How To Prevent Knee Pain When Riding An Ebike?

To help keep your knees happy on an ebike, I have tried to put together my own personal experience working with fitting numerous bikes.  Check out…

Make Sure You Have Proper Bike Fit

Bike fit is especially important for ebikers, as it allows you to reach the handlebars comfortably and cruise at higher speeds with ease.

And when going downhill or around corners at high speeds, it’s vital that you have a good grasp on the handlebars.  If they’re too far away from where they should be, it’ll be impossible for you to stop safely when needed.

Best  Practices

Your bike seat is a critical part of your comfort and safety. Make sure it’s the right size, shape, material, height, angle and color as well as brand!

Use a Good Bike Saddle

Keep your toes pointing straight ahead, not outwards or inwards.

Keep your Pedals & Cleats aligned

When you're seated on your bike, the height of the seat should allow your feet to touch flatly on the ground. If your seat is too low, knees are bent at an angle that can cause pain in knee joints.

Set up the Seat Height Properly

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