Types of Bagels and How You Can Make Your Own


It’s time for the 26 different types of bagel you can find walking through the streets of London, the streets of New York and the streets of many other cities around the world. Which of the types of bagel will tickle your fancy?

As the holes are being made, cooked chunks of bacon are rolled into the bagel dough to add a touch of smoky and crispy flavour. They’re eaten warm and chewy straight from the oven for a perfect crisp Autumn morning breakfast.

Bacon Bagels

Said to be a source of toxin removal and good gut health, sprinkling some activated charcoal in with your bagel seasoning can bring about the goth of all bagels.


For less of a savoury snack and more of the sweeter treat styles of bagel, get some of your favourite chocolate sprinkles and fold them into the batter before they go for their first proof.


More of a Winter breakfast for the European platter, the cinnamon bagel is the bread lover’s answer to the cinnamon bun without quite so much icing and sugar, of course.


Incredibly yellow in colour and losing their iconic shine, these types of bagels have the perfect sweet flavour and soft texture brought in by adding a couple of egg yolks to the mix.

EGG Bagels

The edible-glitter bagel brings out the inner child. And, while they may be a fun twist to the palette, they don’t bring any new and exciting bagel tastes, unless you added fun extracts like orange!


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