6 Best Oregon Ski Resorts for Families (Our Choice!)

6 Best Oregon Ski Resorts for Families

Are you looking to ski in Oregon with your family? This Pacific Northwest state has a wide range of winter recreation opportunities for skiers and snowboarders

As a parent, you always want to ensure that your kids get the best. So, it can be a bit challenging to determine which ski area is the best fit for your little ones and is still within your budget. 

But worry no more since we’ve got you covered in this guide. 

From the family-focused Mt. Bachelor Ski Area to Mount Hood Meadows, which has a daycare center for kids, there are certainly diverse family ski destinations in Oregon. There is even a chance to ride year-round in Oregon, which, as their official site attests is an amazing state!

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide on the best Oregon ski resorts for families to help you narrow down your choices. 

6 Best Family-Friendly Ski Resorts in Oregon

#1. Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort 

Mt. Bachelor Ski
  • Vertical Drop – 3,365 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 4,323 acres
  • Ski Lifts12

Known as Oregon’s biggest and perhaps the most famous ski mountain in the state, Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort is a fantastic destination to visit with your family. 

This mountain resort boasts 4,323 acres of skiable terrain, which is easily accessible with lifts. It’s a great place to ski regardless  of the type of snow you are looking for. 

Mt. Bachelor is also well-known for its long ski seasons that usually start from mid-November to the end of May. 

When you visit this resort with your family, you’ll have plenty of family-friendly slopes to explore and have fun with your kids. 

If you have first-time skiers in your family, the Start Park featured in this ski area will give them a great spot to get their feet on the snow and gain some skiing skills. 

The high elevation in this ski mountain often results in dryer and lighter snow than what you might find in other Northwest ski areas. 

When you are not skiing downhill on Mt. Bachelor, you can engage in various activities like snow-tubing, snowshoeing, and exploring the resort’s Nordic skiing trails. 

Accommodation and dining options are endless in the nearby Bend, where you’ll find great restaurants and an array of hotel rooms to choose from. 

But before you head on to your rooms, you can try ice-skating with your loved ones at the Pavilion for more fun after skiing the whole day!


Kids Fun 

Mt. Bachelor has a Daycare Center in the West Village Lodge where you can leave your kids while skiing on the mountain. 

This daycare has a qualified state-licensed facility to ensure that kids who spend time have the most fun with guaranteed safety. 

All the staff who run the facility are friendly and qualified to handle children and attend to all their needs. 

The ski school program for kids allows them to learn how to ski and snowboard half-day or full-day, depending on their age and the package they choose.

And you don’t have to buy them new equipment since there is a well-equipped rental ski shop where you can get everything your kids need. 

#2. Mt. Hood Meadows 

Mt. Hood Meadows
  • Vertical Drop – 2,777 feet
  • Skiable Terrain – 2,150 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 12 

If you are looking for a ski resort with a wide variety of ski terrains and stunning views, Mt. Hood Meadows is the perfect ski resort for you. 

Located on the southeast flank of the mountain, Mount Hood Meadows is a high alpine ski area that offers an incredible lift-served terrain for skiers and boarders of all ages and skill levels. 

You can travel all the way up to the summit via a lift and then ski down while beholding the gorgeous sceneries the mountain has to offer. 

Both adults and children can learn how to ski on this mountain as various programs suit different ages and abilities. 

And that’s not all… Individuals with special needs will benefit from adaptive lessons that cater to those with visual, physical, or cognitive disabilities.

The skiing trails in Mount Hood Meadows are divided into 4 levels, consisting of runs suitable for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert skiers and snowboarders

This means that everyone will have an ideal place to have a blast on the snowy slopes. The good thing is that about 50% of the slopes are for intermediate skiers, so your teen skiers will enjoy the most. 

If you prefer a more relaxed style of skiing, Elk and Yoda trails will give you the most exciting experience.

Apart from the enjoyable ski trails, Mount Hood Meadows also boasts multiple terrain parks that allow skiers and snowboarders to perform tricks and practice their freestyle skills with better flexibility.

Hikers will enjoy trekking the hike-to terrain with a height of 1,700 feet, then later ski down the thigh-burning slope of nearly 4,500 feet. 

You won’t struggle to find a place to stay as you can spend a night at Cooper Spur or other nearby hotels. 

This resort is a perfect destination for pet lovers as most accommodation units are dog-friendly. 


