Ultimate Review of The Best Headphones for Metal Detecting in 2023

Best Headphones for Metal Detecting

Have you ever been driving home from work, and your favorite song comes on the radio?

Most of us start by rolling up car windows, turning up the music, and adjusting the car stereo.

I mean, how hard can it be to get into your favorite song when there’re sirens, people honking, and tons of background noise going on? Not a great listening experience!

The same goes for when you’re out metal detecting.

The more background noise you can block out, the more you can concentrate on your detecting experience, and soon, you’ll realize you can’t concentrate without the best metal detecting headphones.

You don’t have to use a headphone if the metal detector has a speaker, but having the correct headphone while metal detecting is more important than most would imagine.

Having a headphone lets you effectively block the external ambient noises that would otherwise drown the signals.

They’re also a must if you’re a gold prospector, as using them will help you listen to the weak signal caused by tiny nuggets that you can’t hear otherwise.

In addition, most metal detectorists follow the rules and ethics that govern the prospecting process. Using a headphone when hunting is part of metal detecting etiquette because not everyone appreciates the beeping or even attracting the public’s attention to their activity.

So far though, the best reason for using a headphone is improving your ability to hear all signals, especially the weak and faint ones that could indicate a valuable or deep object.

However, headphones are not created equal, and not all will suit the needs of metal detecting.

See, there’s a considerable difference between headphones designed to plug into your stereo system and those designed for your metal detector, usually.

Fortunately, you don’t have to beat yourself about it because we’ve scoured through the internet to bring you the best metal headphones for metal detecting in the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones


DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones


Detectorpro Gray Ghost Ultimate Metal Detector Headphones


DetectorPro Gray Ghost Deep Woods Metal Detector Headphones


Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones



The Best Headphones for Metal Detecting For The Money

Best Headphones for Metal Detecting FOR THE MONEY

#1 Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I’m a big fan of the Garret MS-3 Headphone.

This wireless headphone is a versatile, performance-oriented pick, compatible with nearly any pair of metal detectors.

It also comes with a host of awesome features, making it the perfect option for beginners and seasoned metal detectorists.

Features and Benefits

Design and Comfort

Garret MS-3, with a sleek, over-the-ear design, is a bit clunky, so portability isn’t its biggest suit. They’re foldable, though, and you’ll find it easy to bring along with them to your next expedition.

While they sacrifice portability, they don’t cut corners with comfort. Wearing them feels like snuggling up with a warm blanket. Their oversized ear cups cover your ear entirely, so you don’t have to worry about your ears getting sore.

The MS-3, with larger drivers, also excels in sound performance and can reproduce a wide range of frequencies.  With your ear fully enclosed in the earcups, you experience better sound isolation.

They’re water-resistant but not waterproof or submersible, so neither unit shouldn’t be submerged in water. We don’t recommend using headphones when hunting in the water.


The Z-Lynk, a wireless option, offers great versatility as it works with most metal detectors, not just with Garrett but with nearly any brand of wired headphones.

It fixes one of the greatest pain points in metal detecting- being tethered to a detector while trying to pin-point or dig your target.

Additionally, the system utilizes a ¼” headphone connector, which is incredibly easy to pair with most of the existing headphones.

Sound Performance

While there’re similar products on the market, what sets the Z-Lynk apart from other wireless options is the near-zero speed at which it delivers the audio signal to your headphone.

Garret claims it’s six times faster than any other product in the market.

Speed in wireless headphones is critical because it allows for more accuracy since you hear the audio signal immediately your detector is directly over the target.

With only a 17-millisecond delay between your headphone and detector, Z-Lynk doesn’t delay in audio processing, allowing you to pin-point your target accurately.

And that’s not all with Z-Lynk’s sound performance.

The system also uses a frequency hopping process to create a practically infinite number of channels. This way, I don’t have to worry about crosstalk or interference from nearby wireless devices or even other detectorists within my range.

Sound Quality

Garret Headphone features high-fidelity audio with volume control- a feature that isn’t present in most headphones.

It makes it easy to adjust the volume of the beep to your desired level.

With a speaker impedance of 8 ohms and frequency response of 30-18,000 HZ, this headphone offers impeccable sound quality.

Battery Life

Another important feature of this headphone is the extended battery life.

When fully charged, it can last for up to 30 hours.

If you are only using it for two to our hours a day, you can even take it with you for a full week in the wild without carrying an extra pair of batteries.



