Ultimate Review of The Best Rollerblade Brands in 2023

Best Rollerblade Brands

It’s usually hard for me to purchase something from brands that I don’t know personally or at least haven’t heard about them.

The same thing happens when purchasing the best rollerblades.

I prefer getting inline skates from established brands.

I chose the established brands because they have built customer loyalty and, more importantly, deliver high-quality products.

So, what are some of these best inline skates brands?

In the guide below, I’ll highlight some of these brands and why you should consider them.

Keep in mind this isn’t a list of every best brand in the world.

It’s simply a list of the big guys who have stood out in the market.

Some of these brands were established at the genesis of rollerblading.  Others are relatively new in the game but focused on performance.

Either way, all the listed brands promise a nice experience and are less likely to come apart underneath your feet.

Most of these brands have fantastic teams that have spent years developing the best quality boots.

Professional Vs. Beginner Inline Skating Brands

Professional Vs. Beginner Inline Skating Brands

Before I share the best inline skates brands, it would be a good idea that we first consider the two main classifications of inline skate brands; the pro brands and beginner brands.

A difference between these two is pegged on the roller skating experience.

Brands focused on beginner skaters, for example, are usually focused more on stability, comfort, and safety.

In most cases, aspects such as performance and speed usually take a backseat on inline skates from these brands.

On the other hand, professional brands primarily focus on performance and speed.

Most of the inline skaters that prefer these brands are usually experienced and have already worked on the basics of skating, .i.e. they don’t have wobbly feet.

Instead, they need the thrill of skating, and they are usually looking for an aggressive rollerblade that can also be used for competition.

For most professional skating brands, comfort and stability aren’t a priority as performance, speeds, and agility are.

And as it follows, most competitive skating brands are designed from heavy-duty and high-quality materials.

Usually, these materials can stand up to the demanding and tough task of competitive skating. Plus, they hardly break down and will last for quite a long time.

And the funny thing is these professional skating brands have lighter material than beginner rollerblade brands.

But as you can imagine, they’re also super expensive.

Top 14 Rollerblade Brands

Top 14 Rollerblade Brands

Now that we know the difference between the pro and beginner inline skating brands let’s look at some of the best inline skates.

1) Rollerblade


You can’t get more authority for skating brands than Rollerblade.

After all, it’s so influential that the it’s named after rollerblading. Today, when someone orders a rollerblade or mentions rollerblading, it can be traced back to this brand.

But it’s important to note that, rollerblading/rollerblade isn’t an actual term for this sport, but it’s instead known as inline skating.

Rollerblade was among the pioneers of distributing inline skates globally and popularized the sport to new places it wasn’t even known before.

Rollerblade usually classifies their inline skates into three main categories, which is enough to cater to all levels of inline skaters.

The categories include:

  • Speed and race for long distances
  • Fitness skating for training and recreation
  • Urban for free skating

Rollerblade’s skates promise a high-quality and alluring experience whatever model you choose from.

Their quality standards are top-shelve and will guarantee an alluring experience, regardless of your skill level.

Of course, like most brands on our list, Rollerblade has also gone through ups and downs. But have always emerged stronger than ever.

Their innovation is getting better by the day, and their products are becoming more pragmatic than before.

2) EO Skates

EO Skates

EO Skates is generally a new-founded brand that came to light just the other day.

While it’s not as popular as the Rollerblade or even some other brands that I’ll list, EO Skates has a unique character.

It’s one of the few brands that create specialized inline skates.

And for EO Skates, their primary focus is moderate speed skating.

They contribute to this skating sub-genre by building ultra-light inline skates for performance and speed.

Usually, most their inline skates are made out of ultra-light carbon and alloy aluminum frames.

The brand even goes ahead to brag that they’ve the lightest aluminum frame and inline skates in the market.

I don’t want to argue with the claim, but what I know is they produce some of the lightest options.

And here’s the kicker!

The brand has its own EO World Team.

But how do their lightweight aluminum frames and boots help with the performance?

Lightness doesn’t necessarily make you faster, but it helps with faster acceleration and picking of speed.

Plus, it’s not fatiguing either, so it helps build and maintain endurance, which helps the skater maintain speeds for longer.

