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Ultimate Review of The Best Rollerblades for Kids in 2023

Best Rollerblades for Kids

I fell in love with skating at a young age, probably at age ten.

My parents enrolled me at the local gym for training sessions, and after that, I saved up and got my first pair of rollerblades.

Back then, the rollerblades were damn expensive, so it was kinda a big deal for me to own a pair.

I can’t exactly remember the brand, but they were blue, with shades of black on the aluminum frame.

I stained them all black and then painted my name on them. Cool.

That was several decades ago, and looking back, I can tell that today’s inline skates are very different from what we had, especially the inline skates for kids.

Nowadays, rollerblades for kids are pretty affordable and of excellent quality, too.

There’s also more variety in the market, and you would think finding the right skate for your kid would be easier than ever.

But as it turns out, selecting the right pair of rollerblades for kids is one of the hard cracks for many parents.

In my opinion, though, the key to selecting a kid’s skate is very simple.

At the very least, the best rollerblades for kids should adjust as their feet grow. You’ve probably heard the ideal skate should be at least one wheel size up.

The inline skates should also be safe to use.

But it’s easier said than done. After all, there’s more to a kid’s skate than size and safety.

You shouldn’t beat yourself about it because in this guide, I’ll share how to select an inline skate your kid will love.

Also, based on my vast experience, I’ve also selected a few of the best rollerblades for kids, which might interest our young ones.

Are you ready?

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Quick Comparison Table!

Roller Derby Fun Roll


Nsasy Roller Shoes


Roller Derby Firestar Roller Skate


Kuxuan Skates Inline Skates


K2 Skate Youth Raider Inline Skates



The Best Rollerblades for Kids For The Money

Best Rollerblades for Kids for the money

#1 Roller Derby Fun Roll - EDITOR'S CHOICE


I was looking for some fun skates for my two-year-old daughter to use, so she’ll be ready for ice skating this winter.

Looking online, it was a bit challenging to find skates in toddler size.

Few brands specialize in making kid’s roller skates. The ones that do have grumpy options with the hard plastic wheels and didn’t really want that.

So, I looked all over and came across the Fun Roll.

They seemed like a fun option for my kid, and the plenty of reviews they came with was a bonus.

Plus, they came in dirt cheap, so I didn’t have to worry much if they disappointed me.

I’m glad I purchased it because the Roller Derby Fun Roll inline skates have so far exceeded my expectations.

The roller skates are amazing, and my daughter can’t get enough of them.

Several features make the Roller Derby Fun Roll superior to other skates.

One is the adjustable sizing.

The boot size is adjustable, meaning they grow with my kid as she’s learning to skate.

I must say this was a real game-changer because my daughter overgrew her last skate practically overnight. It didn’t even last half a season.

But with these, I no longer have to worry much about size, and I’m confident that they’ll use the skate for several seasons before needing an upgrade.

And here’s the kicker!

Adjusting from one size to the other is a breeze. Rotating a clip handle on the back of the skate is enough to add more room to the boot.

Sizing aside, the other reason that makes the Roller Derby Fun such a great option is the clever wheel design.

The rollerblades feature a “tractor skate” design, consisting of two small wheels in front and two bigger wheels at the back-just like a tractor.

The wheel setup is also comparable to the training wheels for roller skates.

So, what’s the benefit of this design?

The design makes this skate quite sturdy and hard to roll over.

For example, during our first outing with these puppies, my daughter was self-sufficient on the skates and didn’t require much assistance to get rolling.

My daughter had a tough time getting up on skates for the previous skates, but as soon as we put her on these, she built her skill and confidence quite fast and with zero problems.

Along with the tractor wheel design, these roller skates have a low center of gravity, making them quite kid-friendly.

My daughter doesn’t seem like she’s going to fall over or anything on the road.

Of course, because she’s new to the sport, she needs some help balancing through the hold of a hand, but I’m happy the roller skates are inspiring more confidence in her.

Another awesome feature and one of my favorite ones is the rear brake.

These brakes are positioned at the back and not on the front like the traditional rollerblades.

Does it matter?

Yes, this minor change makes a huge difference, especially to young skaters.

See, if you’ve spent time watching kids learn skating, you’ll realize that most falls are backward. The feet are swept from under the skate, and the kids fall on the a$$. They could potentially hurt the back of the head. Fatal.

The brakes positioned at the back will “catch” your kid and stop their backward momentum and send them forward so they can regain their stability.

