The Ultimate Guide to Seam Finishes

Finishing your cut edges with pinking shears is the easiest option. Pinking shears are specialized scissors that cut with a zigzag pattern.

1. Pinking Shears

A zigzag stitch takes things up a notch because you actually have to sew the edges of your fabric. It’s great because you don’t need a specialized machine.

2. Zigzag Stitch

It’s very similar to the zigzag finish, except that the overlock stitch gives a lot more coverage to the cut edges, meaning it really prevents unraveling well, even on fray-prone fabrics.

3. Overlock Stitch

It works best for light to medium weight fabrics – heavy fabrics can get a bit too bulky for French seams.

4. French Seam

They lend a lot of strength and durability to a seam because the allowances are folded over and sewn twice.

5. Flat Felled Seam

Which seam finish is your favorite?