Can Ski Pants Be Hemmed? Adjustment Cost

Can Ski Pants Be Hemmed Adjustment Cost

Yes, ski pants can be hemmed. When it comes to buying the right skiing gear, it’s usually challenging to find the perfect pair of ski pants that fit your body properly. 

Fitting problems are usually common in kids, but many adult skiers also have to tailor their skiing clothes after buying them.

You may think that you have finally found a great pair of ski pants with the correct fitting on the waist and thighs, only to realize that it’s far too long for you. 

Similarly, you may find the ski pants that suit your height flawlessly but still have an overly large waist length and are too loose on the thighs for your perfect skiwear. 

So, tailoring your ski pants is a great way to improve the fitting and ensure comfort when hitting the slopes. 

You can adjust the width or length of your ski pants by simply hemming them, so they fit you well and let you have great fun on the ski runs with no clothes inconveniences. 

When Do You Need to Adjust Your Ski Pants?

When Do You Need to Adjust Your Ski Pants

When buying ski pants for the first time, you’ll realize that the ones that fit you typically touch the floor. 

And there is nothing wrong with this since ski pants shouldn’t necessarily fit you like typical trousers or regular jeans. 

Ski pants that touch the floor or pack up a bit around your feet are not too long, as they will rise when you wear ski boots.

However, if you find that your appropriate ski pant size is too long, but other parts fit your body well, it would help to shorten them. 

But this should be after you have tried several brands and sizes but haven’t found one that fits you perfectly. 

Keep in mind that ski pants from different brands may fit a bit differently, so you want to try a few options before deciding which one to take home.

When it comes to size, the most crucial thing to check in ski pants is the inseam. You don’t want to waste your time trying pants that cannot fit you or alter huge pants when there is already a perfect size.

Overall, it’s important to consider trying your new ski pants with your boots on before you decide to hem them. 

If you didn’t bring your ski boots when buying ski pants, you can use any accessible type of snow boots and see how the pants fit. 

There is no need to shorten your ski pants if they only touch the floor a little bit since they will fit you well when you put on your boots. 

Apart from buying new ski pants, sometimes you may gain or lose some body weight, making your ski pants start to feel loose or tight. 

In this case, you don’t have to buy new pants as you can adjust the ones you already have. 

This is because ski pants can be quite pricey, and you don’t have to spend lots of money on new gear when you already have everything you need.

Some skiers also find that their ski pants remain in excellent condition for years and can be passed on to their children or younger siblings. 

And if the pants don’t fit the person inheriting them quite well, then there is a need to alter them for a good fit. 

Use Ski Boots To Know Whether Your Ski Pants Are Too Long

Use Ski Boots To Know Whether Your Ski Pants Are Too Long

If you are looking for the best pair of ski pants but aren’t sure how to know the right fit, you should bring your ski boots. 

Your ski boots will readily tell you whether the ski pants you want to buy are the right fit. 

When you get the right pair but still think they are too long, all you have to do is wear the boots and see how the pants fit. 

If they are still extra-long, even with the boots on, then you may consider hemming them. It may be unnecessary to try smaller sizes since they may be overly tight on the waist and thighs. 

How to Hem Your Own Ski Pants 

How to Hem Your Own Ski Pants 

Are you a passionate DIYer and already know how to sew? You can easily hem your own ski pants without having to hire a professional to handle the tailoring task. 

Even so, you must bear in mind that hemming your ski pants is not as simple as altering your pair of jeans or regular pants. 

The reason is that ski pants come with an elastic gaiter at the bottom and a zipper around the ankle. So, you cannot simply cut them from the bottom as you would with other types of trousers. 

Hemming your ski pants can be a bit complex, given that you’ll have to make the cuts further up the leg instead of cutting it from the bottom. You can cut the pants from just below or above the knee to get the correct length.

Another vital thing to remember when hemming pants for better skiing comfort is that they are designed to be waterproof. Any mistake you make when altering your ski gear will leave your pants water-permeable.

The best way to preserve the waterproof properties of your ski pants is to use thin needles and pins. This way, you will not damage the material with huge unnecessary holes. 

You’ll also notice that the ski pants’ seams have an outer waterproof tape that helps keep water out when skiing in wet weather.

So, you should also add waterproof tape to the new seams to ensure that your ski pants remain waterproof after tailoring them.

Generally, making alterations on ski pants is not an easy task, and I recommend taking them to a professional tailor if you are not sure of how to go about it. You don’t want to damage your expensive pants or make them less waterproof.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Ski Pants Tailored?

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Ski Pants Tailored

If DIY projects are not your thing, you might choose to take your ski pants to an expert for alterations. But how much would it cost to have a tailor adjust your ski pants?

Well, the cost of having your ski pants hemmed by an expert will depend on various factors, including the tailor, the ski pants’ design, and the amount of time needed to alter them.

The cost of hemming ski pants usually ranges from $15 to $40 per hour, and since the tailoring work usually takes two to three hours, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $80 to have your ski pants hemmed.