The other benefit of EO Skates is they feel nimble and agile.

Many skaters can attest that it’s easier for them to take on the corners and turns more precisely, which is quite handy, especially during competitions.

However, as you would imagine, the carbon fiber skates from EO Skates aren’t as durable as those made out of metal alloy.

For this reason, the rollerblade from this brand isn’t suited for the rough conditions but more for casual street riding.

But they excel in competitions.



Funny enough, our third brand, SEBA, was founded the same year as EO Skates.

And like EO Skates, it’s also a specialized brand but focuses more on the freestyle and freeride rollerblade.

Simply put, they’re also a performance brand and cater to a range of skating enthusiasts looking for more speed, agility, and power.

I love the brand because of its versatility and multi-functional inline skates that allow me to go fast, perform tricks, and even slalom.

However, SEBA inline skates aren’t as aggressive and usually focus more on the freestyle.

So, yes, this brand may not be the best for the recreational camp.

But for the performance skaters, you’ll enjoy a reliable and alluring skating experience.

Their inline skates aren’t only high-quality, but the brand prides itself on the testing and development of their product creation.

Simply put, their products are built to evolve and match the needs of the modern-day skater.

4) Powerslide


Powerslide has been in the market for more than two decades.

It was established in 1994 during the inline boom.

The brand is renowned for developing high-quality and reliable products that few brands can match.

For example, their recent release, the Trinity Mount, is a one-of-a-kind rollerblade, best known for its low center of gravity.

It’s a unique choice for those working on their wobbly feet and need something that is stable and can balance on.

The brand is also known for creating speed demons, inline skates that appeal to the adrenaline junkies.

On top of that, they also have a wide range of top-quality skates that appeal to a range of users, starting from novice skaters, intermediate skaters to the more advanced skaters and everything in between.

Their choice for the professional skaters pays huge attention to the performance, and are probably some of the best freestyle inline skates you can buy.

In addition to the performance department, the brand also has a range of fitness and recreation boots. These are mostly soft boots.

While they won’t offer ankle support and control compared to the performance boots, they’re unbeatable when it comes to overall comfort.

Overall, few brands are comparable to Powerslide, and I personally love them for their functionality.

5) THEM Inline Skates

THEM Inline Skates

Inline skating is a multi-category sport and comes with different genres.

Usually, speed skating dominates other categories, but there’re also other forms of the sport, and one of the popular ones is aggressive skating.

For this skating category, there’s no better brand than THEM.

One of THEM’S models that probably showcases their dedication to aggressive skating is probably the 909 Danny Beer.

This is a streamlined rollerblade, boasting a next-level design that helps with executing the grind tricks and performing tricks.

It’s also a great pair that comes with comfortable padding to eliminate moisture buildup, perfect for cross-training even during hot summer days.

Other inline skates from this brand aren’t different either and are usually built with performance and function in mind.

THEM boots, for example, feature thicker plastics for better performance and longevity.

They also come with lace holes, which provide the flex point for grinds and precise performance.

The best feature on THEM rollerblade is a newly redesigned aluminum frame with an h-block for different setups. It comes in handy for fast sliding and performing tricks.

Specific features aside, high-quality skates from THEM are built to withstand the demanding tasks of speed skating.

They’re generally durable, reliable, and offer a comfortable ride to use for beginners, intermediate skaters, to pros.

Plus, they feature a lot of innovations, which help improve your overall performance and a smooth ride.

6) Chicago Skates

Chicago Skates

Chicago Skates is one of the best rollerblades brands in the market, and it’s for a reason.

They’re one of the oldest, and probably among the pioneers of rollerblading,

Chicago Skates started making inline skates in 1905.

Their first model was quad skates, but they soon expanded their market to inline skates and skateboards.

However, they remain true to their roots, and they still manufacture the quads up to date.

What I love most about Chicago Skates inline skates is probably their design.

They retain a vintage, classic look with splashes of a modern touch.

Design and aesthetics aside, the brand is also a favorite among many riders because of its functionality.

Beginners, especially kids and teenagers learning skating, love the brand because of the high-quality standard, smooth ride, and comfortable ride.

And the good thing is the brand has expanded its wings to cater to other inline skating accessories.

