Park City Vs Breckenridge (Compared)

Park City Vs Breckenridge

Park City Mountain Resort in Utah is one of the biggest ski resorts in North America, while Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado boasts both the tallest and most ski lifts in the state.

When it comes to selecting one, which one of them is the best?

This guide aims at providing a good comparison between two well-known Ski resorts, Park City and Breckenridge so that you can decide what suits you. 

Park City Vs Breckenridge

The main difference between Park City and Breckenridge is that Park City is larger, has better terrain and a lift system and is great for both experts and beginners, and offers great amenities.

Breckenridge on the other hand has the longest season and gets the most snowfall. It’s also less crowded and cheaper than Park City.

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Let’s take a look at these in greater detail:

Size And Skiable Area

When it comes to total skiable area, Park City takes the lead.

With the addition of the Canyons ski area, it now boasts an impressive 7300 acres of skiable terrain while that of Breckenridge is just over 2900 acres.

Which Has The Best Terrain?

The total skiable area of Park City consists of three different areas, namely Park City, Canyon Resort, and Deer Valley Resort. These have 13 bowls and 8 terrain parks with half pipes, jumps, boxes, rollers, and half-berm turns and there is even one with a rail garden.

Park City Resort has a total of 324 ski runs, with 7% of them being beginner runs, 49% intermediate runs, and 41% advanced. The longest run is 3.5 miles.

Which Has The Best Terrain

Breckenridge offers around 1400 acres of groomers, over 1000 acres of bowls, and 25 acres of terrain parks with halfpipes, varying rails, jump lines, and boxes.

There are a total of 155 ski runs of which 14% are beginner runs, 31% are intermediate runs, 19% are advanced runs, and 36% are expert runs. The longest ski run in Breckenridge is also 3.5 miles.

All in all, Park City can be considered Superior in terms of terrain. 

Which Is Best for Beginners?

Breckenridge has a greater percentage of green runs. Peak 9 of Breckenridge is loaded with beginner runs so one would not get bored skiing on the same trail all the time. 

Plus, Breck offers you lots of room to develop throughout your journey because of the resort’s diverse terrain. There are plenty of easy-intermediate runs that can be used to transition from the mildest green runs to real blue runs if you’re ready to go on.

However, Breckenridge is the busiest ski resort in Colorado, so the slopes are almost always crowded. This can make the runs a little scarier for newcomers.

Which Is Best for Beginners

Park City resort has only 7% of its runs marked green and is suitable for novices, therefore it is probably not the best option for beginners.

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Another fact to consider in determining which resort is better for beginners is that Breckenridge offers less expensive lessons with crowded slopes, whereas Park City’s Deer Valley Resort charges more for similar lessons with fewer people and a more focused learning environment.

All these considered one could argue that both resorts come shoulder to shoulder catering to newbie skiers.

Which One Is Best For Advanced – Expert Skiers?

The broad, groomed ski slopes in Park City and Breckenridge make them both excellent choices for advanced and expert skiers, but Park City is superior with its higher percentages of advanced and expert runs of a higher total of runs, especially in the Park City and Canyons regions.

Nearly half of the runs in Park City are designed for expert skiers, making it a better choice for expert skiers and the terrain parks may be where expert skiers can have the most fun.

Which Receives The Highest SnowFall?

Breckenridge receives more snowfall on average, about 366 inches, due to its colder temperatures resulting from higher altitude, while Park City gets an average of 355 inches of snow per year. 

On days when the natural snowfall does not occur as expected, Breck can also blast snow across 600 acres, out-competing Park City’s snow-making coverage of 500 acres.

Which Receives The Highest SnowFall

There won’t be much of a difference if you travel in the popular months of January, February, and March, so only skiers looking to ski in early November and late April should pay attention to this.

Which Has The Longest Ski Season?

Breckenridge beats Park City with its longer ski season too, starting from early November and continuing to Late April.

Which Has The Better Lift System?

With a total of 43 ski lifts, including four gondolas and 16 high-speed chairlifts, Park City beats Breckenridge’s 34 ski lifts which include a gondola and 11 high-speed chairlifts.

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Which Offers the Best Accommodation?

When it comes to the quality and abundance of the accommodation available in general, it is fair to say Park City is better.

There is a wide range of places for you to stay by Park City’s three base areas, Park City, Deer Valley, and Canyons, with easy access to bars, fine dining, and shopping. 

Stein Eriksen Lodge in the Deer Valley, Hyatt Centric, a condominium hotel in Canyons Village, and Main And Sky, a boutique hotel on Park City’s Main Street, are three well-known places out of the many lodging options within Park City Mountain resort’s premises. 

Breckenridge offers numerous lodging options for the skiers too, though not on par with Park City, and you are likely to find lodging that suits your budget at Breckenridge, from cheaper rental properties to glamorous hotels. 

Crystal Peak Lodge at the base of the seventh peak of the resort with the atmosphere of an Alpine lodge, with stone fireplaces and private balconies, Mountain Thunder Lodge with its isolated feel, and River Mountain Lodge on the Banks of the Blue River are three most famous places to stay at Breckenridge.

Which One Is The Cheapest?

Breckenridge would be a better option for travelers on a tighter budget because Park City isn’t a cheap vacation destination (particularly the Deer Valley region). 

This applies to every single item, including lodging, travel, lift tickets, and food. 

The Verdict

Park City Mountain and Breckenridge ski resorts both come off better than the other in the different factors we compared.

While Park City beats Breckenridge in the total skiable area and vast and diverse terrain, accommodation, compatibility with expert-level skiing, and lift system, Breckenridge wins the competition in the amount of snowfall, longer season, and, lower costs, and both resorts can be considered equally good for beginners.

So, you need to consider your skill level, budget, and the time of the season all into account in deciding which of the two you are going to choose as your ski destination.

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