#2 DetectorPro Gray Ghost Amphibian II Headphones - Waterproof


The Garret MS-3 was an awesome headphone for metal detection, but it lacked waterproofness, a critical feature for those planning to take their exploration in the water.

Our second pick, though, lets you go underwater with confidence.

Aptly named the Amphibian II, this headphone is suitable for use under 30 feet underwater.

Their practicality extends beyond water because they can be used on dry land too! So, wherever your exploration takes you, you can count on these headphones.

Features and Benefits


Gray Ghost has some exciting features, but none of them stands out as the waterproofing element.

The folks at Gray Ghost have utilized a radical redesign of the traditional waterproofing method to offer headphones that overcomes challenges faced by most underwater headphones.

With an innovative waterproof design, users can now take their treasure hunting up to depths of 30 feet without worrying about the device’s structure getting compromised.


DetectorPro is the perfect headphone for those long hunts.

They fit snug, with heavy-duty soft polymer cushions surrounding your ears for greater comfort.

I like how the cushions are tight and rarely slip off even when encountering waves, submerging your head, or even diving for treasure.

They’re lightweight too, and you rarely feel fatigued, even when wearing them for extended periods.

Noise-Cancelling Feature

The special muff design of the Amphibian allows the headphone to block out surrounding noises for up to 24 decibels.

The minute you put on these headphones, you’ll appreciate how they drown out the noise and eliminate a lot of background noise, including the sound of waves.

On land, the sound is great, with the softer ear pads helping to damp the wind noise and other noises nearby.

Sound Quality

The Amphibian II does have a slightly different sound, nothing major or disturbing, just unique.

Some users say it takes time to get used to the tomes, but I didn’t find it true.

Remember this; the headphones sound like a small electric razor buzzer, not a speaker. If you think of it that way, it becomes easier to get used to it.

The headphones have a good sound and plenty of volume range. They feel a little tight on my head, but the tight fit helps with sound quality. Remember hearing those faint signals is important.

Plus, the sound is balanced, while the tones are rich and fun, nothing that will keep you wavering back and forth.



#3 Detectorpro Gray Ghost Ultimate Metal Detector Headphones - Best for Professionals


Third on our list of the best headphones for metal detecting is the Detectorpro Ultimate, an improvement on the original Gray Ghost Headphones.

It’s a perceptive product that understands metal detecting nuances and will offer perfect companionship during your metal detecting.

With tailor-made enhancements, Gray Host Ultimate comes with awesome features like volume control, sensitive speakers, cushioned polymer muffs, and so much more.

Features and Benefits


The Gray Ultimate are excellent headphones built with quality in mind, and for the price, you’re buying quality.

In this case, you get a synthetic plastic material that keeps the headphones ultra-light and easy to wear all day long.

They’re perfect for the long hunting hours as they rarely cause any fatigued in your ears.

Additionally, the design also focuses on durability and performance. You can even feel the difference in handling, stability, and comfort.


Tangling is a big problem with wired headphones, but not with this option. The industrial-grade nylon cords, positioned at a strategic neck angle, eliminate tangling instances, letting you work effortlessly even in the woods.

The headphone features soft-cushioned polymer muffs that protect your ears without causing hotspots on your head.

The headband is also adjustable, so it’s easy to find the ideal fit, regardless of your head’s orientation.

Sound Quality

I’m a big fan of the muff, over-the-ear design that effectively blocks the surrounding noises and keeps you focused on your game.

Their noise-cancellation feature is so effective that even when detecting with my partner, I don’t have to listen to her.

On the other hand, the noise output is quite distinct, and you’ll now appreciate the fact that you can hear the faintest targets, something you wouldn’t have achieved on naked ears.

We love how the folks at Gray Ghost have strategically placed the special speaker elements in a tuned cavity design, which helps to amplify the volume.

Most importantly, the speakers are ultra-sensitive even to the smallest or faintest of the targets, so you’re less likely to miss any targets.

Convenient/ Ease of Use

Most headphones have a volume control function, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help protect your ears from deep shrills.

But not with the Gray Ghost Ultimate.

The limiter circuit helps with volume control, so you don’t have to worry about your hearing getting impaired by loud shrill volumes.

And that’s not all!

The headphone incorporates a segmented click-controlled volume system so you can fine-tune the sound and tone as you desire.

Finally, users can connect this headphone with just about any metal detector without purchasing an additional adaptor. You simply activate the push-button switch, which offers different connection options.



