Ultimate Review of The Best Keyboard Stand For Gigging in 2023

Best Keyboard Stand For Gigging

Mostly, a great deal of time is put into picking out a great keyboard, but a keyboard stand is all too often an afterthought.

Of course, you may choose to use a desk or a DIY stand, but a desk isn’t an option when you are gigging and on the move.  

A keyboard stand, however, may come to the rescue.

See, having the right keyboard stand is essential for gigging, because the last thing you want to worry about when playing a show is your stand falling and your keyboard crunching onto the ground.

I know the idea of a stand collapsing sounds far-fetched, but, trust me, it’s not. Over my own music career I’ve used many stands, and I’ve had my fair share of impractical stands that didn’t get the job done.

A sturdily built and reliable keyboard stand for gigging not only keeps your keyboard safe, but it can also help you focus on creating the best music rather than worrying about your equipment.

But, as with keyboard options, there’s a sea of keyboard stands for gigging on the market, making a selection challenging even for experienced keyboardists.

Fortunately, in the guide below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the market’s best keyboard options.

We shall also share a comprehensive buying guide with you to help you make the best purchase decision.

Quick Comparison Table!

On-Stage KS7365EJ Keyboard Stand


Knox Gear Z-Style Adjustable Keyboard Stand


Stellar Labs Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand


Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand w/Wheels


On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand



The Best Keyboard Stands for Gigging For The Money

Best Keyboard Stand For Gigging for the money

#1 On-Stage KS7365EJ Keyboard Stand - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Topping our list of the best keyboard stands for gigging is the On-Stage KS7365EJ.

It’s a two-tier keyboard stand, built to hold two keyboards at a time, yet it folds into spaces smaller than most keyboard racks.

But, is it the right keyboard stand for you?

Features and Benefits

Build quality

I try to treat my music gear with as much care as possible, but, as always happens during gigging, sometimes things break.

However, I don’t anticipate you having any trouble with the On-Stage as long as you remember to transport it properly.

Of course, for the price, I know you might expect something rather wobbly, but the On-Stage is a sturdy option, and you can even use it for some of your more expensive keyboards without the worry of it tipping over.


Generally, most X-style keyboards are unable to support heavy keyboards, but not so for the On-Stage.

It’s a heavy-duty option, with a claimed weight of 400 pounds, so you won’t have to worry when placing your more expensive and heavy keyboards on it.

The top-tier section can support a weight capacity of 60 pounds; by far the average weight of most standard keyboards.

Plus, the On-Stage is a two-tier option, so it can hold not one but two keyboards simultaneously.  It’s an excellent fit for the keyboardist who likes to work with music at a professional level.


Each depth, width, and height element can be individually adjusted, so you won’t have any problems finding the perfect size for yourself.

In particular, the width adjustments range from 21 to 37 inches, so the stand can easily hold a 55-key digital piano and an 88-key board as well.

For smaller keyboards, you can choose to put a lightweight plank of wood across the width, though it’s not recommended.

Ease of use

The On-Stage doesn’t come with instructions, and setting it up can be a bugger.

Assembly is a tad challenging, but still, it’s not too hard to figure out.

It’s not the easiest assembly, but it’s easy to set it up in less than two minutes once you have worked out how to do it.


For a keyboard stand for gigging we appreciate the lightweight design, along with the detachable second tier.

When compacted, the stand folds nicely, and it’s easy to stow into your car’s trunk.



#2 Knox Gear Z-Style Adjustable Keyboard Stand - Best for Stability


A good keyboard stand should have a robust construction to support a heavy load, along with an adjustable design for ease of use.

The Knox Gear Z effectively combines both of these features and proceeds to offer more.

It’s the perfect keyboard stand for anyone looking for a reliable and sturdy keyboard support.

Features and Benefits


The Knox Gear Z-Style has—you guessed it—a Z-style keyboard platform.

How is that unique?

Well, for starters, it will make it super convenient and easy for you to stretch your legs underneath the keyboard. It’s the perfect stand to use with your effect cables and pedals.

And that’s not all.