And the good thing with the brakes is they’re positioned really low to the ground, so they don’t interfere with the normal skating motion.

Roller Derby Fun Roll also has a great performance, and its urethane wheels are built for both outdoor and indoor use.

The wheels don’t roll fast and freely very far because they’re intended as beginner skates to get a feel for skating.

They’re tightened perfectly, and I think it’s a good thing for beginner and intermediate skaters, especially kids, because you don’t want them to have a walking motion, like those scrummy plastic skates.

Overall, the Derby Roller Fun is a nice purchase for the kid and has exceeded my expectations by far.

My only complaint with this skate is that the inner boot foam is attached to the skate. The boot liner isn’t detachable, which makes cleaning a bit tedious.

Otherwise, it checks on all the other boxes and would recommend it for the little ones and beginner skaters.



#2 Nsasy Roller Shoes - Best Shoes with Wheels (Roller Skate Shoes)


The first thing that attracted me to the Nsasy kids inline skates was the color.

These skate shoes are damn pretty. The color looks great; they feel nice and look exactly like the picture. My kids love them!

Looks aside, Nsasy Roller Shoes is also a unique type of rollerblade.

They’re essentially kids shoes that can double up as inline skates. Picture your Nike sneakers, plus the addition of two small wheels on the sole.

Each of the Nsasy Roller Shoes comes with two polyurethane wheels, one at the front and the other at the back.

The front wheel can pop out easily, while the rear wheel can pop inside to conceal the wheel, so the shoe is in level with the sole.

Hiding the rear wheel is a breeze, only requiring the press of a button to transform your skate shoe into a regular sports shoe. Cool.

It snaps in just right and easily.

And the good thing is the shoes are generally light, so kids have no problem using them for casual wear. My daughter loves to use them when going out for walks on the sunny evenings when she’s not in the mood to skate.

With two wheels inserted, the Nsasy Roller Shoes feel like inline skates.

My daughter says these skate shoes feel looser, faster, and better than traditional shoes.

Now you might think they’re hard to skate on, but they’re better than what I had selected earlier for my daughter.

The previous shoes only had one wheel per shoe, making it quite difficult for them to balance on one wheel.

Nsasy Roller Shoes has two, and my kid can’t get enough of these, and I’m impressed at how much better they can roll with the second wheel.

These little ladies are also quite durable.

Not the premium-quality durability, but the high-quality cloth used on these is probably the best choice your kid would want to be noticed with on any occasion. My daughter loves to show the shoes off.

The cloth is also breathable and helps to keep my kid’s feet cool.

The thermoplastic elastomer (rubber) sole is quite durable, and it seems like it can take a beating.

We’ve used our Nsasy for a couple of months now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to wear out anytime soon.

And the best part is the sole lights up, which is cool. My daughter can’t get enough of the colorful multi-LED sole.

The only strange thing with the colors is they need recharging. I mean, recharging a shoe? I would have preferred if it came with removable batteries or something of the sort.

But otherwise, it’s not something to get worked up about.

Fit, for example, is true to size, but remember they’re kid’s size.

They fit as expected, but I recommend you choose a wheel size or half a size up as kids’ feet tend to grow fast.

They roll nice but not comparable to the traditional or regular rollerblades.

One of the limitations with these is they don’t roll backward. They only allow you to go forward, so they may not be very fun at the rink.

They’re also a bit high-maintenance because once you remove the front wheel, you’re left with a “hole” where dirt and gunk lodge.

Otherwise, it’s a nice purchase.



#3 Roller Derby Firestar Roller Skate - Value Inline Skate


After seeing so much success on my daughter’s Fun Roll, I bought the Firestar Roller Skate for my son.

After all, they’re from the same brand, and their quality is replicated here from the look of things.

The Firestar Roller Skate has the DNA of the premium Roller Derby products, and they’re so much fun to use.

My son has already taken up skating with these, and he says they’re comfortable, slick, and fun to use. He particularly loves skating on them when getting candy in our local store, and he just can’t get them off.

Personally, I feel they’re way too nice for what I bought them from.

The first impression with these is they appear well built and quite sturdy.

I didn’t see any obvious issues with the stitching or construction.

We’ve also been using them outdoors and in the skating rinks in our neighborhood, and they seem to hold up pretty well.

Simply put, I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase these when the next kid in the family comes.

Firestar Roller Skate is also nice on the technical side of things.

First, it doesn’t feel super bulky like other inline skates do. It’s a plus for my son as it makes skating easier for him.

