Are Line Skis Good? (Solved)

Are Line Skis Good

Line skis (commonly shortened as LINE) are a ski brand that has been around since 1995. In fact, they launched the very first twin-tip ski– a game-changer in the world of skiing!

While the brand is popularly known for its freestyle park skis, they produce a range of powder skis and all-mountain skis as well.

LINE isn’t exaggerating when they say the company had humble beginnings. From starting out at their founder Jason Levinthal’s garage to becoming a world-renowned brand, it’s safe to say they’ve come a long way.

So, are Line skis good? This post will help you clear that doubt. I’ll also briefly talk about where they are made, what they are mainly used for and if they are durable.

Are Line Skis A Good Option?

Line skis are well-regarded by many skiers for their versatility, good construction and innovative designs. They are really fun to ski in but unfortunately they are not very durable.

Moreover, they have some issues with the top sheet chipping and the bases are not the thickest or most long-lasting compared to other brands available in the market.

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So the answer to this question depends on your level of experience with skiing. If you’re a beginner or relatively new to skiing, it’s probably best to consider other brands.

As certain brands are focused on giving you the best experience while learning the basics, it’s best to use such a brand till you’re confident enough to take things to a slightly higher level.

On the other hand, if you’ve been skiing for a while and hope to get creative on the slopes, Line is the brand for you!

They are focused on making skiing fun and allowing you to have the most smooth experience with spins, jumps and a range of other tricks you could try out!

Are Line Skis A Good Option


Let take a look at some LINE ski FAQs

What Are Line Skis Used For?

Line skis are often used for freestyle skiing (and sometimes alpine skiing)  by both amateur and experienced skiers.

These skis are produced for the purpose of enabling you to get creative and have a fun experience while doing so. They allow you to ski backwards, hit jumps, spin and attempt a range of tricks on the slopes.

Where Are Line Skis Made?

Although the design and prototyping of the skis take place in Washington DC, Line’s skis are outsourced to their factory in China.

This is the same factory used by K2 Sports; since they acquired LINE in 2006.

Are Line Skis Durable?

According to most skiers, Line is quite inconsistent in terms of durability. While certain models are great and give you the most fun experience (such as Armadas), others (such as Chronics) have unfortunately proven to be a lot less durable.

Are Line Skis Durable

To make sure you can use your skis for as long as possible, prioritize picking the right model and you should be good to go.

Do Line Skis Come Waxed?

Yes. All Line skis are waxed with Holmenkal hot wax and machine tuned before they leave the factory.

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If you need to confirm this for yourself, simply take a look at the bases of your skis and you’ll notice that they do not have white spots. If they do have spots, you know it’s time to bring out the wax.

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