Best Ski Resorts To Work At (10 Awesome Resorts)

Best Ski Resorts To Work At

Landing a job at a ski resort can be the dream of many outdoor enthusiasts. And while it usually involves a lot of hard work and long hours, the rewards can be plentiful.

From free ski passes to discounts on food, gear, and lodging, you’ll receive plenty of benefits while working on a winter wonderland. 

Since ski resorts get busy during the winter months, they’re constantly in need of skilled workers to keep everything running smoothly.

If you’re looking for a job with plenty of perks, here are the best ski resorts to work at.

10 Best Ski Resorts To Work At

First things first – even though we have listed ten resorts we think might be the best ski resorts to work at, your choice may vary because, at last, it’s you who is going to be the boss here.

working at ski resorts

Let us remind you that there are over 6000 ski resorts in the world, about 525 being in the US alone. So, if you have any specific set of requirements (such as a place near your home), you have no shortage of options.

#1 Aspen, USA

This one’s a classic! The world-renowned ski resort, which hosts annual film festivals and music events, is known for its five peaks of advanced skiing trails.

Plus, the ambiance here cannot be beaten by any other resort. If you love having a chat with a movie star or two while you ski, then this is the place to be.

#2 Chamonix, France

Landing a job at the “Land of Love” is a dream for many skiers. If love doesn’t move you, then the stunning scenery and awesome trails of this French resort should.

Here, you can enjoy off-piste skiing with some serious backcountry runs or take a ride up the Aiguille du Midi cable car and ski down its legendary slopes.

Chamonix, France

And don’t forget the delicious cuisine and chic bars that always make Chamonix a popular choice.

#3 Zermatt, Switzerland

For awesome off-country skiing and a seriously luxurious vibe, Zermatt is the place to go. This chic Alpine resort boasts some of the most spectacular views in the world, as well as excellent skiing and snowboarding.

There are plenty of thrilling activities available here, including glacier tours, heli-skiing, and even a ski jump. But the real draw is the huge and impressive Matterhorn mountain, which is a sight to behold.

The best of all is that it caters to mostly wealthy skiers, which is why it can be one of the best places to work at.

Also, check out our guide on the best jobs at ski resorts.

#4 Sestriere, Italy

If you love even the smell of pizza, then you’ll love working at Sestriere.

This Italian resort is the perfect combination of quality skiing and Italian culture, with plenty of delicious food and amazing views of the Alps.

Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to ski some of the most iconic slopes in the region.

#5 Jackson Hole, USA

The legendary Jackson Hole is a dream destination for extreme skiers. With some terrains that only the world’s best riders would dare to tackle, this resort would be your best bet to find a job if you love “danger” and “thrills.”

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The bonus? It’s home to some of the most spectacular mountain views in the United States.

#6 Kitzbuhel, Austria

Located in the heart of the alps, Kitzbuhel delivers a unique Austrian experience with its breathtaking mountain views, enchanting villages and meadows, and some of the longest ski runs in the world.

So if you’re looking for a long-term skiing gig that will give you plenty of opportunities to go off-piste and explore, then Kitzbuhel is the perfect fit for you.

#7 Val Thorens, France

Being the highest resort in Europe, this resort boasts powdery slopes and a huge snow park for all ability levels.

The nightlife here is more lively than in any other ski destination in Europe, and there are plenty of activities and events to enjoy when the slopes close.

So if you’re looking for a job in a winter wonderland filled with endless fun, then Val Thorens is one of the places for you.

#7 Val Thorens, France

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#8 Vail, USA

If you dream of working at a ski resort all year round, Vail would be the best choice for you. The powdery and sunny Colorado runs will surely impress you, but the main point here is that Vail offers something for everyone at every time of year.

From world-renowned skiing to winter festivals, U.S. Open events, and mountain biking and golf in the summer, Vail has it all. So, working here won’t be boring, that’s for sure!

#9 Big Sky, USA

If you want to work with the biggest player in the USA, then you would have to go with the Big Sky.

Being the largest resort in the U.S. with more than 5800 skiable acres, there won’t be any lack of opportunities for you to work here.

With everything from skiing and snowboarding to zip-lining, hiking, mountain biking, and more, Big Sky will give you plenty of memories to take home with you.

#10 Val d’Isere, France

A french resort that can cater to everybody, this would be your perfect destination if you aren’t confident enough with your French speaking skills.

With plenty of English-speaking staff and a variety of activities, you won’t be short on entertainment.

It is renowned for the world’s best lift-accessed off-piste terrain and is perfect for both beginner and advanced skiers. If you’re after some thrills and spills, Val d’Isere has it all!

How To Get A Job At A Ski Resort?

Here are a few tips for landing a job at a ski resort:

Build A Stellar Resume

Make sure your resume contains the relevant work experience or qualifications for the position you are applying for.

If you don’t have any, that’s no problem – there are always entry-level positions available at ski resorts. In some cases, it isn’t even about what is listed on a CV; rather, it’s all about who applies!

Search For Jobs

Most of the time, ski resorts will post their job openings online, on job posting boards as well as on social media.

Some bigger players may even host job fairs, which is great if you like to meet the potential employer in person.

Apply For Multiple Jobs

To secure a job at a ski resort, you might have to apply for multiple positions.

Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond if something is listed as a “preferred” qualification; you never know who you might impress!

Also read our guide on can snowboarders be Ski Patrol.

Get Ready For The Job Interview

If you’re lucky enough to land an interview, make sure you are prepared. Brush up on your skills and knowledge related to the job you’re applying for, and make sure you dress professionally. 

And don’t forget: a smile and a positive attitude go a long way!

getting ready for the interview

Do Your Research

Don’t go into the job interview blind – research the ski resort online to get a better understanding of what the job entails.

Read up on any recent news articles and business milestones to have something intelligent to discuss during the interview.

Enjoy Your New Job

If you make it through the job interview with flying colors, it’s time to celebrate! You’re now part of the team and will get to enjoy all the perks that come with working at a ski resort.

Remember: skiing and snowboarding isn’t just for fun anymore – it’s now your job.

What Is It Like Working At A Ski Resort?

Working at a ski resort can be a wonderful experience, depending on your attitude. If you are a social person, you’ll love working there because you get to meet various kinds of people there. 

You get to forge lifelong friendships, have a lot of fun partying and skiing as well as you get to learn a lot about the ski industry.

The drawback? The pay is low compared to other odd jobs, and you must work irregular shifts. But hey, it’s all worth it for the experience!

So don’t worry about the money – just enjoy the ride!

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