Are Ski Resorts Open on Christmas?

Are Ski Resorts Open on Christmas

If you work most of the time and still want to hit the slopes, you might want to take advantage of the free time you get on Christmas. 

Christmas is a perfect day to spend quality time with your family at home, but there is no better way for snow enthusiasts to spend Christmas than skiing and snowboarding. 

You can have a lot of fun on the slopes with your loved ones in the mountains, especially if they are avid skiers and snowboarders like you. 

But you might wonder, are there any ski resorts open on Christmas? Well, the answer is yes!

Most ski resorts stay open throughout the ski season, which usually lasts from early November to April or even May in some mountains. And this doesn’t exclude Christmas or New Year’s day. 

Skiing on Christmas day is not only convenient for busy people, but it also comes with many benefits. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the opening and closing times may be slightly altered on Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of skiing on Christmas and some of the best resorts to visit on this day. 

But before we get into that, let’s have a look at the Christmas Policies that you’ll find in many ski resorts. 

Christmas Day Policies that Most Resorts Apply 

Christmas Day Policies that Most Resorts Apply 

While most ski areas will remain open even on Christmas, it’s essential to double-check the policies since things may be a little different on this day. 

One of the main changes resorts have on Christmas lies in the operational hours. You’ll find that the opening and closing hours are slightly different from normal days. 

Keep in mind that the employees who work in ski resorts also expect to have a day off on Christmas, so it can be impossible to open early. 

Some resort staff may also be unwilling to stick around until late in the evening as they do on other days. 

That said, most resorts only have a limited time to run on Christmas. They usually open late morning hours and close early evening hours. 

With only a few operating hours, most resorts usually sell discounted tickets to their Christmas skiers and snowboarders. 

Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that different ski resorts have varied policies for their operating hours and ticket prices on Christmas. 

It is always a good idea to call beforehand or check your resort’s website for detailed and accurate information before you make reservations for Christmas. 

You don’t want to experience any inconveniences and complications on such a wonderful day. 

Why You Should Go Skiing on Christmas Day

Why You Should Go Skiing on Christmas Day

For a busy mountain lover, skiing on Christmas can be an incredibly convenient thing in their life. Even so, convenience is not the only thing you leverage when skiing on Christmas. 

Here are a few other benefits you get to enjoy when you hit the slopes on Christmas: 

Lift Tickets are Cheaper than on Other Days of the Ski Season

As mentioned earlier, lift tickets tend to be a bit cheaper during the festive season. Skiers and snowboarders enjoy discounted tickets, as there is only a limited time to hit the slopes. 

And if you visit a resort that doesn’t reduce the skiing hours even on Christmas, you could still benefit from discounted tickets and have more time on the slopes. 

You can enjoy such discounts by purchasing your lift pass for Christmas in advance. Some resorts also offer free skiing during the festive period. 

Without season lift passes, skiing with your whole family can be a pretty expensive endeavor, since you have to buy a lift ticket for each member. 

So, you can take advantage of the discounts you get on Christmas, New Year, and other special days during the holiday season. 

This will let you and your family have fun on the slopes without having to think about how expensive your ski trip is. 

Another cool thing about skiing with your family is that your kids can ski free in most resorts, as long as they are under five years. 

The Ski Slopes Are Less Crowded 

When the festive period kicks in, most families want to stay at home watching Christmas movies, wrapping and opening gifts, and making great foods for the special day. 

While you don’t have to give up all these sweet moments, you can still incorporate some of those Christmas traditions without missing out on some quality experience on the mountain. 

Since most people will be at home, you’ll have all the snowy slopes to yourself and your family. 

Check-in lines will be much shorter in most resorts, and the snow conditions will remain fresher and last way longer than regular days. 

And if you plan to travel to the resort with your family car, finding a parking spot will be effortless since there are only a few people skiing on the mountain. 

You’ll also be able to ski more freely than you would on crowded slopes where you have to watch out for other slopes users from all sides. 

This doesn’t mean you ought to ride downhill carelessly, but at least you’ll have more freedom to make movements and turns as you like. 

You Are Already Free for the Day 

While your children may be ready to hit the slopes once the schools close for the Christmas season, Christmas may be your only free day. 

So, instead of spending time at home on the festive day, you can take your kids to a ski resort and let them have fun riding down the snowy mountain. 

This will still be a great way to bond with them, and you’ll still have quality family time in the evening.

