Ski Base Cleaner Substitutes  (Great Alternatives)

If you are someone who likes a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to clean your ski bases, read on to learn about a few substitutes for commercial ski base cleaners. 

Dish soap can be a very convenient alternative to commercial ski-base cleaners in terms of both cost and availability. It will do a pretty good job of dissolving and removing greasy and oily muck from your skis.


You can mix some liquid dish soap with warm water to prepare your substitute base cleaner.  Clean the base with a fine copper brush as thoroughly as you can first. Then soak a piece of a lint-free cloth in the dish soap solution and clean the base gently.

Vinegar is another commonly available and cheap substitute for commercial ski base cleaners. It is fairly capable of removing greasy and oily residue sticking to your ski bases.


You don’t have to use gloves while using it, as it does not contain any biohazardous chemicals.  Use a piece of lint-free cloth soaked in vinegar to gently clean your skis—be sure to rinse well before drying them with cold water.

Citrus-Based Cleaning Solution

It is possible to use citrus-based all-purpose cleaners to clean your ski bases too. The main active ingredient is the solvent d-limonene, extracted from Orange peels.

You can clean your skis with a piece of lint-free cloth soaked in the citrus-based cleaner. Do rinse with cold water well afterward. You can proceed to wax once your skis have been properly air-dried. 

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