If you take your ski pants to an outdoor gear specialist, the cost may be slightly higher since they tend to charge more than local tailors.

To save money on the hemming project, you can provide the tailor with your own thread or source a local store to help out. 

Things to Avoid When Hemming Your Ski Pants

Things to Avoid When Hemming Your Ski Pants

If you want to make alterations to your ski pants for a better fit, here are a few things to avoid:

#1. Making too many Pinholes 

When hemming your ski pants, you should avoid making a lot of unnecessary pinholes. Like any other garment, excess pinholes and inconsistent stitching can damage the material. 

Making too many pinholes on your ski trousers can also make them less waterproof, and you won’t enjoy wearing them when skiing in wet weather.

So, it’s essential to be extra careful when stitching the material to ensure that you make only the absolutely necessary pinholes when making the alterations.

#2. Cutting too Much Fabric

You also don’t want to cut the material on the legs too much, as you might end up with short ski pants when you put on the ski boots.

Since most ski pants tend to be too long, many people who choose to hem their gear end up cutting extra fabric on the legs, leaving the pants too short.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to try the pants with your boots on before deciding to hem the legs. You might even realize that you don’t have to pay the extra cost to hem ski pants.

Always keep in mind that some of the changes that you make to your ski pants are irreversible, and a nice pair may end up being useless, forcing you to spend again on new pants.

#3. Not Researching for a Tailor

If you decide to have your ski pants hemmed by a professional, you must only take them to the right tailor. 

Not everyone with a sewing machine is a good tailor, so you want to ask around or even search online to ensure that you get your ski pants altered by a reliable tailor.

One of the red flags when it comes to clothing alterations specialists is charging way less than standard prices. 

If you find a tailor who claims they can get the job done for less money than the regular adjustment cost highlighted above, they might compromise your ski pants’ quality.

Don’t let someone who claims to be an expert experiment on your new pair of ski pants.

Should You Hem Your Ski Pants?

Should You Hem Your Ski Pants

There is no correct answer to this since there are a lot of factors to consider. But first, if you don’t know how to sew correctly, I wouldn’t suggest trying to hem your ski pants, as this can be a frustrating and risky job.

Depending on the alterations your ski pants need, paying a tailor to do the job is definitely worth it. Don’t attempt to adjust your ski pants if you don’t know how to sew clothing correctly.

You might also wonder whether having your ski pants altered is better than buying a new pair. The answer will depend on the type of pants you have and the alterations needed.

If you have a good pair of ski pants but have a few fit issues, having some alterations done on them can save you some money, as you won’t have to buy new ones.

For example, if the problem involves a loose waist, you can make a few adjustments to make the waist smaller and improve the fit. To save money on such a project, you can find a waistband from your old pants.

Overall, trying out different sizes and brands is the best way to get the right fit when finding ski gear. Even if you don’t find clothing that fits perfectly, you’ll only need to make a few adjustments.



Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hem Snow Pants?

A: The cost of hemming snow pants usually ranges between $15 and $40 per hour, with the process taking about two to three hours. 

Depending on how long it takes to hem pants, the tailor may ask you to pay anywhere from $30 to $80. It’s a fair amount, given that it’s almost the same amount needed to hem a dress shirt.

Q: Can Ski Pants Be Tailored?

A: Yes, ski pants can be tailored. Just like you can have a tailor alter your suit jacket, jacket sleeves or shirt sleeves, it’s possible to have your ski pants altered to ensure they provide the right fit.

Depending on your body type, you may not find ski trousers that fit you readily from the shop, but you can buy them anyway and adjust them to suit you.

Hemming ski pants is not only possible but also vital for most skiers since the fitting matters a lot while out there.

Q: What Do You Do If Your Ski Pants Are Too Long?

A: If your ski pants are too long, you should hem them yourself or take them to a professional tailor and have them adjusted to your height.

Whether you want to take your ski pants to a tailor or alter them at home, you must know that each option has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Tailoring them yourself seems convenient and cheap, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that the whole process can be tiring and frustrating. 

You could also end up damaging your ski pants’ waterproofing ability or ruin the fitting entirely if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. 

Paying a professional tailor to hem your ski pants is the best decision, as you’ll have more reliable alterations. And while this may be a bit expensive, it’s definitely worth the money since the professional tailor will provide high-quality tailoring services.

Are Your Ski Pants the Perfect Fit?

Are Your Ski Pants the Perfect Fit

Before you set off to hit the snowy slopes, it’s important to ask yourself if your ski pants fit you well. Keep in mind that your ski pants’ fitting can significantly affect your riding ability and comfort on the slope. 

In general, ski pants should be neither too tight nor too loose. They should provide a medium and comfortable fit to let you move freely and make turns on the ski runs.

Your ski pants should not be too long as they would be prone to more wear and tear. Wearing excessively long pants can also distract your moves and turns on the slope.

If you feel that your ski pants don’t fit perfectly on your body, you can always adjust them where necessary to ensure that you are happy and comfortable in them when skiing!

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