The Z-shape helps to make the stand even more stable, and it’s not easily pushed or blown over by the wind when performing in an outdoor musical venue. The shape is also incredibly resilient and will stand up to the liveliest of the performances.

Build quality

At first, I was skeptical about the overall quality and performance of the Knox Z.

However, as it turns out, the stand is built with durability in mind, so you won’t have to worry about normal performance knocks and dings.

After several seasons of use, I would recommend this stand to any musician as it remains in a good solid-state without the need for replacement.

Overall, it meets all of the criteria of a good keyboard stand.


The Knox Gear is designed to hold your keyboard, and that is exactly what it does.

While it doesn’t have any features making it shine above other options, it does what it says on the box and it does it well.

It keeps your keyboard in place, with the foam pads on the arms helping prevent keyboard slippage. This way, you prevent damage to the instrument, and you can channel all your energy into creating music instead of adjusting the keyboard all the time.


The Knox Gear, with fourteen height settings and different adjustments, can be tweaked to accommodate various players and keyboards.

The different height settings make it possible to work well with a typical household chair, so you can grab any chair available when performing. It’s also absolutely perfect for kids that are growing!

Even more importantly, the different width adjustments make it possible for the stand to work with almost any keyboard. The Knox Gear will also work with high-end Yamaha keyboards that typically require customized stands.

The claimed adjustment setting by the manufacturer is from a 49-key keyboard up to a full-size 88-key board.

Another thing I love about this keyboard stand is how the top bars stick out a bit to hold even the largest keyboard, so you won’t have to worry about your equipment tipping. It also makes it possible to hang items from the bars for quick access.


The Knox Gear is incredibly easy to assemble and won’t take much time.

The only downside with the assembly is that the stand is not foldable.

You have to take it apart when moving between concerts or for music practice, which can be taxing at times.



#3 Stellar Labs Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand - Lightweight Option


The Stellar Labs Stand is the perfect choice for the user who needs a strong yet flexible stand. It’s also been a great choice for heavy-handed players or those using a heavy keyboard.

The stand is adjustable both in height and width to accommodate different sized players and players of different heights.

But, there’s more.

Features and Benefits

Z-frame design

Users of the Stellar Lab benefit from the Z-style design, including more legroom for players. With this stand, your legs are unlikely to get numb even in extended music concerts.

This is not to mention the design also gives you easy access to your pedals, especially when you are seated.

The greatest benefit, though, is the unmatched stability. With the Stellar Lab, you don’t have to worry about your keyboard tilting and falling over. Here, you can rest easy and concentrate on your playing rather than holding the keyboard.

Build quality

The Stellar Labs is built with longevity in mind.

It is made of a solid construction which isn’t wobbly, and one that will stand up to the hassles of gigging, including regular movement, dings, drops, falls, and hits.

It doesn’t wear out fast, and, after several seasons of use, our Stellar Lab still looks as new as the first time we used it.

Apart from the durability, the Stellar Lab is one good-looking stand, and perfect for those concerned about style.

It’s quite stylish, yet it retains a professional look as there are not too many details that will take the focus from you or your keyboard.


Support is perhaps the greatest feature of a keyboard stand, and the Stellar Lab doesn’t fail in this department either.

The extended support arms offer the perfect platform on which to place your keyboard. The arms are long enough to support the biggest keyboard and leave some extra space.

But that’s not all.

The arms are padded with a grippy foam, offering the tackiness and grip required to prevent your equipment from slipping, even if shoved.


Another draw from the Stellar Lab is the adjustability element.

With 14 height settings, the Stellar Lab can move from 585mm to 895mm, creating the perfect platform for players of different heights. The height adjustments also make it possible to use the stand while sitting on a chair.

At the same time, the width adjustments, from 622mm to 1,016mm, increase the stand’s adaptability. Beyond supporting most 88-key keyboards, I also found the stand perfect for holding different mixer systems.

Weight capacity

The Stellar Lab is lightweight, and at slightly over 18 pounds, carrying the stand shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Yet, it can support weights of over 180 pounds, holding some of the heaviest boards with great ease.

