How to Make a T-Shirt ( A Simple Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorial!)

– a well-fitting t-shirt – fabric and – pattern paper – pen or pencil – straight edge ruler – scissors or rotary cutter – sewing pins – sewing machine – thread and ironing board – sewing machine needle

What you need

Find a well-fitting shirt in your closet to use as the base for your t-shirt pattern.

Step One: make your sewing pattern

You’ll want to cut one front (on the fold), one back (on the fold), one neckband, and two sleeves.

Step Two: cut out the pieces of your new shirt

First, line up the shoulder seams of the front and the back pieces with right sides together (the nicer side of the fabric together) and pin.

Step Three: sew the shoulder seams

Open the shirt up at the shoulder seams so that the front goes in one direction and the back in the other direction.

Step Four: attach the sleeves

Turn the shirt inside out and line up the side seams with right sides together.

Step Five: sew the side seams

Time to put together the neckband! Grab your neckband piece and iron it flat.

Step Six: attach the neckband

Turn the shirt inside out and fold under a 1 inch hem at the end of each sleeve and the bottom of the shirt.

Step Seven: hem the sleeves and bottom of the shirt

You’ve just made your very own t-shirt from scratch!