Ski Blades  VS Skis

Wondering what are differences between ski blades and skis? You’re not alone. While the physical differences might be obvious, a lot of people don’t know about the differences in performance. In this post, I’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the differences between ski blades vs skis.

Ski blades are wider and shorter than regular skis; they also offer more control. However, regular skis are longer, stable at higher speeds and more versatile.

Ski Blades VS Skis

Ski blades are a wider and shorter version of skis. While regular skis are generally between 2-3 feet in length and 4 and a half inches in width, ski blades are around 6 inches wide. 

Size And Length 

Although you’re probably used to seeing more people on the slopes in regular skis, ski blades are the easier option. Blades are perfect especially for beginners as they are easy to control.

Is It Easier To Learn To Ski With Ski Blades Or Regular Skis?

Snow Blades are easier to turn and stop because they’re shorter and that means you have less rail to control. Plus, they have twin tips and don’t require ski poles. 

Turning & Stopping

Skis are better for higher speeds because they are stable and a lot faster than ski blades.

Are Skis Or Snow Blades Better For High Speeds?

Skis are better for skiing on powder and fresh snow. Although ski blades are generally easier to control, they aren’t the best option in terms of powder skiing.

Powder/Resort Skiing

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