You’ll Have a Perfect Time to Reflect 

As there are only a few days remaining before the year ends, skiing on Christmas allows you to connect with yourself and reflect on the last 12 months as you anticipate the new year. 

It’s a great way to count your blessings, reflect on your failures and find peace in the tranquil mountain air. 

With fewer people on the slopes, you’ll take your time to relax in your favorite spot on the mountain and think about the crucial things without stressing about people’s noise and disturbances. 

A Ski Trip on Christmas will Boost Your Mood

A Ski Trip on Christmas will Boost Your Mood

While Christmas is usually a happy day for most individuals, it can be a difficult time for some if it reminds them of a traumatic event or family members who have passed on. 

If you feel that Christmas makes you feel lonely for whatever reason, a trip to your favorite mountain town will definitely boost your mood. You can head out beforehand and get some fresh air on the mountain rather than sulking at home and watching others celebrate.

When skiing downhill on groomed runs, or taking a sleigh ride you’ll have a boost of feel-good hormones that will make you feel a lot better about Christmas.

And if you utilize your time well on the slopes, skiing on Christmas might become something you actually look forward to every year. 

Another fascinating thing about skiing on Christmas is that you get to surround yourself with countless Christmas trees. 

You don’t have to settle for one artificial Christmas tree at home when there are hundreds of snow-covered trees waiting for you out there. 

The good thing is that you won’t have to search hard for a ski resort as most ski areas remain open on Christmas. 

Even if it’s for a few hours, you’ll have a great skiing experience on the less crowded slope, which is a great way to disconnect from your everyday stress and get a dose to clear your head. 

You Get to Burn off the Extra Calories You Took Last Night

Holidays leave most individuals feeling sluggish and out of shape after enjoying hearty dinners and delicious sugary snacks. 

You can break this habit and head to the slope to burn all those extra calories you got from the Christmas Eve dinner. 

Most people also tend to relax during the winter as they want to stay cozy in warm houses. And with hearty meals and endless snacks comes more weight. 

Skiing can help you activate your muscles and get ready for a great shape again. You can burn somewhere between 300 and 500 calories an hour when hitting the slopes. 

Depending on your fitness goals and ski experience level, skiing on Christmas will set you up for strength-building and increased flexibility. 

This way, you’ll be more than ready to start your New Year with positive energy and good vibes. 

There is Plenty of Festivities in Ski Resorts 

There are endless festive activities to engage in when spending your Christmas in a ski resort. If you bring your kids along, they will have fun ice skating on the mountain with Santa for a perfect White Christmas. 

After hitting the slopes for several hours with your buddies, you can head on to your mountain town for shopping, eating, and strolling around. 

Some of the most exciting activities in resorts during the Christmas period are magic shows and torch parades that mainly happen on New Year’s Eve. 

So, if you can stick around with your family, there will be lots of fascinating things to watch in awe. 

Best Ski Resorts for Christmas

Best Ski Resorts for Christmas

If you want to spend Christmas skiing, then you need to ensure that you go to one of the best ski resorts so you don’t miss out on the Christmas vibes. 

If you find the right mountain, the fresh snow, warm fire, Christmas dinners, and après events will leave you looking forward to the next Christmas. 

Whether you are looking for the least crowded ski resorts or a winter wonderland mountain for your Christmas holiday, we got you covered. 

Here is a list of some of the best Christmas ski resorts you can visit with your family for a perfect ski holiday. 

#1. Solitude Salt Lake City

Are you looking for a ski resort that has a good combination of great Christmas skiing and big-city fun, Solitude Mountain is your perfect destination. 

The resort is located only a few miles from the airport so you won’t have any trouble accessing the mountain. 

It’s a family-friendly ski area, allowing you to bring your kids for Christmas skiing. They will have a chance to meet Santa and ice skate with him as he entertains them. 

If you are an advanced skier, Solitude Lake City Resort has some steep runs that will give you the Christmas skiing thrill you are looking for. 

You can book a hotel and stay in the resort’s village, which looks like a winter wonderland for your family to enjoy an incredible Christmas ski atmosphere. 

You can also ride down to Salt Lake City in the evening for a magical Christmas experience, as it’s only a short distance from the Resort’s Big Cottonwood Canyon. The city serves the best hot chocolate ever!

Other ski resorts in Utah that offer the best Christmas skiing experience include Park City, Alta, and Snowbird. 

#2. Beaver Creek Ski resort

Another amazing ski resort to ride on Christmas is Beaver Creek, located a few miles from Denver. It’s a perfect Christmas destination for both advanced and beginner skiers. 

