Can You Reuse Ski Bindings? (Solved)

Can You Reuse Ski Bindings

Ski bindings are what connects your ski boots to the skis, so they are as important as ski boots are among all the gear. 

If you have some old ski bindings and are wondering if it is possible to reuse them on another ski, new or used, this article will answer all your questions.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of what factors to consider in deciding if your ski bindings can be reused, and when it is not advisable to do so.

Factors To Consider When Reusing Ski Bindings

Reusing ski bindings is something that must not be taken lightly. 

There are a few things you need to consider in deciding whether it is fine to reuse any particular ski bindings. These are:

Factors To Consider When Reusing Ski Bindings

Compatibility With Your Skis

Ski bindings are designed to work with certain types of skis. Therefore, whether they are compatible with the skis you intend to use them with is a crucial point to consider when thinking of reusing ski bindings.

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You need to check whether the bindings you hope to reuse are compatible with the width, the profile, the mounting position, and the type of the skis that they are going to put them on.

Compatibility With Your Skill Level 

Another factor to consider when deciding can you reuse ski bindings is how well suited they are to your skill level.

Ski bindings are designed to be released on impact or falling while skiing. So, they are manufactured with specific release values.

While beginner skiers generally require bindings with low release values, expert skiers who engage in more aggressive styles of skiing may need bindings with higher release values. 

Not having bindings with the right release values for the skill level will cause them to release prematurely or too late, and both the scenarios can result in injury.

Functionality Of The Ski Bindings 

You need to ensure that the ski bindings you are hoping to bring back from the dead are functioning properly too.

The bindings should release upon the amount of force that they are designed to release at. You should also be able to fasten them properly.

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How To Determine If Ski Bindings Can Be Reused

Now that you know old ski bindings can be reused depending on a few factors, let’s see how you can use that knowledge to actually determine if you can reuse some bindings you have.

Because it can make skiing difficult and cause injury if ski bindings that should be discarded are reused.

Check Compatibility With Skis And Style

Make sure that the break width of your bindings is about 5-10 mm bigger than the waste width (width of the narrowest part) of the skis.

Assess The Condition And Functionality Of The Bindings

Take the length of the skis into account, as it is important in determining the mounting point of the bindings on the skis.

You can also check the compatibility chart provided by the manufacturer of your bindings to check their compatibility with the skis you hope to use them on.

Finally, make sure your bindings are suitable for the type of skiing you expect to do. Different styles of skiing require different bindings with different DIN settings.

Assess The Condition And Functionality Of The Bindings 

You need to make sure the bindings you hope to reuse have kept their physical integrity and are functioning well.

  • Inspect the bindings, the break arms and heal and toe pieces for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, tears,broken parts or change of shape.
  • Check all the screws to make sure they are intact and tightened properly.
  • Check the bindings’ release settings to make sure they release upon applying the right amount of force.
  • Make sure the bindings’ age doesn’t exceed the lifespan recommended by their manufacturer, which can vary from 5-10 years.

Get A Certified Ski Technician To Help

This is probably the best way to make sure whether it is okay to reuse any particular ski bindings.

A certified ski technician possesses all the know-how in determining whether some used ski bindings are still intact and functional, and are compatible with the skis they are aimed to be used on, and whether they would suit your style of skiing.

Can You Put New Bindings In Old Skis?

Using new bindings on old skis requires the same amount of careful inspection and compatibility testing demanded by using old bindings on new skis. 

First, you need to inspect the skis thoroughly to ensure that they do not have any damages beyond repair. It is pointless to put new bindings on skis that are too worn out to use.  

You also should check whether the new bindings are compatible with the profile of the skis. The new bindings should  be compatible with your skill level and your particular style of skiing too. 

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As with using old bindings on new skis, you are best off consulting a certified ski technician in determining if using your new bindings on a pair of old skis should work in your favor without affecting your ski performance or getting yourself hurt.

Bottom Line 

Whether to reuse old ski bindings is a decision that has to be made carefully.

You need to be sure that the bindings are physically intact and fully functional, they match the size and the shape of the skis they are to be reused on, as well as they are compatible with your skill level and style of skiing before you attempt to reuse them. 

Similar care should be taken when trying to use new bindings on old skis too.

Getting a certified ski technician to help you in making the decision is the best thing to do in both scenarios to ensure a good skiing experience without getting injured.


Can You Reuse Ski Binding Holes?

If you are re-mounting the same bindings, you will be fine using the existing holes, given that the holes are not worn out. If you are mounting new bindings on existing holes, make sure the hole pattern is compatible.

Will Ski Shops Mount Old Bindings?

Most ski shops generally will mount old bindings, provided the bindings are intact, working properly and are compatible with the skis. Ski shops have their own policies about this, so check with them in advance.

How Many Times Can You Put Bindings On Skis?

It depends on the age, build, and condition of the skis and the bindings but manufacturers generally do not recommend to mount bindings on skis more than three times.

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