How Long Should I Keep Fresh Water In My RV Tank?

Owning an RV is a great way to travel and see the country. However, following proper maintenance procedures is essential to keep your RV in good condition.  But how long should you keep fresh water in your RV tank?

What To Look Out For When Storing Water In Your  Rv Tank

Bacteria can easily grow in standing water, so it’s important to keep freshwater levels low and regularly replace the water if there are any changes in color or smell.

Bacterial Growth

It’s also essential to ensure that your fresh water in RV is connected to a clean and safe source of drinking water. Cross-contamination from outside sources can occur if connections are NOT properly maintained or inspected regularly.

Contamination From Outside Source

Algae & Sediment Buildup

Storing water in your RV tank for an extended period can lead to the buildup of algae and sediment. They can come from the natural environment or from the storage tank itself.

How Long Can You Store Fresh Water In An Rv?

Generally speaking, you should aim to keep the water in your RV fresh water tank for no longer than 2 weeks at a time. After this point, replacing it with a NEW drinking water supply is best.

It’s important to regularly inspect the water and ensure that it remains fresh and clean throughout this time. This can be done by smelling, tasting or testing the water on a regular basis.

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