#4 DetectorPro Gray Ghost Deep Woods Metal Detector Headphones - Best for Wild Terrains


Many headphones claim to be rugged, but few can live up to the branding.

But if you’re looking for an option that understands the terrain’s ruggedness, you can go wrong with the Gray Ghost Deep Wood Headphones.

These headphones are designed to take on the abuses in the wild.

They don’t skimp on the performance either, and you’ll love how they deliver crisp, clear, and detailed sound, allowing you to capture the faintest sounds.

Features and Benefits


Gray Ghost Deep Wood Headphones come with everything you need to handle the rough and rugged terrains.

For instance, they utilize special features like interior controls that can’t be affected by external elements.

Other weatherproof-resistant features include a waterproof design and cable strain reliefs.

The headphone is also less likely to get tangled in the woods as the cords run straight up to a level.


I’m fairly particular about the fit and feel of things I’ve to wear for long periods.

Fortunately, these headphones are comfortable and very sensitive! Wirt every penny.

For instance, users can tweak the adjustable headbands to fit your head.

The soft padded polymer muff also covers your ears, while the padded headphones will ensure you never feel the metal’s stiffness even after hours in the wild.

Overall, Gray Ghost Deep Wood Headphone’s comfort is awesome and will make you feel snug and secure even as you explore the wild.

Sound Quality

Gray Ghost Deep Wood Headphone, with an over-the-ear muff design, has double benefits for sound quality.

First, the headphones cover your ears completely, protecting you from ambient sounds.  With the headphone, you can detect and hear a little outside to concentrate on those deep signals.

Secondly, the design keeps your ears protected, so they don’t get sore after several hours wearing them, allowing you to stay engrossed in your sport.

The best sound feature, though, is the sensitive speaker elements, which promote superior sound clarity.

With a frequency response of 200-300 Hz and an impedance of 150 ohms, these headphones will easily pick the slightest of the sounds/frequency without delay.

Ease of Use/Convenience

Gray Ghost Deep Wood Headphone is a simple to use headphone, lacking the sophistication of some of our list’s models.

For instance, it features a limiter circuit for facilitating volume control when the sound gets shrills.

It also has a selector switch, which helps in connecting detectors without using an adaptor.



#5 Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones - Best for Volume Control and Sound Quality


Our final pick of the best headphones for metal detecting, the Bounty Hunter, is a favorite with hunters because of its incredible clarity and volume control features.

What’s more? These headphones can save on the battery life of your detector, a blessing if you plan to spend hours while searching for treasure.

Features and Benefits

Full stereo sound

Premium headphones produce clear sounds. A scratchy sound is irritating to the users and may prevent them from hearing the sound produced by the metal detector.

With the Head-Pl headphones, the sound should be the least of your concerns because they deliver a full stereo sound free of any scratchy sound.

They’re efficient for use with metal detectors even when the volume is set to a low notch.

You don’t have to make the headphone blade loudly to hear the sound transmitted with these headphones. Instead, they filter the sound, only producing smooth, clear sound.


Compatibility isn’t the greatest suit of these headphones.

However, they’re compatible with all Bounty Hunter detectors, save for the Bounty Hunter Junior.

The headphones’ universal ability is assuring and ensures that you don’t have to buy any special headphones for every kind of Bounty metal detector.

Volume controls

Bounty Headphones are tailored to support volume controls of the left and right sides independently.

Therefore, it’s possible to reduce the volume on the right and increase the volume on the left.

I find this feature quite handy, especially when you’re searching for metals with a partner.

For instance, you can raise the volume on one side to ensure you don’t miss any sound and leave the other side to listen to your companion.

8-inch Cord

An 8-inch cord is considered extra-long, helping with comfort and avoiding the cable’s constant stretching, which could easily destroy it.

Also, regardless of how tall you’re, the 8-inch-long cord ensures you can comfortably use the headphone without the need of bending or raising the detector high for comfort.


We love the pads on the headphone that eliminate strain by hard plastic.

The headphones feel tender and soft for users.

Beyond comfort, the padding also ensures ambient noise is blocked, absorbing the noise and even vibration.

Additionally, the headphones are adjustable to be used by anyone, regardless of their head size. Their flexible nature makes it easy to achieve the desired fit, thus enhancing the sound transmitted.

Sot-Leather Earpieces

Head-Pl flaunts a leather construction for the ultimate sturdiness.

The headphones can easily withhold damages from pressure or even heat.

More importantly, the soft leather is soft and doesn’t strain the skin of the users.



