How To Build a Camping Trailer

You simply follow what other users have done before.

Use the Existing Designs

Alternatively, the hands-on guys can build their camping trailers from scratch.

Custom-Built Camp Trailers

I wouldn’t recommend you scrimp or build your trailer with cheap materials.


I know these components might seem trivial, but they have a huge impact on the overall body design and chassis.

Custom Camper Wheels/Tires

Usually, the standard size for most camper trailer frames is 48 by 96. I used this frame for my camper, and I love it because it provides extra space and feels sturdy.


The box refers to the sides of a trailer. It’s the surface that shields you against the elements while providing a structure for your tent trailer.


I suggest you pick the recycled camper door or even a second-hand camper door.


A vent is necessary for heat exchange. It promotes an air cycle, which keeps the conditions in your tent fresh.


The ideal hinge should be sturdy without adding extra material. It also needs to be waterproof, not to allow water inside your trailer.

Hatch Hinge

The most recommended option is creating a design that will allow natural lighting during the day. You also need to consider the light source when the sun goes down.


Depending on your trailer design and budget, you can choose to include your camper with the basic amenities or even get a full-fledged plumbing system.

Water Pump

Think of the aesthetics of the interior space, and consider the finishing on the camper components, including the cabinets, walls, paint, and table.

Accessories and Furnishings

How To Build a Camping Trailer