They don’t feel cheap either, especially for the lightness,

The light torsion aluminum frame is well made, and along with the lace closure system, the boot offers superior lateral ankle support.

I’ve not heard my kid complaining about ankle sprain, pain, or anything.

The Velcro strap is also solid, and I’m impressed at how it eliminates the feet wobble.

It wraps his feet nicely, yet it doesn’t numb their feet, even after spending hours zooming around the house.

The power strap also comes in handy at tightening the shoe’s grip. It contributes to extra security while making my kid more confident.

It’s also nice to point out that while the Firestar is made to suit boys, they actually look good too on girls, especially if they’re fans of roller derby (the sport).

Sizing on these is also great.

There’re not many quad skates for smaller feet, and the Firestar is one of the best.

It comes in a whole range of adjustable child shoe sizes, so it’s always easy to pick the right one for your young skater.

And that’s not all: it runs to the shoe size.

Personally, I was relieved to discover they would fit the size of my son’s feet.

He usually wears a size two tennis and I bought him a size three. The secure fit is snug, no wiggle, and there’s plenty of room for growth.

And when I took him to the rink, he didn’t complain much about pain. His previous skates would always hurt him.

The rentals would also cause blisters on his feet.

These are different and have plenty of padding. He says the inside feels cozy and comfortable. He can wear them for extended sessions.

On the road, the 54mm urethane wheels spin freely and have no issue with stiffness or the need for adjusting them.

Along with the Excellerator bearings, the wheels turn well, which is rare, especially for a kid’s skates.

Overall, I’m pleased with these roller skates, and for the price, I don’t think you can find any better value than these.



#4 Kuxuan Skates Inline Skates – Best Inline Skates for Size 10-13


Skates like the Kuxuan Inline Skates run for $100 in our local stores.

But I feel they should be a much more expensive pair of inline skates for the price they’re offered.

The Kuxuan Skates Inline Skates are the perfect purchase for kids that have graduated from the “kids” skates.

They’re suitable for kids ages 10 to 13.

The first impression of these is that they’re so pretty and flashy, and I almost didn’t want my niece to wear them.

I ordered an early birthday present for her, and she loves them.

Out of the box, they feel like they were tailor-made for her. They’re girly, and the rainbow designs make her so happy.

Looks aside, these kids’ rollerblades are also solid.

We’ve used them a couple of months now in the skating rink, and so far, they’ve held up well to the beatings and punishment of roller skating.

Also, remember she’s a beginner, so she falls a lot, but they seem to be holding up very well.

They’re also quite supportive, especially in the ankle area. The extra support strip at the ankle area secures her feet well and keeps them from “play.” She hasn’t experienced ankle spraining or twitching.

Size-wise, these are precisely what we were looking for.

We wanted an inline skate that would grow with our niece and adjust easily.

The size is adjustable, so I know she’ll wear them for longer as she grows.

Strapping the skates is also easy, and I love that she can do it all alone without help. It’s always nice knowing they can do it and do it safely.

The coolest feature, according to Cate, is the illuminating wheels. She can’t get enough of the lights and show them to her friends.

But personally, I love the light because I often take my niece to a skating center that does a lot of games and has dim lights.

These lights are perfect because they light up brightly and stand out well, so it makes it easy to spot Cate anytime from a group of kids and monitor her skating.

And the good thing is we’ve not had an issue with the lights bugging out or going dim.

Performance on the Kuxuan Skates Inline Skates also levels up, with the high-quality polyurethane wheels and ABEC-7 ratings helping with a smooth roll.

This inline skate rolls steady, and we’ve used them both indoors and outdoors without issues.

My niece is really enjoying these, and I feel like I got her the perfect birthday gift.

It’s everything a young girl would want. They light up, roll smoothly, and have a great fit.

I would purchase it again.



#5 K2 Skate Youth Raider Inline Skates - Best Roller Skates for Young Skaters & Big Kids


I’ve had the K2 skates for a long time, and they’re one of my favorite brands.

Now that I’ve kids and always wanted to introduce them to skating, I thought it would be good to go for the K2 brand.

However, my kids are all grown up, with one already in his teens.

So, I was a bit specific on my selection because I wanted an option at par with adult skates in terms of quality, performance, and comfort.

The K2 Skate Youth Raider Inline Skates fit the bill.

They’ve the look and feel of the adult skate but still have the kid’s vibe, simple and subtle color schemes.

These recreational skates also offer great value for money and are ideal for kids looking to get recreational inline skating.