Kids Fun 

Mt. Hood Meadows has a daycare where you can take your young kids to play and have their needs catered for while you hit the slopes

Kids from 4 to 12 years can learn how to ski and develop their skills to ensure that they make the most out of the next family ski trip. 

#3. Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl
  • Vertical Drop – 1,500 feet 
  • Skiable Area – 960 acres 
  • Ski Lifts10

Since its establishment in 1928, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl has been a perfect ski destination where many families create unforgettable memories. 

It has varying attractions to ensure that it suits different personalities that your family members might have, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting bored in the resort. 

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl boasts groomed trails of all levels, from beginners to experienced skiers, and if you are getting started in skiing, you can easily gain confidence and improve your skills on their green slopes

The slopes are separated into 69 day runs for daytime skiing and 36 well-lit ski runs for night skiing

So, if you’ve always wanted to hit the slopes under the stars, there is no better place for you in Oregon than Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. It is actually the largest night skiing area in the US. 

If you have some experience skiing and are looking for adrenaline-inducing slopes, you can move on to the powder snow, rocky terrain, and steep runs for a challenge. 

Après ski activities are plentiful at Mt. Hood Ski Area. You can start with the snowmobile tours or walk while beholding the magical Douglas firs, then take a guided snowshoeing tour. 

The lodging options in Mt. Hood Ski Bowl can quickly overwhelm you since there is a lot to choose from. But the good thing is that you are always sure of decent accommodation within your budget. 

There is also a plethora of dining options, bars, hot tubs, heated pools, and other luxurious after-ski activities.


Kids Fun

Your kids can join you in the evening and partake in some snowmobile and snowshoeing tours after polishing their riding skills at the Children’s Ski School. 

They will particularly enjoy the ski school, as the groups are kept small to ensure that each member gets all the help they need and adequate attention from the trainer. 

#4. Timberline Lodge 

Timberline Lodge
  • Vertical Drop – 4,450 feet
  • Skiable Area – 1,415 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 9

With over 80 years of experience providing great skiing and unmatched hospitality, Timberline Lodge is a fantastic ski destination for families. 

The family-operated resort is a National Historic Landmark that still offers excellent services and a family-friendly skiing environment despite its popularity. 

What we love most about this resort is that it has the longest ski season compared to other prominent ski areas in North America. During the summer season, skiers can easily access the glaciers via ski lifts

While the resort has an incredibly vast terrain, what attracts skiers and snowboarders more to this resort is its high-quality powder. Thanks to its location, which is the top of the tallest mountain in Oregon. 

There are several world-class terrain parks in Timberline Ski Resort where freestyle skiers and boarders can practice their skills and tricks.

Timberline Ski Resort has nine lifts, five of which are high-speed quads that serve about 41 ski runs. 

The level of terrain difficulty ranges between beginner and intermediate, but 25% of the slope is ideal for experienced skiers. 

Another fascinating thing about Timberline Lodge is that it recently incorporated the Summit Ski Area into its ski terrain, now called Timberline Summit Pass. 

Both ski lessons and rental equipment are available in Timberline Lodge, so you don’t have to worry about buying new gear, especially if you are just getting started. 

The Historic Timberline Lodge offers rustic accommodation and dining options. From relaxing in a hot tub to hitting the gym, you’ll have lots of après ski activities to enjoy.


Kids Fun

Kids’ ski and snowboarding packages are always on offer, so you don’t have to break the bank for your little one to learn how to ride and have fun in the snow. 

If you decide to dine in the majestic Cascade Dining room, your kids will eat free and enjoy the comfy coaches after swimming in the evening. 

#5. Willamette Pass Ski Area

Willamette Pass Ski Area
  • Vertical Drop – 1,563 feet
  • Skiable Area  – 555 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 5

Popularly known for its endless skiing opportunities on magnificent ski runs and Nordic skiing trails, Willamette Pass is an excellent destination for family skiing

This resort has 29 Alpine runs that are categorized into three, including beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers, and snowboarders

All these runs are usually well-groomed every day during the ski season to ensure that they provide guests with an adrenaline-stimulating experience. 

It has a skiable area of about 555 acres with a lengthy run where skiers and boarders can ride up to 2.1 miles. 

The Nordic trails provide up to 20 miles of varied terrains where skiers of different levels and abilities can have fun in the snow. 

There are five ski lifts that serve Willamette Pass Ski Area, so you won’t have to worry about trekking from one ski area to the other. 

Nature lovers will also love watching the spectacular views of the Cascade Mountains Volcanic peaks and lake sceneries from the top of the hill.  

