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Ultimate Review of The Best Rollerblade Wheels in 2023

Best Rollerblade Wheels

I’ve been rollerblading since I was nine.

Back in the ’90s, I remember I was on my skates at least five days a week, logging lots of miles and doing inline road races.

It always felt good being on the skates, but the biggest problem with skating, in my opinion, is I always felt much more sensitive to the road surface than on my bike.

In fact, I was quite selective on the locations I would skate, usually preferring sidewalks with decent pavements.

But what I didn’t understand by then was that the choice of wheels was important because it meant the difference between smooth, comfortable skating and a disastrous one.

Don’t be quick to blame me because I know most of you, or at least the riders I know, care less about the rollerblade wheels.

Usually, the wheels are the last gear to upgrade when improving top speed and comfort.

But from experience, I can tell you that the choice of rollerblade wheels determines the overall performance and greatly influences your skill progression.

The larger wheels, for example, are suitable for the rough terrain and can take a beating. On the other hand, the smaller, softer wheels are suited for indoor use.

And there’s more to size and wheel hardness!

Once you know what wheel to use for what terrain, you’ll enjoy your skating much more.

These days, I’m more confident commuting by skates and no longer sensitive to the small ruts and grooves in my neighborhood, courtesy of my rollerblade wheels.

Of course, even with the right wheels, skating is not as versatile as cycling, but once you reach certain comfort levels with your skating and stopping abilities, you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

Now, I’m assuming you’re interested in knowing some of the best rollerblades in the market.

The good news is I’ll share some of my favorite skating wheels. These wheels are suitable for both recreational and professional skating.

Along with the rollerblade suggestions, I’ve also compiled a definite buying guide, which should help with the selection.

Table of Contents

Quick Comparison Table!

LABEDA WHEELS Roller Gripper Wheels


Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate


KSS Outdoor Asphalt Skates


Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER


Rollerblade Wheelkit



The Best Wheels for Rollerblades For The Money

Best Rollerblade Wheels for the money

#1 LABEDA WHEELS Roller Gripper Wheels - Best Inline Skate Wheels for Roller Hockey on Asphalt


I can’t get enough of the Labeda Roller Gripper Wheels.

I mean, after going out for the first time with these Hilo wheels, I can already feel the difference in how well they grip and ride.

In particular, I was impressed at how well they perform on the rough asphalt. I’ve also used them for several hockey games, and I don’t feel like I’ll reach the plastic spine anytime. They feel amazing and worth my money.

But one thing I’m grateful for with this purchase is that it’s created specifically for Hi-Lo skaters.

See, as a figure skater, it’s nice to have a rocker on my inline skate wheels, but ordering for different-sized wheels is always a hassle.

But not with this inline hockey wheel.

It comes in two different wheel sizes, 80mm and 76mm.

The different wheel configurations are great for modern outdoor hockey skates and recreational skates.

The smaller wheels, for example, are set on the front and help with agility and nimbleness. On the other hand, the bigger wheels are set at the back and come in handy to maintain more speed.

Along with the Hilo wheels setup, I was also impressed by the durability of these inline skate wheels.

Since I purchased these outdoor wheels, I’ve not seen any wear on them for the last several sessions I’ve used them.

The abrasion-resistant urethane seems quite durable and doesn’t get chunked at all. In fact, I would go as far as to say they’re the perfect pick for a roller hockey player tired of burning through their wheels.

Longevity aside, their sturdiness makes them a perfect choice for long-wearing rides in demanding terrains.

Personally, when I’m not using them on the rink, I take them on paths and rougher terrains.

Also, consider I’m a big guy and tend to skate pretty aggressively and haven’t chunked a piece out. Concrete isn’t a problem for these either as they’re super dense.

They also feel grippy. But I must admit for an 85A hardness, I expected a bit more slide.

That’s not the case. They’re a solid option and perfect, especially if you intend on skating on unforgiving asphalt surfaces.

