Carrying Your Ski Bag In Uber (Complete Guide)

ski bag in uber

If you’re hitting the slopes this winter, you might be wondering how you’re going to get your ski gear to the mountain. 

If you’re planning on using Uber, you’re in luck! You can absolutely bring your ski bag with you in an Uber. In this post, I’ll go through everything you need to know about carrying your ski bag in Uber and we all also talk about the new UberSki.

Can You Take Skis In An Uber?

Yes, you can carry a ski bag in Uber. However you might not be able to fit them on regular ubers so make sure you select UberXL. 

That is because regular UberX rides have vehicles like Chevy Aveo, Kia Soul, Kia Optima, Chevrolet Sonic, (or even a Dodge charger!). They all are small in size. Therefore, they cannot handle the huge ski bags.

The only thing that prevents you from taking a ski bag in UberX is your ski bag’s height. They usually range from 5’2″ ft/ 158 centimeters and upwards. Can yours fit in an UberX? Probably not. So, the best option is an UberXL.

Can You Take Skis In An Uber?

So, how can you fit skis in an UberXL? Generally, yes if you are going to be riding alone, but it depends on the size of other bags you carry and the number of people you go with.

Plus, UberXL is a lot more comfortable! But you need to know a few things before you go ahead and book one. You need to know how to place your ski bag in the uber without damaging them or the vehicle and ensuring their safety until you reach your destination. You can learn more about this on our awesome how to transport skis in cars guide.

Additionally you need to know if the uber driver is gonna be okay with carrying a ski bag, which brings us to my next point. 

Are Uber Drivers Ok With Carrying Skis?

As long as you request an UberXL which can easily carry 1 or 2 people with a lot more luggage , your driver should be fine with it. Most UberXLs are large SUVs or minivans but just in case, call your driver beforehand and ask them if they can accommodate skis.

On the other hand, UberX drivers won’t be too thrilled to hear that.  It could be cheap but like we mentioned, the bag won’t fit most of the time. 

Trying to fit your ski bags in a small vehicle can damage your skis. The UberX driver would be annoyed too. It would be best to call your uber rider, stating what types of bags you carry, and confirm your ride to avoid confusion or trouble. 

Also check out our guide on how ski pants should fit.

Infact, there have been a lot of complaints from UberX drivers that the ride usually ends up being a big waste of time to go to a passenger who can’t give a ride because they are not getting a fee for cancellation because the passenger had too much luggage.

Introducing Uber Ski

Before Uber introduced the Uber ski option, you had to carry your ski bags in an uber the same way you carry other luggage. You will still be in the same situation if the Uber ski option is unavailable in your area. If that is the case, UberXL should be fine.

UberSki is the best option for carrying your skis. Uber Ski cars have either a truck bed or a ski rack, allowing you, your buddies, and your equipment to fit comfortably!

How much equipment can they carry?

Standard ski racks or a truck bed that can fit up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards are both available in UberSKI cars. But please be aware that if you need more than one vehicle to transport your equipment, you may need to request more than one car.

What about pricing?

When it comes to prices, the pricing of per minute rates as well as the per-mile rates of UberSKI is the same as Uber X. But, you have to pay a flat rate of 8 USD per trip that you booked.

And when comparing Uber XL and Uber X, You have to pay 1.4 times higher than you pay for UberX for UberXL. That is not a waste as UberXL is great for larger groups of passengers upto 6.

How To Request Uber Ski?

To order an UberSKI for you, follow the below steps:

  • Open your Uber app
  • Enter your destination
  • Select “UberSKI” from the vehicle options
  • Confirm your pickup location

Bottom Line

Your destination could be the airport, the ski resort, or from the ski resort to your hotel, whatever it is you can carry your ski bag in uber along with your other luggage. 

You can use UberXL or UberSk if it’s available in your country. But before you do, make sure to call the driver and confirm whether they can carry your ski bags along with the number of people you’re going with. This can avoid a ton of problems.

Hope you found this article useful, and we hope you’ll enjoy your trip to mountains and travel to ski resorts with your ski bags without any trouble.

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