Garrett GTI 2500 Review – Is It Worth your Money?

Garrett GTI 2500 Review

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Are you looking for a good metal detector? Do you know where to start when buying one? Garrett is a fairly big name in the metal detector industry. Different models under the brand are being used by beginners as well as seasoned enthusiasts to metal detectors. If you’re taking this particular model into consideration, here’s what you need to know about it:

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garrett gti 2500 features

The GTI 2500 is built with numerous features for all-around use. Here are some things you should expect:

1. Impressive Controls with the Treasure Vision Feature

The control box is the brain of the metal detector and the GTI 2500 comes with a pretty heavy-duty one. It has a large LCD screen complete with a backlight that’s perfect for low-light conditions or when you’re prospecting on a very sunny day. The LCD screen provides information on the depth, type of metal, and the size of it. This ability of the model to tell you the depth of the metal is done via vertical graph, known as the “Treasure Vision” feature.

As to size, GTI 2500 categorizes each find by letters with Size A indicating particles smaller than dime. Size D is anything as big as a soda can and E is everything beyond that particular size. The control box itself is fairly old-fashioned, using elevated buttons instead of a touch screen. 

2. Automatic Ground Balancing

Do you often scan through high-mineral areas? If you do, then the ground balancing feature of the GTI 2500 is ideal for you. The gadget comes with automatic ground balancing with a sensitivity that can be adjusted between 1 and 24. This means that you’ll be able to silence any triggers caused by the presence of minerals in the ground and instead hone in on the larger metals you actually want to find. Since the unit is also used for beaches which naturally have high minerals, this particular feature is crucial if you want to zoom in your target and not be confused by ghost signals.

3. Comes with Multiple Modes

The unit has several pre-set operating modes, covering some of the most common kinds of metals you look for when prospecting. There’s the jewelry, the relics, coins, all metal, zero discrimination, and of course – custom. Of all these modes, the most important one is custom which essentially lets you set and program the parameters you want to use for scanning. This is perfect for when you’re going over the same ground type multiple times that requires very specific settings in order to work. More importantly, it helps you from having to re-set the metal detector over and over again.

4. Last Mode Setting

The beauty of different mode types of the GTI 2500 is compounded by the fact that the unit comes with a Last Mode Setting. This gives the metal detector a sort of memory recall so that once you turn it back on, you can quickly go back to the last settings used and continue with your prospecting. Unlike other metal detectors which would require you to reset everything all over again, the GTI 2500 cuts back on the programming time and helps you get back on the fun part of the process.

5. Adjustable Frequency

The product works on a maximum of 7.2 kHz adjustable frequency. This allows you to change your target metals from silver to gold and everything else in between. The feature allows for targeted searches, so that you can easily ignore trash or invaluable metals underneath the ground. Fine tune your ability to find valuable items in any terrain so that you’ll always come home with a measure of success using the GTI 2500.

6. Automatic Pinpointer

The GTI 2500 also comes with an automatic pinpointer which saves you the time from digging on a larger area. The pinpointer essentially narrows down the location of the treasure to just a few inches. Considering the fact that the GTI 2500 is capable of locating smaller metals, this pinpointer feature helps ensure that you’ll find what you’re looking for – regardless of its size. To active the pinpointer, just press on the appropriate button on the area where the metal detector hummed in response. 

7. Detection Depth

Users of the product say that it can detect up to 12 inches underground. Combined with the pinpointer and the adjustable models, this means that you don’t have to dig through the ground only to find useless junk. Note though that the 12 inches is a detection depth based on observation of the particular model. There’s no telling whether it has the same detection depth when submersed underwater. Typically, this can lower the depth accuracy of the unit.

8. Waterproof Body

With many valuable metals often lost in bodies of water, it’s important that metal detectors have the ability to work on this medium. Fortunately, the GTI 2500 doesn’t disappoint as it’s not only waterproof but also submersible in some sections. Simply put – you can get the coil wet and the frame, but make sure to avoid the control box. Unfortunately, this is one part of the metal detector that is NOT waterproof so you’ll have to be careful about using the unit outdoors in the rain.

9. Comes with two Search Coils

An excellent feature of this model is that it comes with two search coils. This is something you’d rarely get with other brands or even with other models of the Garrett brand. These two search coils have different sizes. One is a 9.5-inch concentric imaging coil and the second one is a 12.5 inch PROformance concentril imaging coil. The size of the coil primarily works in favor of speed when it comes to searches. A larger coil simply means you’ll be able to scan through a larger area of space at a time – therefore allowing you to cover more ground. You can swap between these two coils as needed depending on the kind of terrain you’re trying to cover. If you’re searching through a rougher surface with lots of bends or curves, the smaller coil should give you a more thorough result. For flatter surfaces however, you’d want to use the 12.5-inch coil.

