Closest  Ski Resorts to Dallas

In this post, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the closest ski resort to Dallas. These are just 30 min away from Dallas, Texas!  Additionally I’ll list a few areas that are a bit further away but have some amazing resorts.

Bluewood ski resort caters to beginner to intermediate-level skiers. The resort is approximately a 33-minute drive away from Fort Worth airport, Dallas.

Bluewood Resort

Breckenridge ski resort is located at an altitude of 2930 meters in the American Rockies at Summit, Colorado, within a 3-hour drive from Dallas Fort Worth airport. 

Breckenridge Resort

Denton Resort

Denton ski resort is in Davidson, North Carolina, United States, at an elevation of 550 meters. The resort is about a 38-minute drive from the Fort Worth airport in Dallas. 

Tahoe has 16 ski resorts, the most concentrated collection of ski resorts in the US, giving you the advantage of not having to stick to any one resort and trying different resorts in the area to satisfy your needs best. 

Tahoe, California

Taos, New Mexico

The Taos Ski Valley Resort has 110 trails, half of which are designed for skiers at beginner and intermediate levels. It will take around ten hours to drive from Dallas to Taos. 

Denver is another good ski destination from Dallas. It will take around 12 hours to drive to Denver from Dallas. Flying there will cut that time about in half. 

Denver, Colorado

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