Travel Trailer vs Fifth Wheel:  A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

Today, we present to you a thrilling and enthralling tête-à-tête between two majestic road warriors: the Travel Trailer and the Fifth Wheel.  Grab your favourite cuppa, sit back, and prepare to be dazzled by our comprehensive guide.

Differences between Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheel

Travel trailers are lighter than fifth wheels and easier to pull. Fifth wheels are larger and often have separate bedrooms and living rooms.

Size and Space

Towing travel trailers and fifth wheels differs mostly in hitching. Fifth wheels use a jaw hitch on a truck bed, whereas travel trailers use a ball-and-coupler hitch on the back bumper of the tow vehicle.

Towing & Hitching

Aerodynamics and Fuel Efficiency

Travel trailers are generally more aerodynamic than fifth wheels due to their lower and more streamlined profiles. This can result in better fuel efficiency when towing a travel trailer compared to a fifth wheel.

Travel trailers are easier to manoeuvre, particularly in tight spaces or urban environments, due to their smaller size and overall footprint.

Manoeuvrability and Stability

Pros & Cons of Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are typically smaller and lighter which allows for a wider range of towing vehicles. This can make them more accessible for those who already own a compatible car or truck.


A notable drawback of travel trailers is the limited living space when compared to fifth-wheel models. Their smaller size may require compromises in luxury and comfort, as well as amenities.


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