Cycling for Beginners:  Your Essential Guide

If you’re thinking about taking up cycling, but you’re not sure where to start, this essential guide will answer all your burning questions and show you how to get started today. 

The Different Types of Cycling

Track cycling happens in purpose-built velodromes and on artificial paths designed for track bikes.

Track cycling

Mountain biking is a form of cycling in which riders traverse rough terrain and hills. For this type of riding, mountain bikes are used because they feature wider tires that can better handle rocky ground.

Mountain Biking

Road cycling

This form of cycling involves riding a bike along roads and bike paths. Since the ground is much smoother and more even, you’ll need a road bike to aid with speed and maneuvering. 

What are the Benefits of Cycling?

High-intensity cycling works best for weight loss, but even more steady biking can build muscle, increase metabolism, and improve your cardiovascular health. 

Help lose weight

You’ll notice a drastic difference in the overall function and strength of your lower body when you take up regular cycling. It’s a great way to strengthen your leg muscles without putting too much strain on your joints. 

Build strength

Another great health benefit of cycling is lowered cholesterol. This, in turn, boost your cardiovascular health, which lowers your chance of a stroke or heart attack. 

Lower cholesterol

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