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Welcome To HobbyKraze! We are a Collective of nature loving, art promoting, craft designing enthusiasts who have an inherent zest to lead a healthy life promoting sustainability and greener world. 

Here at HobbyKraze you will be welcomed into a world thats enriched with hobbies that bring the creative side of you, learn more about sustainability and promote less reliance on gadgets.  This we hope, will allow more and more people to explore mother nature, lead a life closer and closer to her, respect what she has offered us and improve quality of their life.   

We aim to cover everything and anything related to hobbies that will reduce your screen-time and bring the best in you for the wider world to see. You will notice that we are still trying to get our gender diversity equilibrium as most of us (not all!) in the collective so far are wanderlusting, nature loving and self empowered women (Lots of green branding and expressive women in blog post pictures is a giveaway!).

Without further is our gang….

Lillian E Dodd
Lead Publisher & Travel editor

I am a twenty something traveller, mid-twenties if i’m being honest!, who when boredom strikes, gets an itchy feet. This usually results in me grabbing my backpack money being spent on plane tickets and travelling to all corners of the world, which leads to exotic experiences, and not so exotic ones.

No, this is not a blog about a 25 year old girl living a care-free life (my parents will argue that!) and writing a journal  of alcohol being consumed in large quantities on her road trip and tales of her conquests (see what i did there!).

I manage the Publishing side of things here and specifically responsible for Travel Section as an Editor. Through this section, I intend to provide all the tiny little nuggets that I managed to capture in my experience of travelling to countless countries.

To sum it up:

I am a Thinker. Beer evangelist. Certified organizer. Typical tv practitioner. Vegan fanatic. Introvert and an Extreme travel nerd.

Lisa H Matthews
Lead Publisher & Magazine editor

A  bike rider, triathlon enthusiast, amateurish beach volleyball player and nature lover who has never lost a dare! I manage the overall Editorial section for the magazine here and occasionally chip in with my own nature photographs, when required.

I wear far too many caps to list here; from running Editorials to being occasional Exec-secretary to our owners.  Lillian covers our Americas while I juggle around APAC and Europe, although internally there is a rumour mill that I spend most of my time on Colombian & Continental European beaches playing volleyball. 

So if the photographs are too green or too feminine or too Portuguese beach culture infused, you know who to blame!

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