12 Best Pennsylvania Ski Resorts for Families 

12 Best Pennsylvania Ski Resorts for Families

Are you planning your next ski trip and are struggling to find a destination where everyone in the family will be taken care of and have the most fun? Pennsylvania has some great family ski resorts

Pennsylvania boasts many ski resorts that come in all sizes with an extensive diversity to suit different needs and skiing styles. 

Depending on the experience you are after, you can decide to go to Camelback for world-class skiing or visit Seven Springs for an array of opportunities for skiing and other winter activities. 

The good thing is that most ski resorts in Pennsylvania provide a family-friendly experience and are well-equipped to cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers’ needs. 

Whether you are looking for a ski area with diverse slopes for all ages and abilities or ski resorts with exciting après ski in Pennsylvania, we’ve got you covered. 

In this guide, we’ll provide detailed reviews of the 12 best ski resorts in Pennsylvania where you can take your whole family for your next winter vacation. 

12 Best Ski Resorts in Pennsylvania for Families 

#1. Camelback Mountain Resort 

Camelback Mountain Resort
  • Vertical Drop – 800 feet 
  • Skiable Terrain – 166 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 16 

If you are looking for a ski mountain that strikes a good balance between quality skiing conditions and other fun snow sports, Camelback Mountain Resort is a perfect destination for your next family ski vacation. 

Boasting the largest snow tubing park in the US, Camelback is a premier ski area, ranked as one of the best family-friendly ski resorts in Pennsylvania

The vast tubing park with 40 lanes makes it an exciting destination for family fun during the cold months. This makes Camelback a safe bet for families with members who aren’t really into skiing

At the same time, if your main focus is skiing and snowboarding, Camelback is equally fantastic. Your family will have a whopping 39 ski runs and 16 ski lifts that offer a classic, high-quality skiing experience. 

This ski area has 166 acres of skiable terrain, so you don’t have to worry about the slopes being crowded or lifts having long boring lines. All the trails here have 100% snowmaking coverage, so you never have to stress about the snow conditions. 

If you want to try freestyle skiing, Camelback Mountain Resort offers two terrain parks where you can perform and try out new tricks.

While this ski area has a vertical drop of only 800 feet, it still feels quite spacious, with well-distant runs to ensure that skiers always feel safe when hitting the slopes. And there is also night skiing

When it comes to accommodation and dining options, Camelback Lodge has something for all types of families.


Kids’ Fun

Your kids will have a stimulating experience spending time in Camelback regardless of their age and ability. They can ride on the snow or have fun at the indoor adventure center. 

There is a ski school where they can take on private or group lessons to learn how to ski and snowboard, while you enjoy riding downhill. 

And the fun doesn’t end in skiing and snowboarding! The Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark will keep your little ones thrilled with its slides, tubes, swim-up bars, and more water pleasure activities. 

For younger kids who can’t ski or spend time in the water park, you can take them to the Camel Care Center, which offers high-quality childcare services. 

#2. Spring Mountain Adventures 

Spring Mountain
  • Vertical Drop – 428 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 45 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 6

Located a few miles from Philadelphia, Spring Mountain is a fun ski area that offers the best skiing conditions for family skiing and snowboarding

It has two terrain parks where skiers can enjoy performing tricks and new moves as rails, boxes, and half pipes are available here. 

For those who are getting started, Spring Mountain has a designated ski area where beginners can learn how to ski and snowboard without worrying about getting in the way of experienced skiers. 

What’s more, new skiers and boarders don’t have to bring their own equipment as they can rent everything they need from the resort’s rental shop.

Accommodation and dining options are endless when skiing in Spring Mount Adventures, from Sonesta Rittenhouse Square to Radisson Hotel. 

Overall, Spring Mountain Adventures is an affordable ski area that families and beginners looking to have fun can visit. And depending on the day of the week you visit, you might benefit from a discount.


Kids’ Fun 

You can get your kids started in skiing and snowboarding by registering them in one of the resort’s learning programs, provided they are three years and above. The ski lessons can be group or private to cater to different needs. 

Other activities your kids will enjoy when spending time in this ski resort include snow tubing and ice skating

#3. Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort
  • Vertical Drop – 1,082 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 171 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 16

Boasting the highest vertical drop in Pennsylvania, Blue Mountain Resort is a top-rated ski area. It provides excellent skiing opportunities for skiers of all ages and abilities. 

