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Lisa Hayden-Matthews

Managing Editor
Outdoor Activities
Adventure Sports


  • Managing Editor with a profound passion for the great outdoors, adventure sports, and engaging hobbies.
  • Graduate of the University of Porto, with hands-on experience in outdoor activities and a background as a trained volleyball player.


Lisa Hayden-Matthews is not just the Managing Editor at HobbyKraze but a vibrant spirit deeply rooted in the world of nature and adventure. With every article and editorial decision, Lisa aims to transport readers into a world enriched with creative pursuits, sustainable living, and a lesser dependency on the digital tether. Her philosophy is simple: embrace the gifts of nature, foster a greener planet, and enhance the quality of life by engaging with the environment. Beyond her editorial expertise, Lisa is a consultant and a sought-after public speaker, representing Netcanyon Digital Media, where she inspires audiences with her dedication to sustainability and a healthier, hobby-filled lifestyle.


Lisa's academic journey led her to the prestigious University of Porto, where she honed not only her intellectual acumen but also her athletic prowess. As an active volunteer, she has nurtured the spirit of adventure in younger generations, promoting camping, hiking, and the joy of sports.

Personal Interests

When she's not shaping the content landscape, Lisa is an active cruelty-free lifestyle advocate, fervent bike rider, triathlon enthusiast, and an amateur beach volleyball player. Her love for nature is not just a profession; it's a way of life that she avidly pursues and cherishes.

Looking Ahead

Lisa is dedicated to steering HobbyKraze to new summits, continuously expanding its horizons to reach and inspire a global community of hobbyists and adventure-seekers.

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