Best Plants to Boost Oxygen Levels in Your Bedroom

Plants can do wonders for the air quality in your home, especially in the bedroom where you spend a good portion of your time.  Adding plants to your bedroom can help increase oxygen levels and improve overall air quality.

English ivy produces trailing vines, making it suitable as a hanging plant in a bedroom window. This good plant blends well with any color of decor and adds a touch of romance with its soft, green leaves edged in white.

English Ivy is one of the Best Indoor Plants to Have

Spider Plant Is One Of The Best Bedroom Plant

Spider plants drape their grass-like foliage over hanging baskets. These plants, which are solid green or variegated green with white or yellow stripes, are uplifting and provide an airy, open feeling.

Golden pothos has waxy, heart-shaped green and white leaves. Pinch or lightly prune pothos to keep it in form and generate lush, glossy foliage.

Golden Pothos has Many Health Benefits and Great with Indoor Air Pollutant

Peace lilies thrive in low light, making this plant a welcome addition to corners or nooks where light is limited. Large oval leaves taper to a point as they rise directly from the soil in a mass of foliage.

Peace Lily is a Low Maintenance Plant & Removes Harmful Pollutant

Philodendron is one of the Most Popular Plant

Often confused with pothos, the philodendron has thin leaves that may be heart-shaped or lacy — depending on the cultivar — and the vines are ridged.

The elephant ear philodendron is a heart-like leaf foliage plant of varying heights depending on the environment. It is another University of Minnesota Extension clean air house plant.

Elephant Ear Philodendron is a Great Addition to Any Bedroom

Scindapsus For Healthy Oxygen Saturation Level

Scindapsus, an evergreen, root-climbing house plant, exists in some 25 varieties. It grows best in partial shade or bright light indoors, away from the direct sun. Misting is required for optimal growth.

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