They feel like an asphalt gripper and are well-suited to flat surfaces. I’m impressed at how they provide a nice combination of edge and reliable grip, even when used on concrete.

And finally, the wheels come in ultra-light, so they’re the perfect option for casual and daily skating gear.

They don’t fatigue me, and I can use them for hours on end.

Overall, I don’t think you can get any better street hockey skate wheels on asphalt than the Labeda Roller Gripper Wheels.



#2 Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate – Best Inline Skate Wheels for the Streets


If you need an inline wheel for your casual strolls, you can’t get a better option than the Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate.

I use these for both city and slalom skating, and they’ve lasted me long enough to be my favorite street-riding skating wheels.

Sure, they don’t come with bearings, but as far as speed is concerned, I wouldn’t get anything apart from these inline outdoor wheels.

But speed aside, there’re plenty of other reasons you should consider these fitness skates wheels.

One reason is that they come with a durometer of 85A, which I found useful for skating on almost any surface.

These urban wheels are particularly great for concrete and asphalt.

And here’s the kicker!

The wheels feel soft, have a good grip, and are comfortable to ride on. They’re not too hard either and will make the rough patches of your pavement feel smoother.

Personally, I love Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate’s hardness because it falls right in the middle of the recreational wheel durometer scale. It makes the wheels quite multi-functional, allowing for indoor and outdoor usage.

While I don’t consider these pairs of recreational skate wheels as race wheels, they’re perfect for outdoor use as they’re not too stiff or bumpy.

The softness of the wheels comes in handy at stabilizing my ride, kicking the rocks out, and providing extra grip.

Of course, my first thought was that they would feel flimsy and less sturdy for such a soft wheel.

But I was wrong.

I’m a 150-pound father who uses these for aggressive skating. And not just forward and backward tricks, but also jumps & spins and extended skating hours on rough asphalt and concrete. I love how they have been holding up well as some of the higher-price wheels we tried in the past.

The high-density polyurethane feels high-quality and promises undaunted durability.

Of course, like any other brand of inline skating wheel, ensure you regularly flip these so they don’t get used the same way on both sides.

Out of the box, you can also tell the Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate is built with users in mind.

They come in an array of six colors, so I don’t find it challenging to spice up my skating fashion.

Aesthetics aside, I find the bright shiny colors, especially the deep-sea blue & royal purple, also quite practical, helping me monitor my wear. So, I always know when to rotate and when to replace. Other colors include steel black, turf green, and sunrise orange.

It’s also hard to find a better value for inline skating wheels as these come as a pack of eight.

The pricing is also really cool and adds to a top bargain.

Overall, few rollerblade wheels can really match the quality and value of the Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate.

It’s the best inline skate wheel, in my opinion.



#3 KSS Outdoor Asphalt Skates – Best All-Purpose Inline Skate Wheels


I just went through three sets of the KSS Inline Skates and am about to order three more.

They’re good and budget-friendly too.

And yes, I’m no professional skater but have certainly put a lot of miles on these wheels, and I’m blown away with their quality.

One of the top features of this budget purchase is the hardness.

They come with a durometer rating of 89A, so they’re extremely durable.

They’re exceptionally durable and will stand up to the skating abuses and everything else.

But remember, the hardness is a tradeoff for comfort.

So, before you make a purchase, one thing you need to know is these wheels are hard and barely dampen the shocks on the road.

They’re hard, meaning you need to adapt your skating to avoid the bumps and rough patches on the road. Otherwise, you’ll feel every asperity and every single gravel you roll on.

You might feel less smooth, and that means you need to adapt your skating.

They might not be beginner-friendly wheels, but I would hesitate to recommend them to be advanced & aggressive skaters. I love them, and so does my wallet.

However, use them with caution if you’re a beginner.

The grip is also decent and a bit sticky. Initially, I experienced a slight loss of grip, but it improves with time once the wheels start wearing off.

