How To Hang Skis On Walls (Complete Guide)

How To Hang Skis On Walls (Complete Guide)

If you’re an avid skier, you probably have a pair of skis (or more) that you love. But what do you do with them when it’s off-season or if you’re not using them? One option is to hang them on the wall.

Hanging skis on the wall is a great way to display your love for the sport and also save space. If you’re not sure how to hang skis on walls, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown of how to hang skis on walls and make them stay in a great condition until your next trip to the slopes.

Step 1: Cleaning And Waxing The Skis

It is undoubtedly important to make sure your skis are clean and dry before you hang them on your wall; as this will ensure dirt does not clog up the bindings or ruin the wax job. 

Invest in a storage wax. This is by far the most fundamental aspect of keeping your skis in great condition till the next season. You can read more about the types of waxes here.

Having purchased storage wax, apply a generous coat of wax on your skis. The trick is to leave it on throughout the off-season period and scrape off the wax when it is time to use them next. 

ski waxing process

The reasoning behind this step is the fact that the thick coat of wax will protect the bases by preventing them from drying out during the relatively warm months.

Before you do all of this, make sure you get rid of any skin glue off the skis.

Step 2: Select The Right Place

At first glance, it could be easy to assume that selecting the right place will not require much thought. However, quite a few factors need to be taken into consideration before this decision is made.

While your skis can definitely withstand the cold, the selected area cannot be a room that is damp or one that experiences fluctuations in temperature. Dampness can cause rusting and possibly even attract mice! 

Therefore, it is best to avoid places such as a garage or attic; regardless of how convenient it appears to be for storage. Similarly, excessive heat can result in the materials degrading (a room with a humidifier or hot tub is a definite no). 

Individuals that opt for storage options aside from mounting can do so beneath their bed or on a ski rack in a dry place, However, your best bet in terms of a place to hang your skis would be indoors (preferably) in a room or area away from direct sunlight.

Step 3: Ensure The Skis Are Free Of Damage

Do your skis have burrs, core shots or any other damages you hope to fix? Or is there rust on the ski edges? After a thorough scan of the skis, decide whether they need to be serviced.

Getting your skis serviced prior to storage will definitely make things convenient; as you will not be required to rush to a location that can fix damages when you notice them hanging on the wall or right before your next trip on the slopes.

Step 4: Purchase The Items Required To Hang The Skis

Although you can simply purchase a kit that is inclusive of the items required to mount or hang your skis, there is always the option of purchasing each item on your own as well.

You will need 2-7 leather straps and 4 black drywall screws ( 1-⅝ screws)

Despite one kit being sufficient, it is common to invest in an additional kit or purchase a few more leather straps and screws in order to ensure the skis are mounted a lot more securely.

Step 5: Hanging The Skis On A Wall

Having selected the exact area of the wall that you would like your skis to be mounted on, hold the skis in the desired place (getting a family member or friend to help out would be increasingly helpful). 

While the skis are being held in place, screw the leather strips onto the wall. Once the strips are securely screwed, carefully place each ski inside the loop created by the strips and trap the ski firmly onto the wall by adding another screw into the leather. 

Finally, repeat this process at both the tip and tail of the skis.

Check out these photos for some inspiration! 


Hanging your skis on the wall is a great way to show off your ski collection, or just keep your skis organized and out of the way. Follow the steps we outlined and you are golden.

Maintaining your skis during a vacation is relatively convenient; as hotels and ski resorts not only provide ski wall mounts in a dry place but are constantly ready to help out with all things skiing. 

But learning to handle the process on your own can be difficult but is of utmost importance as the condition of your skis is solely based on the manner in which they are stored and taken care of throughout the off-season period. 

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to hang skis on walls! If you found it helpful, please comment and share!

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