How Much Are Ski Rentals?

If you’re a novice skier and quite new to the scene, you might not know the ins and outs of ski renting. Fear not fellow skiers, for you have come to the right place! I will walk you through how much are ski rentals on average, individual equipment averages and discuss some of the factors that affect ski rental prices.

Ski rentals cost around $25 – $60 per day in the US which is about $200 – $500 per week.

Average Ski Rental Price

Factors That Affect Ski Rental Price

If you are heading to the slopes during the thick of the season you will, unfortunately, have to expect high rental prices.  And while this might change from area to area, you can always expect a spike in prices during the peak of the season.

Time Of The Year

When choosing a destination for your ski trip this year, you will have to carefully consider the name and status of the place, because it will cost more than going someplace less well known.

Where You’re Heading For The Excursion

How To Save Money On Ski Rental

Going skiing at the height of the season at the most prestigious resort will cost you a pretty penny, which is certain to affect your skiing experience!

Pay Attention To The Location & The Season

Try your very best to avoid rental places close to resorts, or rental places sponsored by resorts, because chances are, they WILL RIP YOU OFF.

Going For An Off-Resort Rental Place

Going for an online rental booking is a clever choice as well, since you will almost always get a discount on those sites for reserving things in advance.

Opt For An Online Reservation

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