They’re great for concrete, though. Slipping doesn’t come up as an issue unless I forget flipping or rotating them. I mean, I use them in the rain sometimes and still don’t have an issue with it.

Durability for these is on point, and they wear out like iron.

They hold up well to the skating abuse and hardly chunk out, even for the price.

The urethane used on these inline skate wheels is super sturdy and will take on the hard impact and hits.

Sizing is also great on these wheels for several reasons.

First, they come with a decent diameter of 76mm, so they’re ideal and compatible with most inline skates.

Secondly, they utilize the standard 608 bearing hub, which can fit almost any inline wheel.

I’m also impressed by the wheels’ value, especially for the price.

Like the Rollerex, these rollerblade wheels also come in a pack of eight. They simply wrap up your wheel needs in a flip.



#4 Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER -- Best Inline Skate Wheels for the Smoothest Ride


Labeda Inline Hockey Shooter is yet another top-rated best inline skate wheel.

It has the excellent quality, and they spin true,

The grip is extreme and having used them on skating rinks and semi-rough concrete, I love their great control.

They’re also inexpensive, but don’t let the price fool you.

I’ll buy them again.

Out of the box, they feel super soft, smooth and seem like they’re skates designed for beginners.

With only a durometer rating of 83A, they’ve more shock-absorbing properties than any of the best inline skate wheels we’ve reviewed so far.

They’re also a bit thicker and have more spring and rebound. So, I’ve no problem using them on rough grounds because they absorb shock quite well.

Of course, they naturally have a great grip with a smooth hardness. Their grip is awesome, better than their competitors, and feels quite exhilarating.

Of course, I was concerned with the overall durability of such a smooth inline skating wheel.

But in truth, they lasted longer than I expected and have performed exemplary well in the varying terrain in my neighborhood.

The wheels hardly show any wear and haven’t burned so far.

I’m impressed that they’ve proven better than gel or other types of wheels.

And the good thing is they stand just 76mm high, so they don’t suck rolling over rocks, debris, and gravel.

The wheel size is also standardized, so they’re super cool and give you the freedom to use them with standard bearings.

On top of that, they come with 608 standard hubs, so their performance is quite efficient, especially if they’re used on an 8mm axle.

Overall, you can’t get a smoother ride than what the Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Outdoor Hockey SHOOTER provides.

In particular, inline skaters who love asphalt will appreciate this inline skate wheel.

It’s the perfect purchase for a smooth skating experience.



#5 Rollerblade Wheelkit -- Best Value Inline Skate Wheel


The Rollerblade Wheelkit is among my favorite wheelset because, unlike all our previous options, this one comes ready to roll.

Their purchase package includes SG5 bearings, and the wheel supports aluminum spacers.

And that’s not all; I often skate on asphalt, more often than not, so a good set of durable wheels is important.

The good news is Rollerblade Wheelkit seems like the perfect replacement option. They’ve lasted me for several seasons, and their quality seems great.

Remember, I’m an aggressive rider and usually take my skating on the very rough terrains, but these wheels have stood up on their ground.

They remain solid and seem like they’ll last for a long time to come.

Rollerblade Wheelkit’s durometer is also a nice and quiet multi-purpose.

With a durometer rating of 80A, they feel quite comfortable to use on different terrains, starting from the smooth wood floors to the tough outdoor roller rinks.

I wouldn’t recommend them for the heavy riders because the spokes seem a bit sketchy. However, they’ll work perfectly well for the young players, teens, and kids.

Their smooth setup makes them quite grippy and will roll virtually over any surface without causing pain on the knees or hips or even a headache.

They’ve a smooth rolling performance and effortlessly take on the cracks and bumps.

Overall, the Rollerblade Wheelkit seems like a nice budget purchase, especially for kids and teens.

They’re reasonably durable and have a great rolling performance.



Best Rollerblade Wheels Buying Guide

Best Rollerblade Wheels buying guide

Buying wheels for your rollerblade might seem like easy fish to fry, but in truth, it can be nerve-wracking.