When skiing in Blue Mountain, you’ll have about four on-site dining places offering various cuisines. There are also several hotels that offer ski and stay packages, which are great for those traveling with kids. 

With more than 40 ski runs and 16 ski lifts, Blue Mountain Resort provides skiers and snowboarders with a worthwhile experience. 

The resort has 5 terrain parks that keep freestyle skiers and riders entertained with tricks and moves like flips and twists. 

When you are not hitting the slopes, you can go snow tubing with your kids or relax in one of the nearby world-class hotels or Airbnb.


Kids’ Fun

Kids can learn how to ski and snowboard in Blue Mountain by enrolling in group or private lessons. And you don’t have to worry about their gear as the learning packages come with the required equipment. 

Along with skiing and snowboarding, your kids can have fun in the snow tubing area, which has 39 lanes for optimal winter enjoyment. 

#4. Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Seven Springs Mountain Resort
  • Vertical Drop – 750 feet 
  • Skiable Terrain – 285 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 14

Are you looking for a family-friendly ski area that offers a rustic mountain atmosphere and is still not so far away from Philadelphia? Seven Springs Mountain Resort is for you. 

As the name suggests, this ski area has seven springs and a vast nature-filled terrain with slopes that suit different abilities. 

Its vertical drop may not be as high as the previous resort, but its extended ski area makes up for it. 

No matter the type of skiing experience you are looking for, you can be sure of having great fun in this resort as it offers both gentle and challenging ski terrains. 

You’ll have a lot of fun with your family in Seven Springs Mountain Resort, as there is a plethora of activities to engage in, apart from skiing and snowboarding

We’re talking of exhilarating tours, snow tubing, ice skating, roller skating, live music, indoor games, great food, and more.


Kids’ Fun 

Kids can learn how to ski and snowboard in Seven Springs Mountain Resort through individual or group lessons. 

The large snow tubing park will also ensure that your little ones remain busy while you hit the slopes. 

For more family-friendly apres-ski activities, you can head over to SoakZone and Idlewild, where your kids can slide for hours in the water park and create memorable moments. 

#5. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area 

Shawnee Mountain Ski
  • Vertical Drop – 700 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 125 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 9

With 125 acres of skiable area, a snow tubing park, and 2 terrain parks, Shawnee Mountain is an exciting destination for a family vacation during the winter. 

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area is perfect for experiencing real mountain adventures as it gives you glorious views of the Poconos. 

When it comes to terrain propositions, Shawnee Mountain has something for everyone. The slopes range from green trails for beginners to black runs for expert skiers. 

You won’t have to worry about the snow conditions at Shawnee during the ski season since the snowmaking coverage is 100%. 

If you love hitting the slopes at night, you’ll have a great experience here, as night skiing is available on over 80% of the ski slope until 9 pm. 

While Shawnee Mountain doesn’t have lodging options at the base, it has partnered with several hotels in the Poconos, giving you easy access to affordable and luxurious accommodations.


Kids’ Fun

Shawnee Mountain offers kids’ lessons for skiing and snowboarding, which can be a private or group activity, depending on what your little one needs. 

Other outdoor activities to enjoy with your kids during your getaway include ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow tubing, and ice fishing

#6 Jack Frost Mountain Ski Resort

Jack Frost Mountain Ski
  • Vertical Drop – 600 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 100 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 9 

If you are looking to ski in the heart of the Poconos, you can visit Jack Frost Ski Area for a thrilling experience. 

What I love most about this ski area is that it’s located near Big Boulder, giving you access to two incredible ski mountains. 

When you purchase a ski ticket to ski in Jack Frost, you gain access to Big Boulder as well. This makes Jack Frost a perfect destination for big families since everyone has a chance to get great value for their money. 

If your teens are learning to ski at Jack Frost but you want more adventures, you can head over to Big Boulder, which has challenging slopes and is only five miles away. Here, you’ll have five terrain parks and more advanced slopes to ride. 

And you don’t have to carry your ski gear since the resort will provide you with a new set of ski rental equipment when you get there. 

However, if you want to stick with your family, Jack Frost has several black diamond runs that you can explore. Then later head to one of the nearby hotels for relaxing apres-ski activities.


Kids’ Fun 

Jack Frost has qualified trainers who offer ski and snowboarding lessons to kids aged 3 years and above. 

When they are not skiing or snowboarding, your kids can visit the indoor water park or the bowling alley for extra fun on the mountain. 

