5 Cool Facts about Corn (That Sweetens the Deal!)

Zea Mays is a flowering cereal grain plant, better known as Corn, or Maize, which belongs to the grass family Poaceae.

Corn cannot grow without human intervention. It is a completely man-made plant that is reliant on humans for its survival.

Modern maize plants can reach up to ten feet in height. The tallest maize plant ever recorded was an astronomical 45 feet tall!

Every cob of corn has an even number of rows of kernels! The average number of kernels on a cob is 800.

Technically, corn can be classed as a fruit, a grain, and a vegetable! The cob of corn is a vegetable, the individual corn kernels are grains, and grains are considered to be fruits.

5 Cool Facts about Corn (That Sweetens the Deal!)