Do You Wear Ski Goggles Under or Over Helmet?

Ski Goggles Under or Over Helmet

Ski goggles are an essential piece of gear for anyone hitting the slopes, they protect your eyes from the elements, help you see better in low-light conditions, and can even help prevent serious injuries.

And when it comes to wearing ski goggles, there are two schools of thought. Some recommend wearing them over your helmet, while others recommend wearing them beneath your helmet. But, how should they actually be worn?

In this blog post, we will compare the pros and cons of both ski goggles under or over helmet to help you decide which is the safest for you. We will also share some ski goggles tips so that you can get the most out of them.

Should Ski Goggles Go Under Or Over Helmet?

Safety should always be the number one consideration in alpine sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Wearing a helmet and goggles the right way is critical for avoiding major head injuries. While it may appear to be a little matter, how you wear your ski goggles can make a considerable impact on your safety on the slopes.

wearing goggles over helmet

There are two ways to wear your goggles, you can wear them over your helmet or you can wear them under. While I personally recommend wearing them over your helmet for a variety of reasons, lets first compare a few of these factors between the two options:

Ease of Removal

When the goggles are worn over the helmet, it is much easier to remove them than wearing the goggles underneath the helmet since you would have to remove your helmet first to remove the goggles. This might be a hassle if you might need to remove your goggles in instances like, to properly adjust the goggles, like for example, if you need to scratch your eye or if you might need to clean the fog which can accumulate in the goggles or even to have a chat with another skier. 

There are times when wearing the goggles underneath the helmet becomes useful like when using a Go pro (which is attached to the helmet). This will make you need to constantly remove the helmet to check the Go pro. Still, most people don’t use Go pros, so wearing the goggles over the helmet is the most convenient way in terms of ease of removal.

Is Wearing Goggles Under The Helmet Dangerous


When it comes to safety it is practical to wear the goggles over the helmet rather than wearing them underneath. This is because the straps can dig into your head when they come in contact. This can also be uncomfortable.

Also if the person falls while wearing the helmet and knocks their head on the ground with the helmet, the straps will collide with the head and cause pain along with serious injury to the head which can be fatal. This could easily happen if a beginner tries to ski without poles.

On the contrary, wearing goggles over the helmet does not affect the falling impact, however, there is a probability that the goggles may slip off or get removed when you fall. This can however be stopped by helmets which have a special part to hold the goggles in place in the rear of the helmet. 

Plus wearing the goggles over the helmet reduces the airflow which helps to keep you warm, so the safest option is to wear the goggles over the helmet. But if your helmet does not have a part to keep the goggles in place, it can be super risky to wear it over.


While some people are comfortable wearing the goggles underneath the helmet, most people find this very uncomfortable because the straps in the goggles come in contact with the head and dig in; wearing a beanie can help reduce this discomfort. 

wear hat with ski helmet for warmth

The most comfortable way to wear the goggles is over the helmet. The straps over the helmet can also reduce the cold air flow inside. If the goggles are too tight either over or under the helmet then the goggles are not suitable and they need to be replaced.


Ski goggles under or over helmet when it comes to style? Usually, the pro skiers wear their goggles underneath the helmet for a more aesthetic look, so most people mimic this trend, however, when it comes to style it depends on your personal preference. But to be honest, I think goggles underneath the helmets look kinda good and professional too.

If you want to show off your cool-looking helmet with its beautiful artwork you can wear the goggles under the helmet. Or can wear the goggles over the helmet, depending on how you want the helmet to look. Still, wearing the goggles over the helmet does not make you look unprofessional. Some people In terms of aesthetics will choose to wear them over instead of wearing them under the helmet. 

More Ski Goggle Tips

Here are some goggle tips that are worth reading through:

  • Loosening the goggles- when the goggles are worn for long periods they tend to leave a mark on the face. If the goggles are loosened slightly this can be prevented. However, loosening it too much can cause it to slide down or fall out. Loosening can also prevent fog from forming in the goggles
  • Wearing contact lenses- not all goggles are designed for spectacles, so you will need to switch to contact lenses if you don’t want to waste your time removing your goggles and spectacles to wipe out the fog every couple of minutes.
  • Wearing a hat or beanie underneath the helmet A beanie or something similar can be used to keep you cozy and extra warm. Also, water-absorbing material beanies can soak the sweat and prevent the fog from forming in the goggles.

Is Wearing Goggles Under The Helmet Dangerous?

Yes it can be a bit dangerous, if you fall and hit your head, your head and the helmet will push against each other. It will force the straps in the goggles to dig into the head. This is a very painful experience and can cause serious injury.

Do ski goggles fit over a helmet?

Goggles and helmets can vary from person to person according to their size, so some goggles may fit while some may not. It is best to try them on before buying. The goggles, however, should not be too tight.

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