If you are a cross-country skiing enthusiast, Willamette Pass Ski Area has about 20 kilometers of X-country tracked trails waiting for you to explore. 

In addition to the remarkable slopes and lovely views, Willamette Pass Resort has a terrain park with a range of rails, boxers, booters, and jibs created for maximum fun. 

When you are done skiing or snowboarding in this ski resort, you can head to Eugene or Bend for accommodation and after-ski activities. 

Willamette Pass Inn is also close to the mountain, and it offers a wide range of accommodations with spacious rooms, fireplaces, and more.


Kids Fun

Kids can learn how to ski and snowboard in Willamette Pass Ski Area on the Kids Camp, which focuses on children’s safety, fun, and positive experience on the slopes

Once your kids have had enough of the snowy slopes, you can take them to the mountain peak for beautiful views of the Cascade Mountain Range and the mountain lakes.  

#6. Hoodoo Ski Area

Hoodoo Ski Area
  • Vertical Drop – 1,035 feet
  • Skiable Area – 806 acres 
  • Ski Lifts – 6

Hoodoo Ski Area is a small but widely loved ski resort that provides an unparalleled ski experience to skiers of all levels. 

It has well-balanced terrain to ensure that different skiers of varied ages and abilities have something relevant to enjoy when spending time with their families on this mountain. 

30% of the slopes are suitable for beginners, while intermediate skiers have 30% of the terrain to themselves. 

On the other hand, expert skiers can enjoy riding on the advanced runs that occupy the remaining 40% of the ski area. 

While Hoodoo is a small mountain resort compared to other popular Oregon ski areas, it offers over 800 acres of skiable terrain. 

The lift tickets are also much more affordable at Hoodoo and kids under seven years are allowed to ski free.  

This mountain resort offers night skiing and has the biggest Autobahn tubing parks that you can ever find in a ski resort. 

You can also celebrate your kid’s birthday in the Autobahn tubing park as they provide a special birth package that any fun-loving kid will truly appreciate. 

Lodging options are plenty and budget-friendly nearby the Hoodoo Ski Area from the mountain hotel to the ranch. 

Black Butte Ranch is Hoodoo‘s partner and offers affordable packages for those staying in the ranch, including meals, drinks, spa, hot tubs, sauna, kids’ recreation center, and many other après ski activities.


Kids Fun 

Depending on their age, your kids can take private lessons or junior ski and snowboard programs to learn how to ride on the snow and gain confidence. 

All you have to do is book the lessons 48 hours before the training date to ensure that your kids get the learning gear that fits them.

What Are the Best Ski Resorts in Oregon?

What Are the Best Ski Resorts in Oregon

While Oregon may not be on most avid skiers’ radar, it’s a great ski destination for families looking for more adventures on mountains with an outstanding snowfall. 

Here is a list of the best ski resorts in Oregon, ranging from small community ski hills to big mountain destination skiing:

  • Mt. Bachelor
  • Mt. Hood Ski Bowl
  • Mt. Hood Meadows 
  • Timberline Lodge 
  • Hoodoo Ski Area 
  • Willamette Pass Ski Area 
  • Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort 
  • Warner Canyon Ski Area 
  • Mount Ashland 
  • Cooper Spur Mountain Resort 



Q: Is Mount Hood Good for Beginners? 

A: Yes, Mount Hood is good for beginners. This mountain is home to several ski resorts with varied terrain. 

These include Mt. Hood Meadows, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, Timberline Lodge, and Cooper Spur Mountain Resort. All these resorts have incredible slopes that suit both beginners and experienced skiers. 

Located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, Mt. Hood is the only ski mountain that offers year-round skiing and snowboarding on lift-served terrain in North America. Thanks to its 12 glaciers and snowfields. 

Q: Is Summit Ski Area Family-Friendly? 

A: Yes, Summit Ski Area, currently known as the Timberline Summit Pass (Government Camp), is a great destination for family skiing. 

It provides an array of varied terrain where skiers and boarders of all levels can have fun on the slopes, making it a perfect ski area for families. 

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Oregon is indeed a superb destination for family skiing, as there are several ski areas with everything you need to have with your kids during your winter vacation. 

Most resorts here have ski runs that suit beginners, intermediate, and expert skiers, so your entire family will have ideal slopes to ride.

And when you get enough of the snowy slopes for the day, you can round it up with a delicious dinner in a nearby restaurant and engage in other après ski activities to re-energize for the next day!

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