Brussel Sprout Plant 101: How to Plant and Easy Care Tips

Brussels Sprouts!  The jewels of the dinner plate and the garden!  Nutty, sweet, and tender, these tiny veggies are not only packed full of flavour, they’re packed full of goodness too!

Resembling miniature trees, sprout plants grow upward from the ground to a height of a meter or less, like little tree trunks.

What do Brussels Sprouts Look Like in the Garden?

Spiralling upwards around these mini tree trunks are the vegetative buds of the brussels sprouts themselves. These bite-sized jewel-like buds rarely exceed an inch or two in diameter.

Types of Brussel Sprout Plants

Despite their compact trunk size, they’ve quickly gained popularity for their large edible buds and exceptionally sturdy stems which can easily withstand windier positions in the garden.

Catskill Sprouts

Churchill sprouts are a fast-growing hybrid variety which are ready to harvest in 80 to 90 days. They’re also incredibly productive, offering generous yields of lush green sprouts in early autumn.

Churchill Sprouts

Dagan Sprouts are surprisingly decorative, with tall, uniform central stalks encircled with plenty of neat, tight sprouts which snap off easily come autumn. They need around 100 days to reach maturity.

Dagan Sprouts

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