Plants for Closed & Open Terrariums & How to Care for Them 


Terrariums are miniature indoor gardens, usually housed inside glass containers. Here is our ultimate guide to creating your terrarium and 21 incredible plants for you to grow inside!

The container of your terrarium can be any shape or size, as long is it's clear. Glass jars are popular among terrarium enthusiasts, and you can collect all sorts of novel containers at thrift stores.


Best Plants for a Closed Terrarium

Baby’s Tears are an excellent sprawling ground cover plant for a closed terrarium. Their delicate circular leaves creep across the soil, adding plenty of texture to your display. 


Ferns LOVE moisture and will thrive in a closed terrarium. They are also very tolerant of darkness, so won’t compete with other plants for light. 


Heartleaf Philodendron is a sprawling vining plant, whose vivid green leaves are shaped like delicate hearts. Its love of warm, humid conditions mean it is quite content in a closed terrarium. 

Heartleaf Philodendron

Best Plants for an Open Terrarium

Aloe is a sun-loving succulent that thrives in arid conditions. Their gel-like innards are also great for soothing wounds and burns, so are practical as well as pretty. 


Jade is one of the most beloved of succulents, characterised by thick stems and dense leaves. It’s also known as the ‘lucky plant’, so placing a Jade in your open terrarium may just bring you good fortune! 


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