The first impression with these is they can stand up to the abuses of inline skating.

A composite type FBI durable integrated frame is quite reliable and doesn’t feel flimsy or sketchy.

My eldest son is an aggressive skater, and even then, I’ve not seen like they will wear or break down anytime.

In fact, I seem like he’ll be passing this pair of rollerblades to his younger siblings once he outgrows them.

He also says the adjustable skates are pretty comfortable.

His previous inline skates had thin padding, a plastic outer that would dig and cut into his legs. In fact, he has scars to show for it.

The K2 skates are different. They come with a great deal of thick memory padding, extending way above his ankles for plush comfort.

In the same breath, there’s also a high-rising skate cuff, which works with the composite frame for more stability.

They feel relatively easy to use, and my son didn’t have any trouble standing and moving in them, minutes of putting them on.

They’re adjustable, too, and I love that he’ll be using them for more than a season, even if his feet magically grow.

I’m impressed that we can switch them up to five adjustable sizes, and that should be more than enough to last his feet growth.

And the best part is the adjustable inline skates come with ankle straps, so I can adjust the fitting for a customizable fit.

Donning these adjustable skates is a breeze, and this is especially important when he’s rushing out to skate with his friends.

They use a standard lacing system, similar to the traditional lacing system on a shoe.

It’s easier to strap on and quite practical. The 45-degree Velcro strap keeps your feet in place and provides even more ankle support.

K2 Skate Youth Raider Inline Skates roll well, and the 70 mm wheels and ABEC 3 bearings come in handy at providing a smooth ride.

Whether it’s family time or simply skating with friends, these adjustable skates have an extra roll and smooth motion.



Best Rollerblades for Kids Buying Guide

Best Rollerblades for Kids buying guide

Selecting the best inline skates for kids is different from choosing skates for adults.

The skating needs for young kids are vastly different and require different skates.

Now, to help with the selection, I’ve prepared a guide below.

Here, I’ll outline everything you need to know about the best rollerblades for younger kids.

Before I share how to select the right pick, let’s first look at the benefits of inline skating.

Top 5 Benefit of Inline Skating for Kids

We can agree modern-day kids tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle, especially with the distraction of the digital space.

However, it’s up to the parents to find fun and creative ways to get outside and perform some physical activities.

Nothing beats roller skating, and there’re plenty of benefits to this activity.

1)      Improved balance and coordination

Skating helps to nurture coordination skills in kids.

It forces them to learn to balance on an elevated ground and maneuver without wiping out.

2)      Physical benefits

Skating is like any other physical sport.

The benefits of physical activities include building muscles, especially on the legs, strengthening the core, weight loss, building stamina, and burning calories.

3)      Easy on joints

Skating is less strenuous and unlike running or other aggressive sports.

It’s more like using a treadmill in place of running.

This means it’s more forgiving on the knees and joints, which is helpful, especially for overweight kids or kids with joint mobility issues.

4)      Great Hobby

Skating is an alternative to video games and other sedentary lifestyle choices.

It’s the perfect activity for them to participate in during holidays, weekends, and after use.

5)      Provides a sense of accomplishment

Learning how to skate and perform tricks has positive physiological effects on the kid.

It allows them to cultivate their work ethic, instills, and sense of accomplishment, which are useful for developing a productive kid.

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of allowing your kids to skate, let’s look at what age is right for them to start skating.

What Age Should I Introduce my Kids to Skating?

There’s no definite answer to this question, as the ability for your kid to skate will depend on plenty of factors, including your kid’s athletic skills, balance, and motor skills.

Kids master these traits at different ages; for every early-bloomer, there’re many late-starters.

In my opinion, the perfect age for you to introduce your kid to inline skating is when you feel they’re stable on their feet.

If they’re already participating in other physical activities such as swimming or cycling, that would be a good indication and a bonus.

See, skating requires a lot of energy, especially muscle strength on the lower back and thighs.

Kids with under-developed muscles may struggle to skate, which ultimately leads to frustration and losing interest in the sport.

Types of Inline Skates for Kids

Like inline skates for adults, rollerblades for children come in a few different types.

The four common types of inline skates for younger kids are:

1)      Recreational inline skates

Recreational inline skates are the most common option.

As their name suggests, the recreational skates are ideal for casual use and street skating.

They offer a smooth ride, so are also suitable for both indoor skating and outdoor skating.

2)      Fitness skates

The fitness skates resemble the recreational skates, only that they’re more specialized and suitable for the kids looking to keep fit.

