How Long Do Trailer Tires Last? (Explained!)

Generally, trailer tires last from three to seven years. Factors such as the type of trailer and load being carried affect how long a tire will last.  To learn more about trailer tires, keep reading. 

Special Trailer Tires Vs Light Truck Tire

Special trailer tires are specifically designed to meet the needs of HEAVIER trailers, such as those for recreational vehicles (RV) and horse trailers.

These tires are thicker, have a greater load capacity, and feature higher-grade materials than regular light truck tires. The average lifespan of ST trailer tires is from three to five years.

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Trailer Tire

Type of Trailer

Different types of trailers will require different kinds of tires. For example, a flatbed needs heavy-duty tires to carry its load, while horse or utility trailers call for lighter-duty models.

The weight of the load being carried can significantly impact the life of your trailer tires. The heavier the load, the MORE strain is placed on your tires, which can shorten their lifespan.

Load Being Carried

How often you use your trailer will also affect the tire life. The more frequently they’re used, the QUICKER they will wear out.

Frequency of Use

Exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh UV rays will cause the rubber of your tires to degrade more quickly, reducing their lifespan.

Weather Condition

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