How Much Are Ski Rentals? (Quick Breakdown)

How Much Are Ski Rentals

If you are heading out to the snowy slopes this season for your ski vacation with your family and friends (or even if you’re the lone wolf who likes to keep it solo), renting your ski equipment instead of buying might sound like a good way of getting your gear cheap for this quick excursion.

And if you’re a novice skier and quite new to the scene, you might not know the ins and outs of ski renting – how and when ski rental prices change, and if renting your skiing gear is the best option for you or not. 

Fear not fellow skiers, for you have come to the right place!

I will walk you through how much are ski rentals on average, individual equipment averages (if you’re only looking for the equipment you are missing), and discuss some of the factors that affect ski rental prices.

Plus, I’ll give you some tips to save money while renting ski gear and discuss if renting is a good decision.

Average Ski Rental Prices

Ski rentals cost around $25 – $60 per day in the US which is about $200 – $500 per week. However keep in mind that ski rental prices will vary a lot from resort to resort.

Also read our guide on how much it cost to ski.

Here’s a list of individual skiing gear, and their average prices in the US.

GearAverage price
Helmets And Goggles$10 – $15
Ski boots$12 – $25
Wrist Guards$4 – $7
Skis$20 –  $30
Jacket and Pants$20 –  $30

PS. Depending on the rental place, poles are usually included alongside skis with no additional charges.

Factors That Affect Ski Rental Prices

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that affect how much ski rentals are.

Time Of The Year

One thing that will definitely raise the prices is the season (look at the prices of regular groceries during Christmas!), and it absolutely applies to the ski rental industry as well. Read more about this on our best time to buy skis post.

If you are heading to the slopes during the thick of the season you will, unfortunately, have to expect high rental prices. 

Time Of The Year

And while this might change from area to area, you can always expect a spike in prices during the peak of the season.

And if you’re going on a ski vacation with your family, or as a group, the best course of action would be to head out there when the crowds have gone down, especially during March and April. 

Where You’re Heading For The Excursion

Much like our luxury brands, ski resorts have different levels of ‘reputation’. But you should also know that skiers with different levels of experience will answer differently about how some destinations are considered the best and some mediocre so these are simply constructed opinions, and are completely up for debate. 

But it goes without saying that certain nuanced skiers will prefer certain locations more than others, so you can always bet, the ‘fame’ of the area will have a definite effect on the price of your ski rentals.

Where You’re Heading For The Excursion

So this ‘economical’ decision on your destination for this year’s ski excursion, will have to be a carefully thought out one because the name and associated status of the places will definitely cost you several more bucks than a lesser-known location.

So if you are a novice skier (or even an experienced one) who isn’t that keen on places, it’s wiser to opt for a regular resort with manageable prices.

How To Save Money On Ski Rentals

Here are a few tips that will help you save some $ when you are renting ski equipment.

Pay Attention To The Location And The Season

As explained earlier, paying attention to the span of the season and where exactly your excursion falls on it, will help a lot in saving money.

Pay Attention To The Location And The Season

Going skiing at the height of the season at the most prestigious resort will cost you a pretty penny, which is certain to affect your skiing experience!

Additionally, if you can’t carry your skis with you, read how much it costs to ship skis here. 

Going For An Off-Resort Rental Place

Try your very best to avoid rental places close to resorts, or rental places sponsored by resorts, because chances are, they WILL RIP YOU OFF.

Since they are located in bustling areas with PLENTY of customers, you will often find high prices for rentals, which you will not have to pay if you find a rental place that is not affiliated, nor endorsed by bigger businesses.

Opt For An Online Reservation

Going for an online rental booking is a clever choice as well, since you will almost always get a discount on those sites for reserving things in advance.

Opt For An Online Reservation

And the best part about this is (if SAVING MONEY isn’t enough), you will not have to wait hours in line to get your rentals, since they are already paid-for! 

Research, Research, Research!

Check online, check forms, and talk to experienced friends about ski rentals, and the cheapest spots in the industry.

Seasoned skiers will surely know of great shops, and word of mouth along with connections can get you pretty nice deals if you try hard enough.

Should I Rent Or Buy Ski Equipment?

All that being said, is it really worth renting ski equipment instead of buying them? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to understand this better.


Renting would be most suitable for someone who is new to skiing, and is not so sure if you will end up properly pursuing it. And no matter how price hikes happen, renting will be HUGE save money wise so if your ski excursion is a one time thing (and you’re not planning to head out during the rest of the season), renting is the best option.

However, the prices of renting will change based on the time of the season, and the ski location, so you will have to be mindful of them, and make sure you’re heading out at a suitable time.

And if you are a regular skier, or have a strong will to become one, renting is NOT the option for you.

renting instead of buying

Becoming proficient in the sport has a lot to do with how well you know your equipment (because they are the ones that will execute your every move while chasing powder!).

So if you wish to know your equipment like the back of your hand, renting is something you will sadly have to leave behind, no matter how economical it is. 


Buying your ski gear ensemble is the best choice if you are an experienced skier and heading to the slopes during the season is second nature to you.

Since you will be on the slopes regularly, renting equipment everytime can be a tedious and expensive process, so investing in a good set of gear can be the best option.

Read our guide on how much does ski gear cost here.

But buying an entire ensemble at once can also be very expensive, and it is a decision you have to think through, especially by paying attention to how much you ski. And not every ski ensemble works for every location as well, so buying it will be worth it only if you always pick a particular destination/s with similar climate and terrain.

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