A Guide on How to Paint the Exterior of Your RV

This guide will walk you through the steps involved in painting your RV exterior.  So whether you’re looking to repaint your entire RV or touch up a few spots, read on for all the info you need.

Preparing For Your RV  Paint Job

Start by hosing down the entire RV exterior, then use soap, warm water, and a soft-bristled brush to scrub away all dirt, grime, and mildew.

Clean the Surface

Next up, check for any areas that need REPAIRS due to dings, scratches, or other damage. If there are any visible cracks in your RV’s surface, fill them with a flexible caulk before you begin painting.

Repair Damaged Area

Tape Off Areas

Once you’ve repaired any damaged areas and allowed the surface to dry, it’s time to tape off any areas that you don’t want to be painted. This includes windows, door frames, trim, lights, etc.

Once the surface is ready and all areas have been taped off, you can start sanding. This helps create an EVEN surface for your paint job, so it’s important not to skip this step.

Sand The Surface

Choosing the Right Materials to Paint an RV

When it comes to exterior paint, you’ll have several options. Acrylic latex paint is a GREAT choice for RV exteriors as it offers excellent coverage and durability, plus it’s easy to apply.

Which Paint Should You Use

When applying the paint to the exterior surface, you can choose a paintbrush, roller, and paint gun sprayer.

Choosing The Right Brush or Sprayer

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