Extremely Simple Ebike Maintenance For Beginners

Here are the most helpful and simple steps you should know about bike maintenance.  These will prevent time off the road, save you money on repairs, and keep you cycling!

When a chain becomes dirty, dirt is spread to other parts of the bike. This could mean having to replace other components—which can be expensive.

Clean and Lubricate your Chain

Important note: Cleaning your chain too often could remove the original lubricants that your bike chain was built with. Replacing this can be very difficult so try to be careful.

Re-grease your saddle post

Over time, water can seep between the saddle post and frame of a bicycle. If left untreated, this causes corrosion that makes it difficult to remove the seat from its base.

Due to the face your pedals get very close to the ground, they can pick up dirt very easily which means they need to be cleaned as well as re-greased on a regular basis.

Lubricate clip-less pedal

If you ride your bike with clip-less pedals, cleats are your connection to your pedals.  Your cleat will over time wear, which will make it difficult for you to clip them on and off.

Maintain your cleats

If your bike has external cabling you will see that underneath your bike is a cable for the rear brakes and the deraillers run through a guide.

Clean your bottom bracket cable guide

If water get into the housing of your brake cables, it can cause it to rust and fray. If you regularly apply lube to the cable, it can prevent damage happening.

Lubricate inside the cable housing and check end for fraying

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