So, whether you need a helmet, kneepad, or elbow guard to accompany your inline Skate, Chicago Skate should be your one-stop destination.

7) Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle is a nice choice for the urbanites, especially those looking for a rollerblade for recreational needs.

The brand has gained such a huge following, especially considering that it provides value for all the products it makes.

Flying Eagle’s affordable skates assure a cozy experience and are performance-friendly.

Since its launch in 2006 in China, the brand has continuously delivered high-quality production and ensures quality control standards.

The main highlight of Flying Eagle products is their low cost and value for money.

And make no mistake, their skates are also some of the best performing blades in the market.

Various professional skaters underline their performance.

Some of the popular models from this brand include the F5S Eclipse and F4 Rav.

The other good thing about this brand is that they cater to different skaters’ needs, starting from entry-level skaters to professionals.

Construction-wise, the Flying Eagle products are sturdy, as you can expect from a high-quality brand.

The reinforced- lightweight aluminum frame used on these boots can stand up to rough abuse, heavyweight and will even offer extra support to the extra-large users.

Meanwhile, their shells are made out of carbon fiber, which is necessary for performance.

The durable skates remain ultra-lightweight, yet they’re reinforced by the strength of the metal alloy for optimized performance.

A secure closure system (triple closure system) and buckles are standard for all models, which ensures the security of the feet. Along with memory foam padding, you get a comfortable experience and don’t have to worry your feet will slip off or anything.

Finally, the polyurethane wheels on the Flying Eagle ski boots level up and match the quality of the other parts.

They roll well and have an incredible glide performance and more power.

Overall, Flying Eagle is a great purchase and exceeds our expectations.

I would choose it over many other brands, especially because of its value for every purchase.

8) USD


USD is a popular inline skating brand and is best known for its aggressiveness in the manufacturing space.

They’ve been in the inline skating space since 1997 and have produced some of the most aggressive inline skates I’ve come across.

And the good thing is their latest models are inspired by user feedback, research, and innovation. They get better by the day.

Unlike the previous versions, the modern-day USD skates are designed with performance.

For example, the skates are super-low and have a low center of gravity. I can’t tell you the importance of this feature because it helps with promoting better balance and more stability, especially for the new skaters.

Advanced skaters also love the low design because it’s quite handy, especially when taking turns and sharp corners.

Stability aside, the USB boots have a great boot and ankle support, while the plates promote better grinding.

Quality on the USD also matches up, and I love how well-built they come.

They seem like durable options that will stand up to the demanding tasks of inline skating and last for quite a long time for any skill level.

9) Crazy Skates

Crazy Skates

Crazy Skates doesn’t sound like a name for a top rollerblade in the market.

But the truth is that it matters less to the quality of a brand.

However, this model has some of the craziest and most unique concepts ever, so the name might be fitting.

Most beginners love the brand because it has such a huge range of products it manufactures.

Aside from the inline skates, Crazy Skates is also known for manufacturing scooters and rollers.

And all their products come with flashy and unique designs.

Crazy Skates inline skates are quite diverse and can cater to a whole range of users.

Personally, I love them because of how easy it is to customize them from scratch.

Their quality is also amazing by all means and will even cater to those on a budget.

On top of that, their budget selection isn’t any different from the premium option.

The brand understands uniqueness, innovation, and safety, as seen in all their brands.

10) Roller Derby Skate

Roller Derby Skate

Don’t confuse Roller Derby Skate with the Roller Derby Games.

Roller Derby Skates is a brand of skating and undoubtedly one of the leading brands.

It didn’t start as Roller Derby but has mutated over time.

It first started as Aefrlye company before transforming to Roller Derby Skate Corp.

The brand has been in the inline skate market for a long time, and it started its operations in 1936.

Oscar Selzer and Leo Seltzer founded it.

Like many premium brands on our list, Roller Derby has a history of developing fashionable, stylish, and performance-oriented skates.

Most of their products are primarily designed for sidewalk skating and have other variations for different skating.

The most popular Roller Derby roller skates consist of an aluminum frame mounted on polyurethane wheels. The large wheels usually roll over anything on the trail, including cracks and smaller boulders.