#7. Laurel Mountain Ski Resort  

Laurel Mountain Ski
  • Vertical Drop – 761 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 70 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 2

Located in Laurel Mountain State Park, Laurel Mountain Resort is an iconic ski area. At 761 feet, this mountain has the highest vertical drop on Laurel Ridge. 

Laurel Mountain Resort is famous for its incredible double-diamond ski runs that provide skiers and snowboarders with an adrenaline-inducing experience. 

If your family has avid skiers who love the most challenging slopes, this ski area is a perfect ski destination since about 60% of its terrain features advanced runs. 

The mountain has other glorious runs that allow skiers and boarders to behold breathtaking sceneries of the terrain and surrounding areas while skiing downhill. 

Since the resort has many years of history, dating back to the Second World War, guests will have a lot of things to do here apart from riding on the snow. 

If you need to grab a quick meal while on the mountain, Laurel House Café is a great place for delicious pizzas and burgers. You can also visit the Wildcat Lounge for handcrafted sandwiches and stews. 

Accommodation options are endless at the nearby Seven Springs Resort, which is only a few minutes drive away.


Kids’ Fun 

Kids will have much fun learning the skiing and snowboarding basics with the help of qualified instructors. 

#8. Bear Creek Mountain Resort 

Bear Creek Mountain Resort
  • Vertical Drop – 510 feet 
  • Skiable Terrain – 86 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 6

Bear Creek is a highly-rated ski resort, and there is a good reason for that. This ski area offers various skiing opportunities for skiers and boarders of all abilities. 

It provides all the amenities that guests skiing on this mountain need, from well-separated slopes and tubing parks to on-site dining and accommodation options. 

Bear Creek Mountain Resort has over 86 acres of skiable terrain and three terrain parks where freestyle skiers and boarders can practice and perform tricks. 

When you are done hitting the slopes at Bear Creek Resort, you can head over to the resort’s slope-side hotel for entertainment and relaxation.


Kids’ Fun 

Ski lessons for kids are available for guests of all ages, which can be done in groups or privately. Kids can also engage in other fun winter sports, like snow tubing at Bear Creek Resort. 

#9. Whitetail Resort 

Whitetail Resort
  • Vertical Drop – 935 feet 
  • Skiable Terrain – 120 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 8 

If you are looking to have a great wintertime with your family and still have some exciting steep slopes to ride, Whitetail Ski Resort is a safe bet. 

Whitetail Resort is a four-season mountain that has a vertical drop of up to 935 feet, making it a great spot for a thrilling skiing experience. 

The resort is about 2-hours drive from Washington DC, offering an excellent family-friendly skiing atmosphere. 

Everyone in the family will have something to enjoy since this mountain has a good mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert terrain.  

For those who want to do some freestyle riding and showcase their skills, Whitetail offers two terrain parks and a halfpipe for competitions and performing tricks.


Kids’ Fun

Whether your kids are teens or younger, Whitetail Resort will give them an opportunity to get their feet on the snow. 

You can register your little ones for group or individual lessons and let them learn the skiing basics like posture and equipment. 

If your kids are not interested in skiing or snowboarding, they will love spending time in the snow-tubing park. 

#10. Blue Knob Ski Resort 

Blue Knob Ski Resort
  • Vertical Drop – 1,072 feet 
  • Skiable Terrain – 400 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 6 

Are you looking to ski in a premier Pennsylvania Ski Resort with some of the most challenging slopes? You’ll fall in love with Blue Knob, which is the highest ski mountain in Pennsylvania

Blue Knob Ski Resort is an all-season mountain that offers all the amenities skiers and snowboarders need for their winter vacation. 

It’s nestled in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains, providing panoramic views for skiers and boarders to enjoy. 

While this mountain is popular among advanced skiers, there are plenty of options for other levels and abilities. 

And if you are just getting started in skiing and aren’t sure whether you’ll actually love the sport, the resort has a rental shop and a ski school, so you don’t have to stress about buying new gear. 

There are also a few tubing lanes that beginner skiers can enjoy. This makes Blue Knob a perfect destination for families with more advanced skiers but has children or friends who are learning to get their feet on the snow. 

Once the new skiers gain confidence riding on the snow, it’s easier for them to build experience on the runs designed for intermediate skiers. 

If you want to make the most out of your money during your winter vacation, night skiing is available at Blue Knob Ski Resort, as most runs are well-lit when the sun goes down. 