The early season snow on this mountain prepares everyone for a serious Christmas thrill. And if you are worried about the slope conditions, the ski resorts have many snow cannons to make more snow and keep every run topped up with fresh powder. 

Since it has an extensive range of slopes, Beaver Creek is one of the most kid-friendly mountain resorts. 

What makes this ski area a great place to spend Christmas holiday is that there are Chefs who serve hot chocolate chip cookies each afternoon at the foot of the ski runs. 

Your kids can meet Santa and engage in ice skating as you ride downhill. And when you are done skiing, you can cozy up around the fire while listening to live music composed of your favorite Christmas songs. 

#3. Whistler, British Columbia

Located in the Coastal hills of the magnificent British Columbia, Whistler is a premier skiing destination for tourists from all over the world, and it takes the Christmas season seriously. 

The resort assembles an outdoor rink at the Olympic Plaza with endless festive holiday songs and twinkling lights. 

Once the runs close for the day, you can head onto the resort’s town for excellent après ski, from live entertainment to sleigh rides. 

Other best ski resorts in Canada to visit on Christmas include the Sunshine village located in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Seymour Vancouver, Hemlock Valley, and Lake Louise.

#4. Selva Val Gardena, Italy

For an authentic Christmas experience, while still hitting the slopes, Italy’s Selva Val Gardena got you covered. 

Surrounded by vivid Dolomite mountains and Europe’s largest interconnected ski area, Selva Val Gardena boasts lively festive traditions that tourists from all over the world can delight in. 

Its center features hundreds of Christmas lights strung up and set up with crafted wooden lift cabins. 

Just below the lights, you’ll find the perfect Christmas market with all sorts of crafts, live music, hot mulled wine, and, of course, fireworks for the big day!

#5. Tignes Val d’Isère, France

If you are after a real White Christmas experience in a ski area that takes the festive season seriously, Tignes Val d’Isère is your best bet. 

With non-stop parties, live concert shows, torchlight descents, and incredible ice sculpting parades, you can never go wrong with this resort when visiting during Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

If you arrive at the ski area early, you’ll watch Father Christmas riding through the resort, and you might even see his magical powers and supernatural beauties on the mountain. 

When you are done skiing on the slopes, you can head to Folie Douce for a perfect après. In this Christmas market, you can shop for December costumes for your family and listen to live music. 

If you manage to stick around for New Year’s celebrations, the town center on this mountain is the most amazing on New Year’s Eve. 

Everyone shows up to the town center for mulled wine drinking, dancing, and watching fireworks as they brighten the sky. 



Q: Are Ski Resorts Open on Christmas Day?

A: Yes, ski resorts remain open throughout the ski season, even on Christmas and New Year’s Day. However, the skiing hours may be a bit different on these festive days for various reasons. 
Resort workers expect time off and there are only a few people hitting the slopes on Christmas. 

If you want to hit the slopes on Christmas in your favorite resort, you should check the resort’s Christmas policy, as the opening and closing times might differ from regular days. 

Q: Are Ski Resorts Busy on Christmas Day?

A: No, many mountain resorts are not really busy on Christmas. In most countries, you’ll find that even the most famous mountains have the least crowded ski resorts. However, they suddenly become busy the following week after Christmas. 

Q: Where Can I Ski at Christmas Time?

A: There are many Christmas ski resorts to visit, depending on where you live and your favorite destination. 

If you want to go for a ski holiday in North America, some of the best ski resorts to visit on Christmas include Beaver Creek, Park City, Solitude, Whistler, Lake Louise, Sun Valley, and Aspen Snowmass. 

In Europe, you can visit Zell am See Austria, Ruka Finland, Zermatt Switzerland, Val d’Isère France, and Italian resorts like Selva Val Gardena for a perfect Christmas experience.

Generally, most resorts remain open even on Christmas, so you can go to your local resort if you want to hit the slopes for a day. 

Q: Can You Ski in Colorado at Christmas?

A: Yes, you can ski in Colorado at Christmas, as most of the best ski resorts here remain open for the day. 

Some of the best ski resorts in Colorado for Christmas skiing include Beaver Creek, Aspen Mountain, Winter Park, Wolf Creek, and Vail. 

Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts 

If you are wondering whether you can ski on Christmas, the answer is yes since almost every ski resort remains open throughout the Christmas season. 

Skiing on Christmas is a brilliant idea as you can take advantage of discounted lift tickets and less crowded slopes to make memorable moments with your family. 

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