in the outdoor market. Every year, the brand works to introduce new and unique shooting gear.

During manufacturing, the limestone and pitch are carefully weighed to ensure proper composition. (Note that the clays have to be robust enough to withstand being launched from machines, yet flimsy enough to shutter break when hit by 3 pellets or so).

In other words, Champion Target is a high-quality manufacturer of trap throwers, metal targets, clay targets, paper targets, eye and ear protection, and other shooting accessories.



Founded in 1974 in Spain, Corsivia is well recognized for manufacturing some of the best clay targets for sports clubs and national shooting ranges.

The current owners of this company purchased it in 1985 and have since fostered professionalism amongst the staff, internationalization of economic activity, as well as the modernization of the manufacturing process.

Corsivia eventually became the top national producer of competitive clay targets in all types, sizes, and colors, and was also able to compete with other foreign brands in terms of quality and price. Modern Corsivia” is distinguished by:

  • Having a global reputation as a serious, solvent, and amiable corporation.
  • Selling their products in 105 countries.
  • Participating in major national and international trade shows such as Outdoor, Shot Show, IWA Show, and so on.
  • Being synonymous with high-quality products.
  • Being certified by national and international clay target shooting organizations like ATA, CPSA, ISSF, ACTA, FITASC, and others.
  • Maintaining the market’s largest raw material array; the company always manufactures its products using 4 different kinds of raw materials and has sold tens of thousands of clays.
  • Having approximately 12,000 m2 of industrial space and machinery made for the industry.

In terms of expertise, Corsivia has been in the clay pigeon shooting industry for nearly 40 years, making quality products, paying attention to detail, and offering exceptional customer service. Corsivia is also able to produce and ship customized orders with reliable response times.



Eurotarget was first created in 1980 by industry veterans and quickly established itself on the market through competitive products that come with cutting-edge technical and structural features.

Through continuous product research and improved know-how, Eurotarget has been able to manufacture and deliver excellent products including clay targets for just about any shooting sport. Today, Eurotarget is largely recognized for high-quality products with very high performance.

Coming down to the production area, Eurotarget has quality as a priority; from the management of purchases of the best raw materials available to the application of technologically advanced production systems.

In fact, according to their website, every production level is meant to match global quality, which is continuously monitored by technical staff. This helps to make sure that each component and each further processing meets the quality standards.

Also, Eurotarget has a considerable production line reliable enough to promptly and continuously satisfy the most varied orders and the most urgent requests throughout the year.

Storage is another of Eurotarget’s strong points. Delivery times are exact and punctual both in Italy and overseas, thanks to significant stock levels and the order management system: unquestionably the best in the sector.

Super Star Clay Targets

Super Star Clay Targets

Super Star Clay Targets have been making clay targets and shooting accessories since 1975. Today, they’re popular for producing cost-effective solutions and great goods for demanding users, thanks to their strong engineering and clay pigeon shooting heritage.

Interestingly, Super Star was the first clay producer to incorporate “crack tracks” beneath the clay targets for quite improved breakability; this, along with the fact that the company was among the first to use ribs in the launch arm to ensure maximum rotation for a consistent flight path and excellent shattering.

This invention is still employed by Super Star and many other manufacturers on the market today. Super Star Clay targets are developed to meet all quality parameters and offer great value for money, thanks to the company’s good engineering and cost-effective solutions.

Super Star is constantly working to accommodate all requirements, from shooters who just want to have fun to professional shooters who want items that exceed the regular technical and environmental standards.

Q-Line Targets

Q-Line Targets

Clay target production for shotgun shooting and sporting events is the primary business for Q-Line targets. The company employs the well-known NASTA’s manufacturing equipment and technologies.

And according to reviews, targets produced by this company’s professionals demonstrates the best aerodynamic features of great clay pigeon targets, which are highly valued by shooters all over the world.

Q-Line works to achieve the optimal balance of properties such as “fragility/rigidity” in mass production, which has enabled them to compete successfully on the market with other clay target producers.

SIA Q-Line commenced its operations in 2001 as a subsidiary of the finished business NASTA. They have made many technological advancements since its inception, allowing it to increase the number of manufactured targets, broaden the assortment, and improve the creation of ecologically pure products. Today, they can produce over 3 million clay targets per month.

Lipest Target

Lipest Target

Lipetsk has been producing all varieties of clay targets since 2001 and their output has greatly expanded, meeting demand in both Russia and the CIS.

Every batch of targets produced by this company is subjected to an independent inspection of quality parameters in a recognized test laboratory and at a trap-shooting range or clays range in field settings to ensure compliance with standard criteria.

Moreover, their targets are covered with neon orange utilizing Laporte equipment and technology, which is prepared directly on-site. The targets may alternatively be left unpainted (black), but other colors are available for pre-order by the buyer.

CCI International Clay Targets

CCI International Clay Targets

CCI International has been producing clay targets since 1982 and today, it is the market leader in the United Kingdom, producing approximately 100 million clays per year.

The company has a philosophy of ongoing research and development with the purpose of fulfilling both the shooter’s demand for maximum scores and the ground owner’s need for minimal breakages. As a result, CCI clays are the favored option of many international shooting clubs and are the most often used clay for all disciplines.

According to the standard design, these targets contain a fluorescent powder that explodes in a puff when hit. And it has a strong visual effect too.

The Best Shotguns for Clay Pigeon Shooting

The Best Shotguns for Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you’ve ever been clay pigeon shooting, you know there’s an art to hitting a target that’s flying at different speeds and angles. It takes a lot of practice and a good eye. In this next section, we’ll look at some of the best shotguns for clay pigeon shooting so that you can hit more targets the next time you go.