Headphones for Metal Detecting Buying Guide

Best Headphones for Metal Detecting buying guide

With so many options in the market, choosing the best headphone for metal detecting can be quite challenging.

To make things easier for you, we’ve listed some key features to consider when planning to purchase headphones for metal detecting.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Headphones for Metal Detecting

Branding and Compatibility

A good brand can make all the difference to your treasure hunting experience, but the most important thing is whether the headphones are compatible with your detector.

Before making a purchase, check to see whether the headphones are compatible with your specific model.

While some headphones are universal, some are meant to work with specific models and may not work with others.

To avoid troubles, we would recommend you go for the same headphone brand as your metal detector.


Generally, you’ll be spending two to four hours on the field every time you go metal detecting.

Therefore, your headphones should be as comfortable as possible.

Some headphones may not come off as comfortable at first, but they can be irritating after a while.

The first thing to check is the cushioning, which provides a comfortable place for rest.

Also, consider the fit. You don’t want to go for a too-tight pair or too loose as it may cause discomfort later on.

Another critical feature is the weight. Bulky options are likely to cause fatigue and leave you exhausted.

It’s also advisable to choose a device with a spiral wire to make using the headphones more convenient.

Generally, though, the ideal headphone for metal detecting should be lightweight and with a user-friendly design that fits well.


As with metal detectors, your headphone should be durable enough to handle rugged conditions.

In particular, if you’re going for wired headphones, check the durability of the cord. A flimsy wire is prone to wear and tear and often gets pulled out easily.

But either way, always check on the headphone construction and ensure they’re made of quality materials.


While still on the durability, you should also consider getting a waterproof option if you plan to take your hobby underwater.

You’ll find more valuables underwater than on land. So, if you’ve some experience, you can take your treasure hunting into the depths of the sea for advanced exploration.

But you can’t do it with headphones that can’t resist water.

Waterproof headphones are the perfect option as they don’t get damaged even when the rain pours while metal detecting.

Sound Quality  

Sounds are a critical part of metal detecting.

If your headphones are not good enough to catch the faintest of beeps, you won’t be left with much, and you might fail to find items.

There’re numerous aspects to the sound quality, and we shall briefly look at the important aspects below:

Volume control

It’s desirable to purchase a headphone with sound control.

 A good pair should allow you to fine-tune and adjust the sound details for better sound quality.


Impedance value is important only for wired headphones.

The higher the impedance is, the more quality sound you get, and the device battery discharges less. And vice versa, the less the impedance value, the more distorted sound, especially at a high-volume level.

However, since detectors only send low voltage, there’s no point in using high-impedance headphones (more than 100 Ohm). In this case, the headphone volume decreases, but it doesn’t affect the sound quality.

Sound Damping

Headphones with sound damping protect you from background noises.

It’s not a crucial feature since, quite often, you may need to hear what’s happening around you for safety.

Extra Features

With advancements in technology, newer models of headphones come with features that will improve your metal detecting adventures.

For example, standard Bluetooth connectivity may cause a time delay in sound. So, you can go for headphones with the latest Bluetooth version or the low-latency Bluetooth to avoid delays.

Also, if you’re always on the go, ensure your headphone comes with a traveling case or cover for portability.

Headphones for Metal Detecting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do You Need Headphones for a Metal Detector?

A: Headphones aren’t a necessity, especially if your metal detector has a built-in speaker.

However, wearing a headphone is critical as it can massively enhance your metal detecting experience.

It’s easy to miss faint beeps without headphones, especially in places with lots of noises like parks and beaches.

Q: Will Headphones Set Off a Metal Detector?

A: There’s a possibility of headphones setting off detectors since detectors detect ferrous metals.

Headphones feature ferrous metal parts inside them, so the alternating magnetism creates a current, resulting in feedback.

Q: Can You Use Any Headphones for Metal Detecting?

A: Yes, you can use any headphones for metal detecting.

But here is the thing, using a headset not designed for metal detecting is likely to cause issues.

Headphones for metal detecting excel in canceling the external noises more efficiently while offering rich sound quality.

They’re also made with comfort in mind, which makes them better for extended periods of use.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Headphones for Metal Detecting wrap up

Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones, our top choice, ticks on all the boxes for the best headphone for metal detecting.

It’s a performance-oriented option and has awesome benefits, including superior sound quality, compatibility with any metal detector, and so much more.

It’s foldable, too, for portability and has an awesome battery life, which can last for up to 30 hours.

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