The Roller Derby skates also have a power strap system and an easy push-button to help with a more secure fit and effortless power transfer.

The other selling point with the Roller Derby is they’re known for creating beginner-friendly options.

They’re particularly popular with kids and teens.

I don’t think there’s any better starter-level skate brand than Roller Derby.

It’s a beginner-friendly brand, and few brands can match its toughness.

11) High Bounce Sports

High Bounce Sports

High Bounce Sports is probably the best brand for kids.

So many parents gush over this brand because it designs its products with kids’ safety and comfort in mind.

For example, the High Bounce Sports Rollerblade brand produces high-quality and reliable toys. Their products also come at affordable prices.

And as you can imagine, for a kids-oriented brand, High Bounce Sports also pays special attention to the aesthetics.

Their design choice looks cool, enough to draw attention to other kids without looking too childish or anything embarrassing.

At the same time, they also maintain the pragmatism needed for a child rollerblade.

Their skates are reliable, comfortable, and easy to use.

Of course, they may not be suited for the demanding outdoor tasks, but they’re more than enough for the simple, indoor, and moderately tough asphalt/concrete outdoors.

The other good thing with this brand is it’s a one-stop shop, offering a collection of everything your kid may require starting from skateboards, scooters, and skates.

12) K2 Skate

K2 Skate

K2 Skate started in Seattle, Washington DC, in 1962.

However, it didn’t start as a manufacturer for inline skates.

Initially, the brand was focused more on making skis.

It was until 1993 they began manufacturing skates.

Since they had some experience in making skis, their transition to the skate world was pretty blissful, and they didn’t struggle to make an impact on the scene.

Today, they’ve a wide range of inline skates under their belt.

They mostly specialize in making soft boots and manufacture some of the most comfortable skates in the market.

Of course, the soft skates might be comfortable but might not be the most pragmatic option out there.

This is the same case with the K2 skates; they don’t fully fit into the proper performance skates.

Instead, the K2 skates are simply recreational options built with comfort in mind and don’t expect to upgrade them much.

Some options even have smaller wheels, best suited for indoor uses.

Some other skateboard versions in the K2 stable include fitness and aggressive skateboards.

K2 has coined a name for their rollerblades and often refers to them as “lifestyle” skates.

These are simply casual or recreational rollerblades. They’re handy for skaters who simply want an enjoyable moment and aren’t necessarily focused on the performance, speed, or anything.

Their pair of rollerblades are quality and come at a decent price.

13) Roces


Roces is one of the old-hand brands in the rollerblade manufacturing industry.

The brand dates back to 1952, in Venice.

Like many other brands on the list, it didn’t start as a rollerblade brand.

Instead, it used to manufacture leather products and ski footwear.

However, with time, they transitioned their efforts into making rollerblades.

Their first pair of rollerblades was produced in 1990, and that’s how they got into the industry.

From there on, they went ahead to produce some of the most reliable products in rollerblade history.

They’ve also catered to almost all categories of roller skates, except maybe speed skating. But otherwise, they’ve an incredible range of skates in fitness, freestyle, and aggressive skates.

And the best part is their comfortable skates are high quality, reliable and functional, at the least.

They’re known to survive the demanding tasks of incline skating and will definitely exceed your expectations.

14) Bauer (Hockey Skates)

The Bauer brand is a favorite among hockey enthusiasts.

It manufactures some of the best ice skates and hockey skates.

The brand has a specialty in ice skates.

And one thing about their best pairs is they’re built with technology and innovation in mind.

It’s not a surprise considering they’ve been in the market since 1927.

They operated as a family business in Ontario and have lived up to their reputation for that long.

The brand is known for creating quality hockey skates that will stand up to the test of time.

Honorable Mentions

As we mentioned earlier, our list is by no means comprehensive and doesn’t list all of the best skate brands in the market.

However, it’s a pretty good review list, though it misses some of the best rollerblades worth mentioning.

These brands are:

  •         Fila
  •         Razor
  •         Adapt


conclusion 5

These are some of the best rollerblades in the market.

They all have something unique and practically cover every discipline and category across the skating board.

In my opinion, these are the brands to consider if you need to upgrade your performance.

Or what do you think?

Tell us in the comment section below.

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