How to Keep Your Feet Warm When Skiing

Your feet are most likely to get cold because you didn’t fit your ski boots correctly. Another possible reason is that the boots are too small and are restricting blood flow to and from your feet.  Whatever the reason, you’ve got to find your way around it.

10 Tips Against Cold Feet While Skiing

A ski boot might be well designed but without a pair of proper skiing socks underneath, it can’t keep the cold out. grab a pair that’s thin and flexible or simply one made for skiing.

Wear Ski Socks

The first consideration will obviously be the size. Aside from the size, you should also check the heels and make sure they don’t lift your skis. You can curb this by tightening the boots so the heels don’t interfere with air circulation.

Get The Right Ski Boots

You may be afraid of trying out some moves and tricks when learning to ski on crowded slopes, but you’ll be delighted to know that Massanutten Resort has three terrain parks. 

Loosen Your Ski Boots

Disposable boot warmers act as insoles that sit inside ski boots; between your socks and the ski boot’s insole. From there, the warmth will spread to other areas of your foot and earn you warmer feet while you’re out in the wild.

Get Disposable Boot Warmer

Also known as ski boot heaters, these devices have taken the whole idea of boot warmers to a whole new level. They’ll set you back a few bucks but the results are worth it- you’ll never get your feet cold.

Use Boot Heaters

Boot gloves are neoprene covers that you slide your ski boots into—they're like gloves for your boot, but they raise its temperature by as much as fifty degrees when used effectively.

Use Boot Gloves

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