Best Time To Buy Ski Boots (Don’t Buy Yet)

Best Time To Buy Ski Boots

If you’re a novice skier excited for the season or a professional who simply wants to upgrade your ski boots, it should come as no surprise that things can be pretty expensive – which might leave you wondering about the best time to buy ski boots.

Many factors affect ski boot prices in the market, but the most common and important of them all is the time of the year, especially how far or close your date is to the ski season.

This article will tell you the best time to buy ski boots, and if you should go for alternatives like cheaper options or used boots, so that you can make a proper decision once you head out for some boot shopping for the season. 

Best Time To Buy Ski Boots

I recommend buying your ski boots in these times of the year:

ski boots sales

End-Of-The-Season Sales

The best time to buy ski boots is towards the end of the ski season when you will find dozens of really good deals because the ski gear – especially ski boots, will be on sale!

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Aim for the months of February to April, when the avid and keen skiers have already bought their boots and have headed to the slopes for a good time.

This time is when shop wonders will have a lot of leftover ski boots and a smaller consumer base, so their move would be putting things on sale to attract more customers.

And, just because you bought your ski boots towards the end of the season, DOES NOT mean you can’t go skiing! Grab those new ski boots and hit the slopes and have some fun!

Towards the end of the season is when you’ll have tons of powder in some resorts.

Summertime For The Lowest Price!

For those who want to go for the absolute lowest of prices, you can wait until the season is over entirely, and do your shopping in summer instead.

Summertime For The Lowest Price

This way, you will be preparing for the UPCOMING season, and you’ll be doing so with the lowest prices since they only keep decreasing after the season ends!

But there is a small catch to this since by the time summer comes, there will be very little stock left, so you won’t be left with a lot of options for ski boots.

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Should I Buy Used Ski Boots?

No, you should not buy used ski boots. There are two reasons why you shouldn’t buy used pairs. 

Ski boots (or any pair of shoes for that matter) have the habit of molding to the feet of the owner. 

This happens after a few days or weeks – depending on the frequency of use – and if you’re buying a used pair, you’ll be buying boots that have been molded to the shape of the previous owner. And this is not ideal.

The second point is, ski boots begin to deteriorate after a while, and when you are buying a pair of used ski boots (unless you are a pro skier) chances are you won’t be able to tell the quality of the pair.

And when they start deteriorating they stop working like they ought to. So avoid used ski boots at all costs. 

Cheapest Place To Buy Ski Boots

There are countless shops off-season that will fetch you a really good deal. But if the shops are still too much of a hassle, you can head to places like the Facebook marketplace where you can negotiate with the sellers and get yourself a good price.

You will not be able to try the boots out however until you meet them. But you can definitely go for a cheaper price than what shop owners demand.

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You can also join ski forums online and see if there are sellers you can buy ski boots from, and the unofficial setting will help negotiate a better deal.

Cheapest Place To Buy Ski Boots

Bottom Line

The best time to buy ski boots is at the end of the season, or in summer when the season is completely done with.

Shopping at this time will help you get those good deals when shop owners are trying to quickly sell their remaining ski boots to make room for the new stocks coming for the next season.

But you must be aware of the timing, since waiting for too long for a good deal can ruin your chances of getting the boots you REALLY want. 


What Is The Best Month To Buy Ski Boots?

The best month to buy ski boots is March which is when the ski season is coming to an end. Although there are people who head out for the slopes in March and April as well – chances are that the majority of skiers have already made their purchases by this time.

Are Ski Boots Cheaper In The Summer?

Yes they are cheaper, since the season is over and the shop owners are now preparing for next season – which would mean putting the remaining ski boot stock on sale. So you will find cheaper prices for ski boots during summer.

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