They come with higher-end components, including larger wheels for more speed.

3)      Hockey Skates

Hockey skates need no introduction. They’re suitable for playing hockey.

They’ve larger wheel sizes because a hockey game requires more speed.

These skates are also more agile and adept at making sharp runs.

Hockey skates are also common in ice skating.

4)      Aggressive skates

Aggressive skates are common at skate parks.

They’re the ultimate inline skating design, coming with sturdy and high-end components.

The aggressive skates are also built for speed and performing tricks.

Most of these skates also have a triple closure system for added safety.

Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Rollerblade for Kids

Best Rollerblades for Kids faq

In the section below, I’ll highlight the essential features you need to consider in your next selection of inline skates for kids.

Hopefully, our guide will allow you to make a more informed decision.

Purpose (Quad Skates vs. Inline Skates)

A quality pair of rollerblades serves two main purposes-comfort & thrill.

Now, if your kid is looking for comfort in their skating, quad skates would be a great choice. Quad Skates, like their name, suggests it comes with four inline skate wheels.

They are more durable and stable. The quad skates also have a relatively flat surface, so they inspire more confidence in kids.

However, if your kid is looking for more adventure and more fun, get them inline skates built for the thrill.

These kids’ inline skates generally cost higher and go through more wear and tear.

Skating Skills

You need to consider the skating abilities of your kid as it determines the class of skate you choose for them.

Inline skates are generally classified into three and offered as beginner skates, intermediate skates, and advanced kids inline skates.

However, you rarely see many advanced skaters in the kids skating category.

Plus, most of the advanced skates are super stiff and less comfortable. Your child’s foot muscles aren’t built for that.


After type, the next thing to consider is size.

Size is important because it partly determines the overall comfort.

Now, choosing a too tight or too loose skate can be detrimental.

A tight skate is uncomfortable to use and may even restrict blood flow.

On the other hand, a loose option may result in friction in the legs, which may ultimately result in blisters and pain.

In my opinion, the ideal size should offer a snug fit.

It should fit like a regular shoe and shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear.

Size Adjustability

While still in size, you need to remember that a kid’s feet grow quickly, so you need an option to grow with them.

Otherwise, you don’t want to spend on new skates after every few months. You’d want a skate that can at least take you for several seasons without needing an upgrade.

Now, you can choose a skate that is one size larger than your kid’s size. It’ll give them the freedom of moving around in comfort while still offering spaces for growth.

My recommendation, though, would be picking a boot with size adjustability.

These allow you to customize the size of the skate depending on the sizing needs of their feet.


The materials on a skate determine the longevity and overall comfort of your kid’s inline skate.

The choice of material should be long-lasting and comfortable/soft to use.

It should break down easily, and neither should it be too rigid to cause fatigue or problems with skating.

Plastic frames, for example, may not be ideal for adult skates but are suitable for kid’s skates. They’re also lightweight.

Strap/ Cam Lever Buckles

A strap is necessary for a great fit.

When tied correctly, it also gives your kid a sportsman feel.

The greatest benefit of having an inline skate for a kid with a strap is it provides greater foot stability, eliminates wobbliness, and ultimately saves your kid from long-term injuries.

Best Rollerblades Inline Skates for Kids Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much should I spend on my kid’s rollerblades?

A: Kid’s rollerblades aren’t generally expensive.

Most inline skates for kids range between $25 to $100.

Of course, expect to pay more if the kid’s inline skates have more features such as adjustable sizing and illuminating wheels.

Q: What protection will kids need when rollerblading?

A: In most cases, your kid will take a fall and bruise when skating.

So, you must ensure they’ve all the protection they need to keep safe.

At the bare minimum, they should have a helmet.

They shouldn’t miss other safety gear such as knee braces, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, and neck braces.

Q: How do I make my kids inline skate last?

A: Taking good care of your kid’s inline skate is necessary.

In particular, regular maintenance is a must.

You need to show the skate some TLC, and you can start that by ensuring you wipe the dirt away with a damp cloth after every use.

Also, pay attention to the brakes, and keep an eye on any damage on the skate.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Rollerblades for Kids wrap up

Our winner for the best kids inline skates is Roller Derby Fun Roll.

It checks on all the boxes, and I love it because it offers a practical solution for all your kid’s skating needs.

It’s easy to use, reliable, and comfortable.

Your kid will love it. And will your wallet.

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Lisa Hayden-Matthews

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