10. Distinctive Audio

Featuring a multi-tone response, the metal detector essentially tells you by sound the depth of the target. Fully customizable, you can actually rely completely on the audio when searching for precious metals. While the screen provides additional information, the customization of the audio can tell you everything you need to know about what you found so that you can start digging immediately. The audio is complemented by noise cancelling headphones that fits right through a 6.35mm jack. This wired setup gives automatic signal response once the metal detector finds something worth digging underground. 

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Pros - What We Like!

garrett gti 2500 pros


Few actually consider the outside look of the product as a benefit – but it can be safely said that the Garrett GTI 2500 looks and feels perfect for outdoor use. Not only because of its size and weight but also the fact that it sports a light green color that camouflages well when you’re prospecting in a bushy area. It’s fairly bulky but this is to be expected in all types of metal detectors.

OK for sea use

The Garrett GTI 2500 is specially made for salt water and fresh water use. Hence, if you’re the type who likes to switch places from time to time to keep the excitement going, this is the type of tool you’d want on your side.

Comes with additional accessories

Once you purchase the Garrett GTI 2500, you also gain access to various accessories needed such as the MS-2 headphones, the full cover up, and the Camo Universal Detector Soft Case.


As an added precaution, the Garrett brand offers all its models with 2 years of warranty. This tells you that the manufacturer is confident about their product.

Replacement Parts

What if the model suffers a problem after the two-year warranty? A big name in the metal detector industry, Garrett not only offers full models but also provides replacement parts for the different units. This is perfect if you want a new coil or perhaps new headphones for the model. You can save a lot in the process by replacing parts as needed instead of buying a brand new one just because one component of the metal detector breaks down.

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Cons - What We Are Not Huge fans Of!

garrett gti 2500 cons

Control box is not waterproof

The bad news is that while the main body is good for moisture, the control box isn’t. This means that you can’t leave the metal detector confidently outdoors overnight. Even morning dew or a bit of rain could cause the control box to exhibit problems. Hence, make sure the unit is properly stored after every use. Also, be careful because while the search coil is submersible, splashes on the control box might cause problems to operation. 

Battery use

The model runs on eight pieces of AA batteries. That’s a lot considering how some models work perfectly fine with just two AA batteries. As a tip – it’s best to use rechargeable batteries for this model and keep spare fresh ones at all times so you’ll never run out in the field. The large LCD complete with backlight means that the power can be consumed quickly, especially since the backlight is not something you can just turn off. Depending on the battery you use, the metal detector can work for up to 35 straight hours before powering down. Fortunately, the LCD screen comes with a battery indicator so you’ll have to guess about the power remaining for user.

Wired headphones

While the headphones are of good quality, the fact that they’re wired means there’s the risk of tangles while walking through the terrain. This can be problematic if you’re scanning through a rough area and the wire snags on branches or rocks. Today, you’ll find several metal detectors that operate on wireless connections for ease of use. The only upside of a wired type is that there’s no delay in audio signal. Hence, the minute your unit spots something worth digging in the ground for, you’ll know instantly where and when it happens. The headphones themselves are not built for heavy water use so don’t bring it out during a shower.

The build is a little heavy

The product weighs at 1.8 kilograms which makes it a tad heavy to carry around during scanning. If you only use the metal detector for a few minutes at a time, this weight is no problem. Once you start swinging for a few hours however, you’d start to feel that particular weight around your shoulders. The length of the unit itself starts from 40 inches and can be extended up to 51. This is perfect for those who want a long reach during use.

Product Pricing

The price of the GTI 2500 can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. Just slightly lower than $1000 in the market, the cost is actually more expensive than other starter models today. In fact, the same brand offers models priced around $500 to $7000 – so why choose the GTI 2500?

Well, the beauty of this model is that it sits right between the beginner and professional. If you’re new to metal detecting and want to jump a few steps ahead, the GTI 2500 would be a good choice as it offers advanced features without being as expensive as the high-end units that serious hobbyists use. 

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Verdict - Final Thoughts!

garrett gti 2500 verdict

To wrap it up, the GTI 2500 is an excellent choice for beginners and serious hobbyists alike. It can work on most terrain and therefore wonderfully adaptable. If you like to explore different areas, then this metal detector will give you the freedom to search through different types of terrain and still come up with great treasures. It might need a bit of learning curve – but this is true for all metal detectors. Note though that the Garrett GTI 2500 is best used for dry detecting despite the fact that it’s submersible as the control box is not made waterproof. 

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