Is Obermeyer A Good Brand? (Solved)

Is Obermeyer A Good Brand

Whether you’re an experienced skier, a beginner or someone who hopes to get into winter sports, it is highly likely that you’ve heard of Obermeyer.

But is Obermeyer a good brand? Founded in Aspen Colorado by Klaus Obermeyer, the brand has been doing great for over sixty years!

While this brand isn’t exclusively for skiers, it offers a wide range of functional and fashionable winter apparel that are appropriate for skiers. If you’re looking for ski jackets for men, women or children, Obermeyer has you covered.

Is Obermeyer A Good Ski Brand?

While Obermeyer isn’t technically a ‘ski brand’, its products are just what you need while skiing. If you’re looking for high-quality, durable and waterproof jackets with just the right amount of insulation, an Obermeyer jacket will undoubtedly be right for you.

Is Obermeyer A Good Ski Brand

A good ski brand is generally one that ticks all these boxes:

  • High quality
  • Warn
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • The proper amount of insulation
  • Affordable

Obermeyer meets all of these requirements. Many skiers consider it to be a good mid-market ski apparel brand. Their apparel is super durable and offers excellent wind and water resistance and they are warm! Especially the jackets.

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However, do keep in mind that every Obermeyer jacket isn’t a ‘ski jacket’. Some skiers see this factor as a drawback as they have to pay extra attention to the labels or descriptions (when shopping online) to make sure they select a ski jacket.

That being said, any jacket that is waterproof and has the amount of insulation you need, should do the trick. Therefore, if you’re ever in a situation where you’ve picked one that isn’t labelled ‘ski jacket’, it may not necessarily be an issue!

However, they might not be the most breathable or lightweight ski jackets, and some people claim they don’t offer a good athletic fit.

Apart from ski jackets, Obermeyer also offers snow pants, gloves and base layers (which are what you wear under ski pants) and much more.

These too are durable, high quality and great for skiers and are much better than what brands like Volcom, Roxy, and Billabong have to offer IMHO.

Plus, they got a ton of amazing customer reviews which says it all.

Is Obermeyer An Expensive Brand?

Next, let’s talk about cost. Affordability is undoubtedly subjective as different customers have different budgets.

Obermeyer can be considered as mid market and not expensive.

While Obermeyer does have quite a few pricy options, their reasonably priced jackets are affordable in comparison to similar jackets sold by other brands that offer the same level of quality.

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Should I Shop At Obermeyer Before A Ski Trip?

If you’re looking for a good ski jacket that is also stylish and affordable, definitely opt for Obermeyer. Additionally, their base layers and snow pants will not disappoint!

Should I Shop At Obermeyer Before A Ski Trip

That being said, Obermeyer unfortunately will not be a one-stop-shop for your ski needs as they do not sell skis, ski boots and a variety of other ski-related products.

While they do have accessories such as sunglasses, such products aren’t as well recognized as their jackets (in terms of quality).

If you have the time to purchase your ski apparel from Obermeyer and gear elsewhere, definitely do so! This is definitely a good brand where high quality and great prices go hand in hand.


Overall, Obermeyer is a good ski brand that offers affordable, durable and high-quality skiwear. They have a reputation for producing ski apparel that is warm, wind and water resistant.

A lot of skiers (myself included) are really satisfied with the performance and durability of Obermeyer skiwear, but as with any brand, opinions on its quality may vary depending on personal experience and preferences.

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