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporter

Beretta manufactures some of the world’s most popular competition weapons and has marketed not less than 30% of the UK’s over-and-under shotguns over the past 3 decades.

The Silver Pigeon 1 Sporter, which is part of Beretta’s vast collection, contains remarkable engineering and design qualities when compared to other sporting clays shotguns in a comparable price range.

This entry-level model is perfect for beginners and casual shooters alike. Some of its greatest features include the Optima-bore system with flush-fitting chokes, which was traditionally reserved for higher-end models.

Other features worth mentioning include a tapered rib that makes the firearm point precisely, different barrels, and stock with an optional adjustable comb, which is ideal for most shooters. Overall, it is comfortable to shoot, with natural pointability and superb trigger pulls.

Perazzi MX8

Since its first outset in 1968, the Perazzi MX8 has been a great standout competition shotgun. Perazzi firearms have won 53 Olympic medals, which is the most in the history of clay shooting. And in case you needed more proof, 15 of the 16 top trap shooters at the 2008 Olympics were shooting with a Perazzi.

The Perazzi MX8, in particular, has some of the world’s best handling. It comes with a single detachable trigger and V springs that provide great trigger pulls and a quick lock time.

Given its strong build that features high-grade steel and chrome-lined chambers, the internal and external barrel quality is excellent. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of barrel lengths, including fixed and extended choke tubes.

Browning B525 Sporter 

Browning is yet another well-recognized shotgun brand, and for good reason. Their Browning B525 Sporter gun, in particular checks all the boxes, if you want to hit some clays. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the best-selling weapons in the UK.

The B525 has been carefully designed for a comfortable fit that comes close to the shoulder. Despite being lighter than comparable sports shotguns out there, this one feels quite secure and pleasurable to fire.

Coming down to aesthetics, the B525 appears classic, but with a beautifully polished design. The exquisite floral scroll pattern and superb metal-to-wood finish make it quite appealing but modest.

Plus, the lighter barrel weight makes the rifle more responsive for handling and reflexive without being jumpy. So, if you’re searching for a shotgun to get started in shooting sports, then you should check out this model. It’s the ideal entry-level weapon.

Miroku MK38 Sporter Grade 5

Miroku MK38 Sporter Grade 5

Miroku, just like Beretta and Browning, is a popular brand among first-time clay pigeon shooters. Miroku, in reality, is made alongside Browning, albeit it has lately scaled back and the alternatives for these weapons are now limited.

The MK38 Teague Sporter, in particular, is a great sporting gun, ideal for shooters of all skill levels. It is the gun of choice even for the experienced clays shooter looking to save money.

The action is very comparable to the Browning 525 Sporter action (discussed above)- although it is significantly louder than other options.

That said, it performs similarly to firearms that cost twice or even three times as much. Furthermore, it balances nicely and the adjustable single-selective trigger pulls are precise.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Teague Sporter Grade 5 does not work well with little hands because it is fairly deep and has a broad grip.

Nonetheless, this contributes to its main selling point: dependability. It is one of those sporting clay shotguns that are practically bulletproof.

And for £2,600, you won’t find a better-looking rifle. It features a gorgeous, vintage design with deeply carved scrolling. What’s more, the hand-checkered design adds a personal touch.

A high-quality, dependable rifle that does what you ask of it. So if you’re searching for a fashionable design, the Teague Sporter Grade 5 is worth the extra money.

Guerini Summit Impact 

This Guerini Summit Impact is unusual in that it may be designed in any way you like. In fact, users can easily customize the stock fit, weight, recoil balance, trigger mechanism, as well as point of impact (which can also be modified from flat to up to 300% high).

It allows you to fire in an upright position, lowering the force of recoil, and thereby putting less pressure on your shoulders and neck.

This makes it easier for you to grip and increases your chances of hitting the target. It also contains the majority of the features of its predecessor like the eight chokes and a gloss wood finish.

Blaser F16 Sporter

Blaser is a German company, and the Blaser F16 is their entry-level weapon, yet it still costs £2,500. One thing we like about the Blaser F16 is that it’s built to a high quality and is available in 12-bore and multi-choke configurations.

As you’d expect from Blaser, the trigger is adjustable and very well-designed. The ejector mechanism is strong, and the balance is easily adjustable, making it ideal even for experienced shooters who often take part in competition shooting.

Keep in mind that the handle is significantly different from other firearms and will divide individuals. However, it retains a light feel, and the distinctive handling does not hinder it from shooting properly, so don’t be put off by this.

Breda 930i

Breda is a popular Italian brand that specializes in clay semi-autos, so it had to be on the list. The best part about the 930i is that it’s a completely compliant shotgun and one of Breda’s most popular and visually appealing models. It’s also really well-engineered and comfortable to handle.

Among other things, the 930i comes with 29-inch barrels, extended choke tubes, and an adjustable trigger. Furthermore, like the Guerini Summit Impact, this model may be personalized to match users’ preferences. So if you’re looking for an ideal shotgun for your sporting clays course, then the Breda 930 is a great recommendation.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed our article about the ten best clay target manufacturers in the world. With this information, we know that you can make the most of your next clay pigeon shooting outing. And if you are looking for the best clay targets in the world, there’s probably no better place to look than the top 10 clay target manufacturers discussed above.

They produce some of the best clay targets for beginners and experienced shooters alike. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start shooting!

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