5 Pontoon Decoration & Party Ideas For a Boat Parade

Can be made with brightly-colored fabric embossed with circular raised areas to emulate the look of this famous toy.

1. The Lego Boat

Create a mural for the front that resembles an old-style Volkswagen van and then decorate the sides with peace signs and flowers.

2. Peace out with a hippy-style pontoon

Simply construct a replica of a steamer’s water wheel, attach it to your pontoon and then decorate with flags, balloons and streamers.

3. The Mississippi steamer

If you love all things to do with the old Wild West, you are going to love this idea for a pontoon decoration idea!

4. The horse and carriage

If you decorate it carefully and thoughtfully with black fabric, batman’s face on the front and the batman logo scattered around, it will look like a very close replica.

5. The bat mobile

Decorating your boat for a party or parade is up there with decorating your house for Christmas