What my friends and I appreciated much about spending time in this ski resort was the ability to freely explore the wooded area since it provides about 10 km of trails for cross-country skiing

No matter the amount of snow the mountain receives, the snow conditions should be the least of your worries as there is a heavy-duty snowmaking system to keep the slopes all snowy. 

If you are planning to spend the night here, you’ll find several mountain-top lodging options with stunning views.


Kids’ Fun

Teens who want to try something different can have fun at the resort’s terrain park, while those who aren’t into skiing can visit the tubing area. 

#11. Mystic Mountain 

Mystic Mountain
  • Vertical Drop – 300 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 25 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 2

If you are searching for a luxurious resort in Pennsylvania, Mystic Mountain Ski Area is an excellent option. 

This private ski area is a part of Nemacolin that offers great skiing on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

What makes it one of the best family-friendly ski resorts in Pennsylvania is its diversity, in that it provides opportunities for other winter sports. 

If some members of your family aren’t into skiing but you still want to go for a winter vacation together, Mystic Mountain Resort is a great destination. 

They offer private lessons to skiers and boarders, but you’ll want to book early since they accept a few people at a time. 

Apart from downhill skiing, you can also have fun in the tubing park or perform a few tricks on the resort’s terrain park.


Kids’ Fun

Young kids will have the best experience learning how to ski and snowboard in this resort as experienced instructors guide them along the way. 

Most of the slopes are beginner friendly, so you won’t have to worry about your kids falling on steep runs. 

#12. Elk Mountain Resort 

Elk Mountain
  • Vertical Drop – 925 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 180 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 7

Located in the Endless Mountains, Elk Mountain is one of the first commercial ski areas in Pennsylvania

Its recent renovations, especially on its Winter Garden Restaurant and reliable snowmaking system make the mountain worth the ride. 

This ski resort provides riding slopes and two terrain parks for skiers and snowboarders of different abilities. And if you don’t have your own ski gear, you can rent everything you need from the resort’s rentals. 

If you are usually big on après-ski activities and entertainment after hitting the slopes, this is the perfect ski area to visit with your family.

Along with skiing and snowboarding, Elk Mountain has a wide range of fun activities to offer, from ice skating and rock climbing to zip lining and archery. 

It boasts excellent dining options within the mountain and varied accommodations with free parking, internet access, house cleaner services, and more.


Kids’ Fun

Lessons for skiing and snowboarding are available for kids and adults, and they can be private or group activities, depending on what you prefer. 

Kids who love animals and more adventures can visit the various petting zoos featured in this ski resort. 



Q: What is the Biggest Ski Mountain in Pennsylvania?

A: The highest skiable mountain in Pennsylvania is Blue Knob Four Season Resort. This resort boasts some of the most challenging terrains in Pennsylvania. 

It provides ideal conditions with both groomed and ungroomed trails for cross-country skiing. There is also a large snow tubing park where skiers and boarders can have extra fun after hitting the slopes. 

Q: What is the Largest Ski Resort in the Poconos? 

A: The largest Ski Resort in the Poconos is Camelback Mountain. Located in Tannersville, Camelback has a skiable area of 166 acres with 39 trails and 16 lifts. 

Q: Are the Poconos Good for Skiing?

A: Yes, the Pocono Mountains are good for skiing. These mountains have been a favorite ski destination for avid skiers looking for adrenaline-inducing adventures in Pennsylvania for many years. 

Pocono Mountains boast breathtaking sceneries, staggering forested peaks, waterfalls, and scenic lakes, which make it an exciting place for vacationers to hit the slopes. 

When skiing in the Pocono Mountains, you’ll have various ski areas to explore, including Camelback, Shawnee, Blue Mountain, Jack Frost, Elk Mountain, Bear Creek, and more. 

Q: Is Roundtop Mountain Resort Good for Beginners?

A: Yes, Roundtop Mountain resort is good for beginners. About 26% of the ski terrain in this ski resort is beginner-friendly. 

Q: How Tall is Montage Mountain? 

A: Montage Mountain has a summit elevation of 1,960 feet and a base elevation of 960 feet. Its vertical drop is 1000 feet, giving it the third position among the highest Pennsylvania ski resorts. 

Final Word

Final Word

Visiting a ski resort is a great way to spend quality time and have fun with your family in winter. Depending on the Ski resort you choose, you’ll have plenty of activities to enjoy with your little ones. 

If you are looking for the best family ski resorts in Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to visit any of the reviewed ski mountains on our list, provided it suits your needs. 

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