Strategic Acquisition

Strategic Acquisitions

We at HobbyKraze are a collective of nature loving, hobby promoting and wanderlusting creative souls who believe in promoting sustainable future – by spending more time on our innate arts and crafts skills that will bring us close to mother nature and increase the zest for living a vibrant and joyful life filled with passion.

Although most of the time, we are self sufficient, we also engage into working collaboratively with like-minded organisations by forming effective partnerships and strategic acquisitions

This page serves as the humble abode of all our acquisitions and partnerships including but not limited to Intellectual Property, Digital assets etc. Our ultimate goal is to be one platform that all our art, craft, active-living and nature loving users can come together and pick up inspirations to increase the zest for their life.

We aim to form collaborative and strategic partnerships in all the Categories we are actively engaged in. Please stay Tuned…

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