Our only issue with the Stellar Lab is that it can’t be folded, and this means it’s cumbersome to transport between different gigs or to a mix of locations.



#4 Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand w/Wheels - Most Versatile


Fourth on our list of the best keyboard stands for gigging is the most versatile Z-shaped keyboard stand of the lot.

The Plixio, designed to hold a weight capacity of 250 pounds, does not fool around.

But, is it the right stand for you?

Features and Benefits


Like our previous two keyboard stands, the Plixio comes with a fantastic Z-style design for maximum stability to eliminate any disturbing wobbliness.

The shape also creates more space below the stand, especially for players who love playing the keyboard while seated.

Heavy duty

The Plixio is built with sturdiness in mind. It’s a reliable option, and though it’s easy to get tempted into thinking it’s a flimsy choice because of its low, 16-pound weight, it’s surprisingly sturdy.

It hardly ever breaks, even when subjected to extreme performance conditions.

The weight limit of 250 pounds is yet another selling feature of this stand, allowing you to place the heaviest keyboard and other musical equipment without worrying about the stand tipping.

It’s a great option for use at home, in the studio, and for concerts.


The extended arms on the Plixio stand offer the perfect platform for you to place your keyboard.

The arms aren’t only sufficiently large to hold the biggest keyboard, but they are fitted with anti-skid foam pads to prevent slippage or even scratching of your keyboard or piano.


The Plixio is fully adjustable and, with the wheels attached, the height stand adjusts between 24 and 33.5-inches, so is perfect for any height of players.

At the same time, the width adjusts from 22.5 to 33.5-inches, offering a universal stand for a variety of music equipment. Away from the keyboards, the Plixio stand can also accommodate DK Mixers, turntables, synths, and midi keyboards.

Additionally, we also found out that the keyboard is compatible with some of the unique keyboards that don’t fit standard stands, such as Yahama, Casio, and Roland.


The Plixio comes with four locking wheels; the first on our list with this design.

Along with the weight, the Plixio is an ultra-portable keyboard stand, with the wheels helping to move the stand easily, especially when on stage.

The stand is also foldable and will lay flat when disassembling, making it easier to stash it into your car or even storage.


A true value purchase, the Plixio keyboard stand comes with a host of accessories, including four locking wheels, a headphone hook, and an anchoring strap.

While they don’t make the support any better, they at least ensure your overall experience is hassle-free and enjoyable.



#5 On-Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand - Heavy Duty Option


When you need a heavy-duty and reliable keyboard stand to support heavy weights, you can’t go wrong with a tabletop stand.

While they’re assumed to be bulky, this option is compact and lightweight, thus making it perfect for gigging sessions.

But, is it the right stand for you?

Features and Benefits

Build quality

I’ve had the On-Stage KS7150 in pretty much constant use for several seasons, and I’m quite happy with its sturdiness.

The stand feels rock solid and will survive performing at gigs without losing its integrity or aesthetic from being thrown into the van with all the other stuff.

Of course, you must be careful with the stand, but this thing doesn’t get dinged easily and still looks brand new.


The support system for the On-Stage KS7150 is on another level, and completely hands-off.

First, it’s a tabletop style of stand, offering the maximum amount of stability a keyboard stand can offer.

It doesn’t wobble, and unlike other stand styles you won’t have to worry about your keyboard slipping or the stand tilting when in use.

We love the addition of support bars and hinges that add extra sturdiness to the stand.

The legs also fold underneath so it folds flat for easier transport.


The On-Stage KS7150 is a great choice for holding large keyboards as well as mixers and DJ equipment.

Its adaptability is a credit to the telescopic platform, extending from 29 to 43.5-inches wide.

The height adjustment on the On-Stage KS7150 is also fantastic, with the friction locking knobs making the process seamless and effortless.

This is not to mention the adjustment makes it possible for players of different heights to tweak the keyboard’s height to fit their needs.

We also love that the table stand comes with non-slip rubber caps and ends on the legs, eliminating the risk of sliding. At the same time, the rubber caps will ensure you don’t scratch or destroy the studio floor, even when it’s under the weight.



