Grand Targhee Vs Jackson Hole (Compared!)

Grand Targhee Vs Jackson Hole

Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole are both excellent resorts the Teton Range has to offer. Both resorts offer a range of runs for both skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, as well as off-piste opportunities for more advanced riders.

But how do they compare, and which resort is the best?

In this post, I’ll break down the differences between Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole to help you decide where to ski this season.

Grand Targhee Vs Jackson Hole

The main difference between Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole is that Grand Targhee tends to receive more snow, making it a great choice for powder hounds, Plus the resort is less crowded and cheaper.

Jackson Hole, on the other hand, is much popular and is known for its steep and challenging terrain, making it a favorite among advanced skiers and snowboarders.

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Expenses And Crowd 

Jackson hole is probably the most expensive resort in the Teton Range and it would cost about $160 a day on just ski lift tickets! Plus, it’s really crowded, especially on holiday weekends.

Grand Targhee on the other hand is not as popular as Jackson Hole and as a result the prices are lower and a lot less crowded!

Most Snow

Grand Targhee is the snowier resort with an snowfall average of about 12.2m (500 inches), and is ranked as #5 of the snowiest resorts in the US.

And because the resort isn’t as crowded, the powder stays on for longer.

Jackson Hole gets a lot of snowfall too, but not as much as Grand Targhee. Jackson Hole has a snowfall average of 11.5m (458 inches).

Amenities And Lifts

Jackson Hole is way better and features a top of the line lift system with high speed lifts as well as magic carpet lifts. And they have a gondola and a tram!

Amenities And Lifts

Note: Make sure to read our guide on ski lift safety.

At the bottom of the mountain, you could find pretty much everything including a lot of restaurants and rental shops. They got great food and even on-mountain options. Definitely check out Piste Mountain Bistro and Corbett’s Cabin on your visit.

Plus, it’s easier to reach Jackson Hole as it’s about 15 min – 30 min from the airport. It’s a bit difficult to reach Grand Targhee though as it doesn’t have its own airport like Jackson Hole.

Grand Targhee on the other hand has 6 ski lifts but are not as good as the ones in JH but they get the job done. Grand Targhee also has a lot of restaurants with great food and really affordable lodging and rooms. 


Jackson Hole has the best terrain with steep slopes and deep valleys. It has a mix of groomed runs and challenging backcountry terrain that is perfect for both newbies and experts. JH has 113 runs. 

Grand Targhee on the other hand has 95 runs but most of the terrain is rather flat and wide open and it could get boring after skiing for a couple of hours. 

Best For Beginners

IMO Grand Targhee is better for beginners and has a lot of easy flat runs like the Kid’s Adventure Zone, Shoshone lift and Teton Vista Traverse which are great for families with kids. 

That being said, Jackson Hole is still okay for beginners. Infact, about 50% of its runs are rated as either beginner or intermediate.

Best For Advanced Skiers

Best For Advanced Skiers

Jackson Hole is the resort for advanced skiers with the other 50% of the 113 runs being advanced terrain for adrenaline junkies and aggressive skiers.

It has a lot of black diamond runs both groomed like the Kemmerer and ungroomed (the best!) like the Rendezvous Bowl. These runs are steep and often have moguls, making them a challenge even for advanced skiers. Corbet’s Couloir which is a steep and narrow run is also great and requires skiers to drop in off a cliff .

Grand Targhee does offer advanced runs as well like Sacajawea and the Blackfoot Lift ski bowl which is pretty steep and often gets foggy. 

Snow Quality

Both Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole are known for their high-quality snow. And because they are just about 20 miles apart, they pretty much have the same snow quality.

Snow Quality

However like we said, Grand Targhee is less crowded and the powder is fresher and stays on for longer.


Another difference between the two resorts is their size. Grand Targhee is the larger resort, with 2,602 acres of skiable terrain, while Jackson Hole is smaller and has 2,500 acres of skiable terrain (500 groomed).


If we take into account the factors we talked about, it’s pretty clear that Jackson Hole is the better resort. JH has better terrain and runs, food, lodging, other amenities and lifts. The only downside is the expenses and crowd.

But if you ask me, I think you should try them both!

Choose Jackson Hole as your main place and take a day trip to Grand Targhee. It’s about an hour’s drive away and if you don’t like driving, there are day buses that operate from JH to GT.

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