How To Remove Ski Bindings (Quick Guide)

How To Remove Ski Bindings

You might want to remove your ski bindings for various reasons, and taking it to a professional EVERY TIME you want to do it will cost a hefty sum – which we do NOT want.

So taking care of these things at home is the best option out there, plus it is super easy as well. 

If you’re removing your ski bindings to replace them with new ones or to inspect some damage to your skis, this post will show you the easiest and fastest way of getting it done.

I’ll also give you safety tips so that you won’t damage your skis in the process! 

Step By Step Guide To Remove Ski Bindings

Before we get started, prepare a clean, dry and flat surface to work on. You will also need to gather these things:

  • A Phillips screwdriver, 
  • A flat-tipped screwdriver
  • A soldering iron (only on special cases which we’ll talk about in a bit).

Also read if ski bindings are universal.

1. Positioning Your Skis

The first and most important step in removing your ski bindings is properly placing your skis. It HAS to be a level surface where your skis won’t slide off in a different direction all of a sudden. 

Some people tend to do this on the snowy slopes! And this can be really bad for the skis because when the ski bindings are removed, the core of the skis is exposed to the elements, in this case – snow. 

And when moisture rushes into the core, it can diminish the quality of your skis quickly. 

Positioning Your Skis

So, a dry and level surface it is. And make sure that there’s no debris that can scratch or ruin the underside of the skis as well. 

All these precautions are taken so that you don’t damage your skis, which will result in a much more expensive process of repair. 

2. Removing The Covers

The next step is to remove the covers of the bindings. These are in place to protect the screws and hide them from view.

Each model and brand of skis will have differently shaped covers, so you must carefully inspect the skis and locate yours.

Read about the different types of ski bindings here.

You can find most covers on the very end of the binding hardware, if you’re having trouble locating them, look behind the area that normally flips up when you step on the bindings.

Once you have located them, slowly start prying them open with the screwdriver, and be careful at this stage not to put too much pressure and break them.

Always use a flat-head screwdriver and work your way around it, till it comes off. 

3. Removing The Screws

Now that the screws are exposed, you can start removing them. For this, you will need the Philips screwdriver, and once you have located the screws you can slowly start removing them.

Removing The Covers

The number of screws in each ski can change, depending on the model and make, so make sure you have located all of the screws and you have taken them all off before trying to pry the bindings off the ski.

As for the screwdrivers, sometimes people tend to use screw-guns in their place, and this can strip the screws and also potentially damage the ski as well, so never do that.

Always go for the manual screwdriver.

Once ALL the screws have been taken off of the bindings, you can start removing the bindings off the skis.

4. Additional Complications

Sometimes, certain screws are screwed onto the skis using epoxy glue. 

This can firmly attach the bindings to the skis and will make it nearly impossible for normal screwdrivers or screw guns to get them off.

In such cases, what you can do is to use the soldering iron to help you out. When it is hot, you can touch the tip of the soldering iron to the screw and try to melt off the epoxy, so that the screw can easily be removed.

Be very careful in the process as the soldering iron can cause damage if it slips and touches the ski surface instead. 

If you do not have enough confidence to handle this process, or if your skis are damaged and doing this by yourself can cause more issues – please take it to a professional who can get it done efficiently and carefully.

Also read our guide on adjusting ski bindings here.

Do not risk it, by doing it at home if you’re not handy with tools. 

Final Thoughts

Removing ski bindings can be a quick and easy process. All you need to do is get the proper equipment in order and make sure that you have the right setting for the process as well.

Do NOT try to disassemble your skis on the snow! It sure does look appealing, and you might be running out of patience, but protecting your skis is KEY.

So do not rush through the process, and always make sure that you have carefully inspected the entire set of bindings before you begin the process.

And IF you find yourself being a bit skeptical about your knowledge of hand tools like the soldering gun, simply take it to a professional who will take care of it for you. 

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