There’re numerous considerations to account for in your next selection.

Fortunately, in the section below, I’ll share everything you need to know to make the right rollerblade wheel selection.

Choosing the Right Rollerblade Wheels: Factors to Consider

Wheel Size

The wheel size is usually determined by the diameter and measured in millimeters.

Sizing differs greatly and will start from the small (57mm) wheels to the large (100mm).

The variance in wheel size is because of the difference in the skate type.

A slightly larger wheel is suitable for speed skating and commonly found on racing skates.

On the other hand, the smaller wheels accelerate and decelerate fast, so mostly found on beginner recreational skates.

Durometer/ Hardness Ratings

Along with the wheel size, you need to consider the wheel’s hardness.

It’s also known as a wheel durometer.

Usually, the wheel hardness is indicated by a number followed by the capital letter A. For example, 70A.

The hardness scale runs from 0 to 100, with the highest number indicating more hardness.

However, it’s less likely you’ll find a rollerblade with a hardness rating of less than 68A.

Softer skate wheels tend to wear out faster.

To determine the ideal durometer for your wheels, you need to consider the skating you perform.

The softer wheels, for example, are suited for smoother surfaces and may work well for hockey skates.

These wheels are better suited for this activity because they’ve better grip and have faster acceleration than harder wheels.

However, if you need a wheel for outdoor skating, you need wheels to absorb shock better.

The harder & larger wheels, also known as speed wheels, are better for this task.

Plus, larger wheels roll better.

Wheel Weight

A wheel takes up a huge percentage of your skate’s weight.

In fact, it can almost be half the weight of the skate, so it’s an important consideration.

The heavy wheels, for example, provide greater traction but will easily fatigue you.

On the other hand, the lighter wheels are more nimble and agile but less stable.

I would recommend that beginners and lighter skaters start with the heavier wheels and advanced to intermediate skaters pick the lighter wheels.


The shape doesn’t look like an important consideration in your rollerblade wheel selection, but it is.

Not all rollerblade wheels are round.

You need to consider skating to choose the right wheel shape.

Best Rollerblade Wheels faq

Extra Features

Along with the features we’ve discussed above, there’re several other items to consider in your next purchase.

They include:


Rebound is the ability of a wheel to “snap back” or get back in shape after compressions.

See, compression can result in loss of power, but a rebounding wheel will ensure the wheel reforms back to normality in the shortest time.

Wheel Core & Hub

The wheel core and hub of the wheel is the internal wheel section that doesn’t contact the skating surface.

The wheel’s core comes as hollow, spoked, or solid.

Ideally, high-quality options have stiff core & hubs but are still flexible to handle different surfaces.

Frame Capacity

We recommend choosing wheels with skate frames with a generous size capacity.

It should hold even the heaviest users with ease.

Best Rollerblade Wheels Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What’s the most popular material for rollerblade wheels?

A: Rubber is standard, but there’s also a larger number of wheels made out of polyurethane.

Q: Do rollerblade wheels have different widths?

A: Not really.

The industry standard for the width is 24mm thick, regardless of the type of rollerblade wheel.

Q: What does a 68A mean for a rollerblade wheel?

A: This is a rating indicating the hardness of the wheel.

Q: What is the ABEC rating?

A: ABEC is an American standard that measures how smooth your rollerblade is.

Usually, the higher the rating, the better the performance.

Q: Is rollerblading recognized as an Olympic sport?

A: Rollerblading isn’t recognized by the Olympics.

However, it’s recognized by FIRS and the United States Olympic Committee.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Rollerblade Wheels wrap up

Our winner for the best rollerblades is LABEDA WHEELS Roller Gripper Wheels.

These wheels are an embodiment of everything good with rollerblade wheels.

They’re solid, easy to use, and quite pragmatic.

While they’re not the best solution for beginners, they’re specialized picks, ideal for hockey players or Hilo skaters. I would recommend the wheels.

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