Best Keyboard Stands for Gigging Buying Guide

Best Keyboard Stand For Gigging buying guide

In the buying guide below, we share some of the critical aspects every keyboardist should consider before making a keyboard stand purchase.

But before I share these tips with you, let’s look at the different types of keyboard stands for gigging.

Types of Keyboard Stands for Gigging

Generally, keyboard stands are classified according to their design factor.

Some of the popular designs include:


The X-style is the most common type of stand.

As its name suggests, this stand has its legs crossed at an angle resembling the shape X.

These stands are ubiquitous as they can support a variety of keyboards. They’re also durable and have easy to select height adjustments.

Mixer style

The mixer-style stands, though more expensive than the X-style stands, are suitable for heavy keyboards.

They’re classified as heavy-duty stands, ideal for keyboards that require plenty of support and stability.


The A-style stands feature an adjustable A-frame below for standing or sitting positions.

The A-style stands are more stable and lighter than the X-frame and will offer support without being too heavy.

Custom stands

Custom stands are designed for specific keyboards.

They’re normally expensive and can only be used with a single type of keyboard.


These stands have their legs shaped like a Z and are convenient in terms of access as they allow you to play the keyboard from either side.

They’re also easy to adjust and provide ample stability without taking up too much space.

Other styles

Double-tier stands

These stands, as their name suggests, can house two keyboards at a time.

They resemble the single-tier keyboards but have additional arms for holding a second keyboard.

factors to be considered for keybord gigging

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Keyboard for Gigging

Now that you’re aware of the different types of keyboards, let’s look at the different factors to consider when selecting one.

Size and weight

Keyboards that stand for gigging are ideal for the musicians or bands that are always on the move.

As it follows, their choice of the stand must be lightweight and not bulky for ease of portability.

The ideal choice should be lightweight and compact enough for easy storage and carrying.

Weight capacity

Having a lightweight stand is necessary, but it’s also crucial to have a reasonable weight capacity.

Your choice of keyboard stand should effectively accommodate your keyboard without compromising its integrity.

Ideally, we recommend you choose a stand with a higher weight limit than your keyboard’s actual weight.


Stability and sturdiness are certainly no brainers for keyboard stands, aren’t they?

No one needs a wobbly or rickety keyboard stand.

The ideal stand should be robust, as the durability of your stand can either make or break your performance on stage.

Along with the strength to withstand the recommended weight, your choice of the stand should be sturdy and reliable, especially if you’ve a heavy board.

Modular or not?

Modular keyboards are more advanced forms of keyboard stands, allowing the expansion and extension of the stands if the player needs to add more keyboards later on.

These keyboard stands have greater adaptability, and their versatility ensures that they can hold multiple keyboards at a time.

Min-max height

You will want to feel comfortable while playing the keyboard.

Normally, your body posture will influence the comfort level, which in turn affects your overall performance.

The height at which the stand ends up affects your posture.

While most stands are adjustable to some extent, you will want to ensure they’re within your needs.

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a stand, only to realize that the maximum height is lower than what you need, or the minimum height is higher than what you need.

Before making a purchase, it’s good that you consider your ideal playing position and measure the height from the ground to where your hands would be.


Modern keyboards are accompanied by a host of accessories meant to make your playing experience a more enjoyable one.

Some of the common accessories for keyboard stands including mic, tablet, and laptop holding accessories.

Cool factor

If you feel style would complement your event, why not choose a stylish and cool keyboard stand?

While it’s not a necessity, it feels good to have a stand that doesn’t only perform but also looks cool.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

wrap up

After careful consideration, we would recommend the On-Stage KS7365EJ Keyboard Stand.

It’s not particularly better than other stands for build quality, but the massive weight capacity is a plus allowing you to hold the heaviest of keyboards.

Additionally, it’s the only two-tier stand on our list, further increasing the stand’s overall adaptability and versatility.

For its price, we were also surprised by the level of safety it offers, and with this stand you won’t have to worry about your keyboard slipping or the stand tipping.

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