Best Hanging Plants Perfect for Low Light Condition

Hanging plants are a great way to add some greenery to your porch, but finding the right plants for a shaded porch can be tricky.  Low light conditions can make it difficult for some plants to thrive, but there are still plenty of options out there.

An old favorite for hanging baskets in shaded areas, impatiens come in a wide range of colors, including white, red, orange, and violet that dress up the area from early summer through the first frost.

Impatiens Are An Excellent Choice

Pansy Is Also A Good Choice

One of the first flowers to appear in spring, frost-tolerant pansy continues to bloom throughout the winter in mild climates and stops when warm weather arrives.

A great plant for shade-loving container gardens, ferns actually weaken and pale in color when exposed to full sunlight for long periods.

Ferns Are Great For Outdoor Spaces And A Shady Patio

The Japanese Painted Fern, sometimes known as Pictum, is a hardy, shade-loving fern that grows very well in a hanging pot. Like many ferns, it requires moist soil.

Japanese Painted Fern Is Great For A Shaded Porch

Fuchsia For A Hanging Flower Basket

An attractive and beautiful plant that does well in a hanging planter, fuchsia features colorful flowers and bell-shaped blooms that gracefully dangle over the edges of the container.

Hostas are hardy ornamental plants that require full or partial shade. Most varieties of Hostas thrive in compact groups, therefore they are perfectly suited for tight spaces in hanging planters.

Hostas Are Great Outdoor Hanging Plant

Variegated Ivy is one of the Hardy Plants of your Garden

Variegated ivy is a common, houseplant ivy, especially good for partial sunlight indoor growing. For this reason, it also makes a wonderful option for an outdoor hanging plant in partial to full shade.

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