Are Folding Bikes  Worth It?

We think that folding bikes are great for certain people.  But in this article, we’ll highlight the good and bad things about folding bikes, so you can decide if you need a folding bike in your life.

Why  Folding Bikes Are Great?

Modern folding bikes fold to an incredibly compact size, making it much easier to find a safe place to store them.


Modern folding bikes are made with the same care and attention as their non-folding cousins. Of course, there will always be budget versions, but you need to realise that you get what you pay for.

Folding Bikes Have Come A Long Way

Folding Bikes Are User-Friendly

These days, folding bikes are well-thought-out pieces of kit. Bike designers take time to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Bike brands are always looking for ways to shrink their folding bikes even more. You will notice that different brands often have their own ways of making their folding bikes smaller.

Folding Bikes Are Becoming More Compact

Easy to Transport

Another great benefit of owning a folding bike is that it is super easy to transport. This exceptional level of portability is advantageous to many people.

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